Running list links to College and Pro Players opting out of 2020 season.

Wanted a thread for people to come to to get updated player opt out information. The links are for both college players opting out to prepare for 2022 draft and players sitting out this year to hope to come back next year. It will also have a link to NFL players using the COVID opt out which had to announced by today to teams.



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Aren't the links you posted to CBSSports doing just that — maintaining a running list of opt-outs? If so, what's this thread for?

To have them on the site at hand. I know I've seen several people ask and I know I've asked if anyone had seen running tallies. To promote discussion of what certain players leaving means for those teams and how it might impact games Tech might play against them.

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Got it. I think it's fair enough to reply and share a link with someone when they ask for. But I don't think we need an entire thread to track every player in college in NFL. If you want to have a discussion as it relates to Tech about a specific player opting out, then create a thread for that. Or perhaps closer to the season, a roundup of all players on relevant to Tech might make for a thread.