OT - Interesting tidbit about Mike Bobo and VT

Mike Bobo was almost the offensive coordinator at VT

Shane Beamer's introduction of Mike Bobo as South Carolina's retained offensive coordinator came complete with a history lesson.

Beamer, the new head coach at South Carolina, was on the football staff at Virginia Tech when his father, Frank Beamer, pursued Bobo for the offensive coordinator position at Tech in 2013.

"It was to the point where we sent a plane to Athens, Georgia, to pick him up that he never got on," Shane Beamer said Monday. "He had a hard time leaving Athens, which I certainly understand."

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I wonder what would have been different if Bobo took the job instead of Loeffler. Would he have done well enough to delay Beamers retirement a couple more years? Probably not but I guess we will never know.

Interesting. I always thought Loeffler's offensive's (lack of) production had a substantial role in Beamers retirement. IMO, We went from a workhorse run first offense to a complex passing offense without the personnel to make the change. We'll never know!

Man, if I were a SCar fan, I'm not sure how I'd feel about the new coach retaining the leader of a terrible offense. Especially after his mishandling of bowl game/practices. Some of his comments were... not good.

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Especially amid rumors some players didn't want to play for him in a bowl game and admin and staff didn't give players a vote.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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That seems to be an inordinate amount of staff retentions for a new coach.

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Yep! This was discussed during the OC battle after the 2012 season. He just couldn't let Athens go at the time, and I don't think anyone could blame him for that.

He did leave for Colorado St 3 years later though, so πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

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To be a head coach

My UGA BIL said they understood his discussion with VT in 2013 was (potentially) a coach-in-waiting situation.

Yeeesh... I hope that's not true. Very MAC-tastic hire if you ask me. Bad as Fuente's turned out to be, a Bobo HC probably would've been bad from the start.

Fuente was the correct hire at the time. If you go back and look at FBS hires from that cycle, Matt Campbell is the only all around good P5 hire. Kirby was probably the best, but his first 5 years are looking almost identical to Mark Richt's first 5 years. You could argue that Bronco was the second best P5 hire of the cycle.

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Agree. Was just objecting to the idea of a Mike Bobo HCIW arrangement. Barf.

Very Interesting...obviously lots of loyalty there.

Have to wonder how Auburn fans and boosters are going to react. Bobo's resume has been very "meh-tastic" since leaving Athens. Personally, I find it very hard to convince myself this is an upgrade over Malzahn & Co.

Truthfully, this may end up being better for Shane in the longrun.

Good news for USCe as Shane gets to move on to his preferred OC hire from the Panthers
Good news for AU, as Harsin gets the OC he wants, knows well from the Mountain West Conference, and that is a proven top notch recruiter with deep connections in SEC country. Bobo brings in 4 and 5 star talent.
Not sure it's a great omen that Shane took the USCe job with Bobo as his carryover OC.

If Shane is interested in jet sweeps, we know a guy who could fill in!