Peyton Kemmerlin commits to VT

#TX2VT continues, this time a QB commit. Appears to be unrated.

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#TX2VT? Looks more like NC2VT?

He's from Shelby, same area as Dax.

edit: I see now he went the JUCO route in TX

Is he getting on campus this summer?

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PWO i imagine?

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Yea he's a PWO.

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Does he do commercials for insurance companies?

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We put the K in Kwality

6'2", 225 lbs? Sounds like great numbers for a safety if he is willing to switch for playing time. Worked out pretty well for Kam.

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Safety that is previous QB with good hands and reach = INT machine.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

He recently retweeted this, so I don't know how open he is to a position change...granted he likely doesn't have the same leverage as Jalen Hurts

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He's name is Peyton. He's from SC, Played high school ball in NC but Prep schooled in SC so he got the carolinas covered. Got a decent Arm, not sure about his running abilities. Has a nice pump fake and looks off his receivers.

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