Buck Coors: Coldest QB/DB in the Rockies


On National Signing Day 2020, QB Buck Coors out of Loveland, Colorado, chose to further his athletic career in Laramie, Wyoming,

This is the greatest name for the quarterback of the Wyoming football team imaginable.

One of my favorite things about college football is watching the teams that we so often forget about because they aren't in areas of the country we associate with loving college football. There's this whole world of college football out there to watch and talk about and enjoy. You can have your SEC Game of the Week on CBS. Give me West Coast after dark for some real chaos and excitement.

If you think I'm gonna stay up till 2am to watch Buck Coors lead the Wyoming Cowboys to victory against the likes of Utah State and UNLV your are damn right.

This will be a thread following his career path, as well as some of the other lesser known college football match ups and story lines that deserve some lovin' too!

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Wyoming has my favorite football field in all of college ball. I've only seen it on tv, but it just looks so cool. Not sure if it's the mountain design end zones, or the yellow and brown on the sidelines, but I always end up stopping to watch for a while when I stumble across their home games.

Wish they could have figured out how to keep a view of more of the landscape. That's the advantage of Folsom Field.

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I have been out there on a motorcycle, there isn't much landscape to view around Laramie, mostly grassy plains, and it was windy as all hell.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Maybe just cause I was living in Nebraska but those rolling plains were beautiful compared to the 15 mile line of sight flat corn...

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"Plain to see Plainsman"

Vroom Vroom

Friend of mine is at UC Boulder for grad school. Says it's sometimes hard to watch the game cause you just start looking around at the mountains.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

the yellow and brown on the sidelines

Man, just let the players use the facilities when they need to, and you can completely avoid both of those.

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Yellow and Brown is the new Orange and Maroon. Great color combo

He certainly deserves some preseason all-name team consideration. Also, I too love late night West Coast games. Secretly, I really enjoy the post-commercial segments where they wander around the cultural staples of whatever distant western town they're in.

Leg for pac12 (or MAC, or WAC, or whatever) after dark. Underrated gem of the season. Shit always gets weird.

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It's March Madness every Saturday night out west

College football in the fall is my favorite time of year for this reason. I can watch college football from 12 pm to after 2 am. It is truly the greatest time of year.

Would be great if he makes it too the show and then gets a mega advertising deal, otherwise what are we doing here?

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Oh I NEED that add to show up on Sunday afternoons.

Looks like Wyoming has a code blue

When he scores i need a photoshop of the endzone mountains turning blue!!!! Can anyone do that for me?!


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So...the big question is...if receivers drop the balls, did they suffer from blue balls?

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That's what she said!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Buck Coors anagrams to Robo Cucks. I have no idea how that applies.

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Robo Cucks...

This is the greatest anagram since Ham Oink

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I love Wyoming. I'll never forget when they went into Neyland Stadium and beat UT on homecoming. I'll be back up there this fall but won't be able to catch a game. Awesome state and Laramie is beautiful.

I'm finally relevant, Go Pokes!

OK, that's awesome! Now just be quiet and live in Wyoming. /s

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I shall return to lurking. We cant talk about wyoming too much, dont want to give anyone the impression that there's anything cool between denver and bozeman.

The microbrews were good, but the house of neighborly love was my favorite thing in Laramie.

Sheridan and/or Jackson, surely

For sure! There's a lot of amazing stuff in between those towns too. I'm just acting crusty about tourists and greenies. Sheridan and Jackson are 2 & 3 on my favorite towns in Wyoming for sure.

and No. 1 would be . . . ? I promise I'll only bring my family and my fly rods and won't tell anyone else, lest we touristerize it.

Hell, I won't even bring my family, just my fly rods.

I love fishing around lander, and we have the best access to the winds of any town imo, but serious fishermen generally end up on the west side of the winds checking out the bigger rivers like the Green, New Fork, and Snake. They are still only 2-3 hrs from lander, though!

I live in Lander and love it. It just has everything you could want, and still flies below the radar for most folks. It has solid B+/A- quality for virtually everything outdoors: climbing, hunting, fishing, hiking, mtn biking, etc. Killer if you live there, but not notorious enough to draw the obnoxious big money crowd like other western towns. Also no ski hill, which is a plus for me for the same reasons.

It ain't perfect, but 6 months of incredible weather, a low cost of living, and a super tight knit community are hard too beat.

Butte Montana is a cool city. Especially if you're into mining history.

Red Lodge is amazing. Drive up Beartooth Pass. Hiking. Trail riding. Awesome rafting close by in Absarokee.

Missoula is pretty.

Yellowstone park is cool but Glacier National Park is by far the coolest place.

I know I'm mostly describing Montana but I love that whole area.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Hell yeah, I dont know Montana well but I love northern wyoming. Fishing, climbing and hunting are my main sports. If you ever need beta about wyoming lemme know. West is the best!

Just finalized a snowboard trip for the next few weeks to Utah (Snowbird), Wyoming (Jackson Hole), Montana (Bridger Bowl and Big Sky) and then on up into the Canadian Rockies (Banff and Revelstoke). I've been to all of them (save for Alberta) before, but I'm always stoked to get up there. Absolutely beautiful part of the continent.

Over the summer I did stop in Red Lodge and drove Beartooth Pass on my way to Yellowstone. 5 stars for sure and totally agree that Glacier is far superior to Yellowstone (I prefer spectacular mountains to geysers).

The hikes in Glacier are breathtaking.

I thought Bear Tooth Pass was a pinch your seat off drive until I was on Logan Pass in Glacier. Your eyes want to look at the beautiful mountains and waterfalls but your mind says stay focused on the narrow road you big dummy.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Looked at your profile and saw mining engineering, do you know Hunter Moore? May have been a year or two ahead of you.

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I don't unfortunately.

Hmmm, 2009... Do you know Scott Mostoller? I started school with him, but I didn't graduate until 2013... But yay Mining and Minerals Engineering!!

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I'm a lifelong Hokie, longtime closet Wyoming fan, current Colorado resident and now a rabid Buck Coors follower.

Druckenmiller the shotgun snap, fakes short, fires it deep into the end zone it is....caught! It is caught for a touchdown by Jermaine Holmes with 47 seconds left!

Amazing name right?

The other QB in Wyoming's 2020 class?

Gavin Beerup

Trick play confirmed.

Beerup takes the snap, tosses left. Wait, it's a reverse. Coors with the ball. Looking to throw. Coors, Deep, BEER UP!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!

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we're drunk

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

No you're drunk

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I knew about both of these from r/cfb, and saw my opportunity as soon as I saw Buck Coors posted on here.

This is incredible

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

On National Signing Day 2020, QB Buck Coors out of Loveland, Colorado, chose to further his athletic career in Laramie, Wyoming,

I remember Laramie.

It was 1848 and not that long after, James got a snakebite on our way to Oregon...

Let's Go


Doesn't seem so bad to me...

UPDATE: There's a chance that Buck could move to cornerback this summer. Wyoming signed Gavin Beerup out of Cali in the early signing period and also have some younger guys already on campus at the QB position.

Only one corner was signed in the 2020 class, so there could be some more room in that position group to get an electric athlete like Buck Coors on the field. Apparently he was pretty decent at corner in high school, and is clearly more of a running option at QB.

Will keep the thread updated as spring ball starts up soon!

Thanks for providing the Wyoming football updates I never knew I needed until now

I only give the people what they want! And what they want, is more Coors.