Hokie Hoops Statistical Notes: Volume 6

Well we had high high hopes for the season
Didn't know too much but we really had a feelin'
Now we're coming down and we don't like what we're seein'
Oh, we had high high hopes

We are now 3/4* of a way through the season and things are not as pleasant as the end of the previous tetrarchy of games, going 0-for. How do we look statistically?


Player Year Position Scoring
Team - - 70.04
Freshmen - - 52.82
Landers Nolley II r-Fresh G/F 17.7
Tyrece Radford Fresh Guard 9.63
Naheim Alleyne Fresh Guard 9.5
Jalen Cone Fresh Guard 7.38
PJ Horne r-Junior Forward 7.13

The top 4 scorers are still freshmen, but with the exception of Radford, the rest of the team's scoring has gone down. The only other development is that the Hokies are now guaranteed to lose scoring output as Brendan Johnson has scored in an official game, meaning the Hokies are set to lose 0.24% of their scoring.

Radford still leads with 149 total rebounds, but Nolley is closing, with 141.

Bede currently has 144 assists to 43 turnovers. Still a good ATO margin, but he's starting to drop in the rankings, particularly because players aren't hitting their shots.

Young is still doing a basic 9 man rotation (although Johnson did get in one game as well). Nolley leads all with 1 minute over 31 minutes per game, with Bede 1 mpg further back. Only Horne, Alleyne, and Cattoor remain in the 20 minute window, with Cone, Radford, and Wilkins in the 10+ mpg window. Ojiako has fallen below the 10 mpg window by 6 minutes.

Next Four
Not gonna lie, I have no idea how these next four are going to go.

The Hokies will start off with a bye, followed by two home games against Pitt and Miami, then travel to Cameron Indoor, before welcoming UVA to Cassell.

The Panthers are the only team of the quadrathon that have not played the Hokies, but they're Pitt. They always seem to be a bit of an enigma. They beat FSU to start the year, but immediately turned around and lost to Nicholls State. The Hokies will be the fresher team, coming off the bye, but who know what'll happen.

There's a chance we can win the first two games, but I don't see us winning either of the latter two.

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