Bracketology Update: 2 Months to Brackets

Jerry Palm's latest prediction places the Hokies on the 9 spot in the San Diego State bracket with game 1 in Sacramento, playing USC, as the #4 ACC team behind Duke, FSU, and Louisville.

Joe Lunardi has the Hokies as an 11 seed against Kentucky in Spokane, also has the #4 ACC team.

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We've already beaten Michigan State in a tournament. I say bring on Kentucky.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

i predict 37-30 UK victory

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I legged you, but I still hate this comment a lot

leg but 31-30 seems to more accurately reflect even matchup

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just don't bet the under

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Hmmmm I don't see UNC or UVa on these brackets. That has to be a mistake, right? Surely they can't be worse than the predicted 14th place team in the ACC this year, right?

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Lunardi has LOLUva as one of the first 4 out...UNC to the NIT probably

UNC might not make the NIT at this rate.

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You hate to see it.

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UNC isn't even near NIT territory right now. The reason is a historically strong middle pack this season. It's really unlike anything we've ever seen

Cole Anthony is returning to the Heels' lineup for the game in Blacksburg. My first take is that the Heels beat the Hokies on the road and go on a little run to at least salvage an NIT bid, but probably NCAA bid

Leonard. Duh.

I'm really hoping he is rusty and we can pull that one out. Then, I hope they make a tourney run.

I haven't seen anything about him coming back next week. He won't rush back knowing he is a lottery pick. But either way a win even over a down UNC team would be big.

I live down here in NC and there's been a lot of chatter. Plus, recovery for a meniscus tear is about 4-6 weeks. Hokies game would be about right. If I'm Roy, I'd shelf him for Pitt for sure, but try to work him in at Blacksburg. That's an opportunity for a springboard win if the Hokies are still riding high.

Also, I don't subscribe to the notion that all of the one-and-dones think of themselves as fragile China dolls. Ballers wanna ball.

Leonard. Duh.

I think the players will almost always want to play, but its on the coaches, and the entourage around the player (parents, friends, etc) to help them realize that the NBA isn't going to care that you sat out again VT. The NBA will care if you tweak or otherwise further your injury. Not Roy's first rodeo. But I'm hoping Hokies pull it out regardless. Then we need teams we beat to win to boost our SOS.

All the speculation I'm hearing is that he'll return for the NCSU game.

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I am not a squeaky hoops watcher, but if we're playing in Spokane I might just have to make an exception...

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Thanks Frank!

Getting a 9 seed would be pretty incredible for this team. I'd expect more of a 10/11 or First Four.

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Let be honest, playing in the big dance would be amazing for this team. We were predicted second to last in the ACC. We had to replace the top FIVE scorers from the team last year. Everyone was expecting a rebuilding year.

I was saying before the season that we could sneak into the tourney. I expected like 15-18 wins but wouldn't have been surprised with like 21. Now I'm almost expecting the tournament. Mike Young is doing a great job.

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Raise your hand if saw this coming


Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Bracket Matrix composites all of the brackets that are out there. On average, we are an 11 seed, even though the latest update was before the Wake game.

Making the tourney would be an amazing accomplishment. Hell, what they've accomplished so far is amazing. If this happened Mike Young should be considered for Coach of the Year and maybe not just in the ACC.

If they stay at their current level of play, ACC coach of the year is a lock.

I love where this team is. I was worried after the 3 game losing streak that the wheels were coming off. Think we need 11 ACC wins and/or an upset of one of the top teams.

This year is really an incredible outlier in terms of parity. There are around 60 teams in the country that are legitimately "on the bubble". Expect several (20-30) teams to miss the tourney that would make it any other year. Right now the difference between being a 4/5 seed and having a low seed in the NIT is literally a handful of buckets.

This would make it incredibly impressive if Mike Young can get us in, but it also means anything can happen. We are by no means a lock and need to keep winning. Really need to win around 12 ACC games to be completely safe

Man, Whit really knocked it out of the park with the MY hire.

El. Psy. Kongroo.

I don't want to be an 8 or 9 seed.

I dont either but at the same time it's insane that we are having that discussion this season.

I expect it won't be a very deep run, so just dancing is enough for me.

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What's crazy to me is how weak the ACC is this year relative to last. We sort of peaked at the wrong year. I think if you grab last year's squad from a time machine they win the ACC this year. Not to predict what this current squad will do, of course.

Probably win it going away. Last year's team was legit legit

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Lotta season left to play

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.