Caleb Steward In Transfer Portal

Here is the LINK to the 247 Article

We wish him the best of luck. I thought he was still raw and developing with some late snaps, but there is a log jam at Running Back and he might find it hard to get playing time.

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I really liked this kid coming out of HS. I hope he finds a place to use his skills.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Virginia Tech has now had 24 players transfer away from the program since the 2018 season

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With a strong push, we can catch UCLA.

And what, like 10 seniors? So too many guys log-jammed together the same age, so it's not surprising more than a few are leaving.

Nor is VT particularly unusual.

Go do yourself a favor and look at every other team in the NCAA, Virginia Tech is not the only school with players transferring out. I look at our numbers of transfers and see a lower number in comparison to some other programs in the country, especially this year.

Ok, I did. 247 actually claims VT has had 27 transfers in the last two seasons. Here's how the rest of the ACC stacks up:

VT 27
BC 12
Clemson 10
Duke 17
FSU 17
GT 10
Louisville 25
Miami 18
NC St 17
UNC 21
Pitt 10
Cuse 6
Wake 11

VT has had the most, with Louisville and UNC, both of which underwent coaching changes, second.

Yeah, very normal. Proceed as usual. Nothing to bat an eye at.

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This is only one form of attrition from a school. There's also graduation, nfl departures, and departing school for other reasons. Portal departures would probably be lower for schools with high graduations and nfl departures because there's a clearer path to playing time. We have 18 starters returning, so less clear path for playing time for guys who may be down the depth chart.

So to make a fair comparison, I'd want to see total attrition by school, preferably broken down into those categories.

Also, some of the schools down near the bottom might have recruits who wouldn't get playing time at any other P5 school and might actually stay for the free education.

Regardless, VT has the most transfers in the ACC the past 2 years. We are also 14-12 during that time. If 14-12 works for you, great, but a volatile roster probably has an impact on the bottom line. Maybe if you slice the numbers 10 more ways, 14-12 is explainable since it may draw a more favorable comparison to other mediocre teams.

I count 29 that entered the portal,
2 came back,
2 from 2018-19 aren't reported to have signed anywhere,
7 are still in the portal and haven't signed anywhere else this season,
5 were either walkons or never played for Tech,
1 was Sam Denmark who I can never remember if he was or wasn't on scholarship.
The Hokies have added 5 from the portal over that time frame.

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Fwiw you shouldn't count players who haven't actually transferred yet -- see Hooker and McClease

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5 players entered the transfer portal last night. 1.5 of them was a bad thing (Pinckney and Ladler-ish). A 10,000 foot level analysis of the raw numbers doesn't provide an accurate evaluation of how the transfer portal is affecting us.

I'm not saying there isn't any cause for concern, but doing anything other than evaluating each case individually is disingenuous.

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Something something numbers working out.

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I have become numb to the whole thing. Ways of the world now..

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No one should be surprised by him entering the portal. We have heard for months now that the rb room would look totally different next year. He was already passed by a fr. Late in the season when we were thin at rb, we went with a TE to carry the ball instead of someone like Steward who has played the position at vt for 2 years. Good luck to him but really this one was expected.

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I don't really get when anyone gets upset that someone who is low in the depth chart transfers. It wasn't like Steward was running the ball at all. With Herbert and Lee coming in he see's that he will probably be buried even further. He want's to play the game and is going to try to go some place where he can play.

It's not like Hooker is transferring after the year he had or anything. That would be something to be concerned about.

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There you go! Well done