OT: Things to do in NYC

Hey guys and gals,

I will be going to NYC for the first time in March with my fiancรฉe. She is trying on wedding dresses at Kleinfelds. So during that time I need something to do on my own and would rather not just sit in the hotel. Any suggestions from people who have been there before?

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Get yourself an authentic slice of NY pizza at Sbarro's.

The real question is, where do you get the BEST authentic piece of New York pizza?

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Lombardi's in Nolita. Of note, it's cash only.

Man, I haven't been to NYC since like..03 I think. I don't even remember where we used to get pizza. (Used to go to NYC all the time, every summer, holiday, etc)

Lombardi's is good. Best Pizza is also excellent but it's in Brooklyn

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I like johns of bleecker. although the last time I went the beer was skunked. there's a good beer bar across the street though. also it's pies only- no slices.

Johns of Bleeker is the best pizza in the city.

Always choose joy.

I thought the best for Famous Original Ray's? Or was it Original Famous Ray's? Rays Original?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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As someone who doesnt know jack bout new york pizza I'm honestly curious if this was a joke or its accurate?

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It's a joke. Sbarro is trash and Michael Scott is... Michael Scott

Having been there a handful of times, my best advice would be to leave as quickly as possible.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

It was great when I first started going around 2010 or so.

It got worse every year, and now I refuse to do any work there.

As they say, YOLO. May as well make the best of it!

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My favorite part of visiting NYC is leaving.

Go to Carnegie's.

Get a pastrami sandwich and a piece of cheesecake to go.

(Pro tip, bring cash. Unless they're changed, they don't take cards.)

Take food back to hotel.

Watch fiancee second guess her choices in life as she watches you work your way through both massive delicious items on your own since she just tried on dresses that were the size she expects to be for the wedding.

Yeah this is definitely going on the list. Perhaps this and a piece of Sbarro pizza are in order. I can walk back to VA to work the carbs off.

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pls don't go to sbarro

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It's been so long since I've been in a mall and had that trash

Someone already posted this I now see

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Closed a few years ago.

Go to Katz deli now.

Well that is sad.

How does Katz's pastrami compare?

Not going to lie though, the best pastrami I've ever had was in Chicago at the French Market. I forget the name of the stand in there that sells it, but it is head and shoulders above anything else I've ever had.

The key is getting there before noon. They sell out quick. It's been several years since I've been there as well, and man, I miss it more than just about anything else I've had in this country.

Katz is good - as good as Carnegie. I agree with the French market pastrami place that slices it right there. Great lunch spot if you can fight the crowd.

I second this. Katz is awesome. Lots of choices of insanely good stuff.
Also, for bagel's go to The Bagel Buffet in Greenwich Village. Its on 6th Ave between 13th St and 14th St. Yummy Lox Bagel.
Oldest Pub in New York: McSorley's Old Ale House in East Village. Beer is nominal, but the vibe and pleasantry of everyone there is a lot of fun. (You'll end up sharing part of a table with people you don't know and the conversations are fun.)

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Also you can get a great bagel, especially the lox bagel, at Best Bagel and Coffee. It's on 35th st between 7th and 8th Ave.


McSorley's is truly a treasure. I recommend reading Joseph Mitchell's 1940 profile of it before or during your visit: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1940/04/13/the-old-house-at-home

Last time I was there a college fratboy asked the bartender if he could get a pitcher of beer instead of the two small mugs they give you. The bartender gestured at the wall behind him and said in a thick Irish accent, "do you see any f**ng pitchers?".

Cool read. I was there 5 years ago. The belly stove is still there and I think I saw that small American Flag on the wall that the first woman to get a beer there made for the original owner "Old John".
I want to see that back room now, I remember seeing it, but the place was packed and we couldn't get back there - and I didn't understand its historical importance until now.
It's clear to better appreciate it, I want to visit when its not so crowded.

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+1 for McSorley's. Sadly the owner died only a couple weeks ago or so

Just wander. Ride the subway, get lost, have a drink with a stranger, get dessert at MilkBar, just have fun.

The best things about NYC are (1) there is literally at least one bar every block -I've been so many times and I'm still amazed how many hole in the wall bars their are everywhere; and (2) the people watching is incredible.

Also, I hate museums, but if you go to Brooklyn, go to the NYC Subway museum. They have subway cars from the last century on display, with the actual advertisements still in tact. It's cool and not unreasonably priced.

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I've lived here for about 5 years now. Since Kleinfelds is in the Flatiron area I would definitely check out Eataly and then walk over to Chelsea Market and do the High Line.

Since your trips a couple months out, I'd try to get tickets to Comedy Cellar or any of their other locations nearby. Last time I was there Louis CK randomly showed up and it's always hilarious. Also you can reserve a spot and not show up and you won't be charged so it's not a commitment.

Greenwich Village and the West Village are great neighborhoods to just walk around. People knock NYC but you can't deny how strong the culinary scene is here, so I'd also take the opportunity to find a Michelin Star restaurant and treat your bride to an incredible meal.

There's no reason to Times Square unless you're seeing a show.

Seconding the High Line. It's a pretty neat park that's built on old subway tracks basically. Went there around Thanksgiving and walked it with my wife. It has really pretty views in some places and was safe and clean. Chelsea Market was pretty cool too. We didn't eat there, but did walk through it.

Also, forget pizza, find a FRESH bagel or 12. We never leave NYC/northern NJ without a dozen in tow.

I'll third that - stopping at Eataly and walking the High Line are always fun/unique.
There is a German beer garden (The Standard Beirgarten) under the High Line that is a good pit stop. The Vessel is now open as well and viewable from High Line.

I've lived here for about 5 years now. Since Kleinfelds is in the Flatiron area I would definitely check out Eataly and then walk over to Chelsea Market and do the High Line

Came to say this.

Also going to Rockafeller Center and taking NBC tour and Top of the Rock is worthwhile.

+1 for comedy cellar. You never know who will show up. Aziz, Chappelle, John Mulany, Seth Meyers, Louis CK, and others will always go there to test out new material before using it on tour/in a special. If you like stand up, going to the Comedy Cellar is a must.

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Chelsea Market is amazing, and if you're going, do yourself a favor and check out Tacos Number 1--best tacos I've ever had. Blue Bottle coffee across the street is also really good--the New Orleans iced coffee is the best.

Take the nbc studio tour. Check out Central Park if its not too cold. Depending on the day there are usually matinee broadway shows during the week. MOMA or Natural History Museum are always cool. Buy stolen/ knock off stuff in china town. All the tourist stuff is cool and then find a good bar with good food.

Buy stolen/ knock off stuff in china town

Did this. You need to have a stomach for being guided and handed off to other guides to hidden rooms a block or so off of Canal St. Have your head on a swivel, but the stuff available is really nice for good prices. Was a cool experience, I suggest doing this in the day lite.

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One pretty cool free thing to do if you have never done it - the Brooklyn Bridge has a dedicated raised pedestrian/bike lane. On a nice day, you can get great views of the city skyline from the first tower of the bridge.

Chinatown is also interesting if you have never been there. People selling knock off items and pirated DVDs on the street, dead chickens hanging in windows. A number of good dim sum places to grab a yummy lunch.

Get bagels and lox at Russ and Daughters (the original location).

Get pastrami at Katz's Deli.

Get pizza at Lombardi's.

Get hot dogs and juice at Gray's Papaya.

Go to Dead Rabbit for drinks. Go during happy hour for 50 cent oysters.

Ride the Staten Island Ferry. It's free, they sell beer on it, and you get great views of lower Manhattan and Liberty Island. Also the people watching is fantastic.

Honestly, just wandering around is fun, and you'll inevitably stumble onto something worthwhile. Manhattan is a lot of fun.

Agree with the Staten Island Ferry-free(don;t let the hucksters sell you tickets for it lol); also the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum on the Hudson River midtown is a great way to spend 2-4 hours;

If you want a pedicab ride don't just do it on the street like a taxi-the charge is by the MINUTE and a friend and I ended up paying $168 for a 24 minute ride from Macys to 30 Rock and then the Port Authority Terminal. You can get a tour through Central PArk on one for about $60 -80 I believe-that could be worth it.

Wear REALLY comfortable shoes and just walk (or take the subway). We walked a total of five miles the last time we visited.

If you are there long enough(2-4 days) look into the CityPass which gets you discounted admission to 4 attractions.

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We walked a total of five miles the last time we visited.

We accidentally (drunkenly?) walked 6 miles our first night in the city. Then probably another 50 over the next week we were there. The city tricks you into thinking things are a lot closer than they are, but I'd argue it's worth it.

Oh, it's only 2 blocks away. We can just take a quick walk over there. 22 minutes later...wtf?

People don't understand that Manhattan has short blocks and long blocks.

food is good... extremely so.... if u like high end go for it ... if not there is literally great food all around you

I always enjoyed the chart house in Weehawken... its overpriced but not compared to NYC high end... views are incredible esp at night

maisson du chocolat if u love chocolate it around Rockefeller Center

if weather warm , Washington sq park, Greenwich village, soho, just walking around, there is some good slice pizza there.... central park if u can

try to rope in some culture.... the artists thrive in NYC.... just try to enjoy yourselves as there is so much to see / do

Fiance? congrats, fuller.

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Lived there for 3 years, my two cents:
1. Central Park, full of life and vitality. Street performers, artists, opportunity to exercise, people watch
2. Museum of Natural History: can make a donation of any amount, even $1, for admission. The Night of the Museum series was filmed there
3. NY: try a bagel, the best in America
4. Top of the Rock
5. Walk around Times Square

All of this is within reach of Penn Station, NYC is one of my favorite places, took my kids many times, it is clean, safe and one of a kind. Enjoy!

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

MoMA and the Met are also really easy to spend very many hours in as well.

Second on Eataly, the High Line, Milk Bar suggestions. (especially eataly)

Black Tap burgers and shakes is really good but probably more of an instagram-friendly tourist trap -- go to Black Iron burger instead if you want a similar or better meal without the crazy line

also good burgers. other food, and beer at Ruby's Cafe (cash only) in Nolita. Walk south from there on mulberry street through Chinatown to Columbus Park and have dessert at a place called Eggloo -- an asian soft serve ice cream place that does green tea waffles sundaes with mochi and pocky and all that good stuff, a lil hole in the wall gem.

see if the knicks or rangers are at the garden

get to the 911 memorial, freedom tower, and world trade center station. all pretty visually stunning and the memorial is very emotional -- that stupid horrible day changed so much about our country

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As several have said, just get out and wander. Nice to have destinations, but also a good place not to. Find that hole in the wall Italian place with the waiters in tuxes and the head waiter so snotty you feel insulted the moment you walk in, but who won't let you leave for three hours while you eat the best Italian food you've ever had. Eat a hot dog on the street...at 2 in the morning. Definitely walk through Chinatown, ride the subway, take the ferry. Do like this country bumpkin did and walk around looking up through the canyon of buildings like a rube until your feet are sore then dive into a bar and meet some real New Yorkers. A lot to dislike about any big city, and NY has it all, but there are so many cool things about NY that you'll not do it justice in one quick trip. Use the hotel to sleep, spend the rest of your time exploring.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Drove past the city in 2016. And that highway is expensive as hell. But my parents went a few years ago to see Jeter his last season and stayed a few extra days to site-see. They went to the 9/11 memorial and my dad has recommended to any and everyone who'll listen since then. Still cries talking about it. Said they spent every bit of 5hrs in there and didn't even see half of it. So yeah...go, and prepare to get emotional.

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This. And afterwards, go have a beer at O'Hara's Restaurant and Pub a block and a half to the SE. The 1st responder patches on the walls tell a great story.

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Grimaldi's is much better than Lombardi's in my opinion.

Best pizza is at the corner of Front St and Old Fulton St in Brooklyn.

whatever you do don't buy any barbecue.

have had blue smoke bbq?

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They have that an Nats park. Not sure if it has the same quality though....

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I have not, just been disappointed with pretty much every bbq place I've been to, and even the good ones are very expensive. Anytime I see Carolina-style BBQ on a menu a little piece of me dies inside.

i haven't either, just have heard generally good things so i was curious if you've had.

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I have heard this is one of the prime cities for hookers and blow if you are into that sort of thing

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If you want to take in a show, do Come From Away. It is the best musical out right now. Incredibly moving.

Always choose joy.

Just saw the touring group in Charlotte. Seriously funny and very moving.

My favorite part was the warning tickets. STFD. SLOW THE FOCK DOWN!

I've only been once. Lombardi's was awesome. Pastrami sandwiches were great anywhere. Bagels yup. People watching, Central Park, all great. I went up to the top of the Empire State Bldg, saw Rockefeller Center, Time Square, the Cowboy, etc. These are all things mentioned before. You won't go wrong with any of them. Well, the Cowboy - not entirely eye bleach to remove that from my memory once seen. Maybe turn around if in Time Square and you see a crowd surrounding a cowboy hat on a tall head. Seeing more causes you to lose years off your life.

I've only got one thing to add that I haven't seen mentioned. Try a NYC pickle. I went to a sandwich place that had a pickle bar. All fresh made in the deli. I never knew pickles could be so friggin' amazing.

I got hit on by 3 hookers too while at the bar in Bull and Bear. Two were a packaged deal. I did not take them up on their offers, I wonder what I missed out on occasionally. Also wonder if the good time might have resulted in me missing a kidney or something.

I'd say just go wander and see what draws you in. There will be plenty.

You can't go wrong with some Khlav Kalash and crab juice.

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