Tech improves tunnel Senior name recognition plaques.

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I kind of like the old plaques, as cheap as they might have looked, in part because they made the players names much bigger. However, when you have that many guys that go through the tunnel, changing it to be something more like this was going to be necessary at some point

Not only does it look way more professional and clean, but I'm fairly certain the old plastic plaques only went back a few decades. Huge improvement adding all the way back into the 30s or further.

Wait, what? Michael Vick a senior in 1999? He was never a senior.

Oh. Huh.

And for that matter, neither was Lee Suggs.

Suddenly I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

Players who graduated used to have a grad cap next to their name. Everyone on the team for that being their final year in good standing was always listed.

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Suggs played multiple seasons after 1999 so I don't really understand how this is being done. Also the old ones were strictly seniors and then the caps were added once you graduated. Not really sure i love the change. Making the move to add seniors prior to Beamer coaching is a good decision, but it would have been nice if it stuck strictly to being a senior reward. Having your name in that tunnel means a lot to the guys that weren't household names or fan favorites that stuck it out through all 4-5 years. For a lot of us it's the only place in all of the facilities you'll see our names.

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So Vick playing in 2000 was a mirage?

Did Suggs play in 1999? I think he redshirted that season.

Looks like it must represent the year that guys saw their first action? I.e. Vick, Suggs, Davis, Whitaker were all redshirt freshman who saw playing time in 1999. My guess is they were trying to find a way to get Vick's name in there, and this was the most consistent methodology they could come up with.

Yeah, I guess you are right. The rest of those guys are Fr or players who didn't get in the field until later in their careers (Tee Butler was a walk-on who was a Jr in 1999 and recovered a blocked punt for a RD vs Syracuse)

Love the recognition. but..... not a fan of the execution at all. looks like clear film on top of a stamped concrete with a metallic finish. I expect more from a top tier engineering/design school that previously invented the future. And not for nothing, the stamping was poorly done. those edges are jacked

I want a hologram of every senior

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And you have to go through them to get to the field?


I wanna get dapped up by holo-Tyrod before running out to sandman

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Agree. Looks terrible.

Yeah, at first glance I loved it, but the closer I look the weirder it gets.

They look like grouted tiles to me. Am I missing a view?

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not 100% but it looks like concrete to me, not grout. Also in the blown up image can see rough edges on the "tiles" instead of a smooth, straight edge you normally get. It also looks like the clear film was added to every rectangle no matter it has lettering or not which is a very odd choice.

just don't like it.

Looks like a silver thermoset or paint on extruded brick to me...
But, much like the reason you don't do 1/2 running bond on tile, that lippage is pretty rough.

hmm... I suppose could be but it looks like a fairly thin treatment on top so if brick I'm not sure if you would get such a smooth face to adhere to. you can see there aren't many bubbles or imperfections on the face which I would expect on a brick with clear film.

but all speculation. you could definitely be right

I like it. Will also make that tunnel look more intimidating.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

We go through the tunnel, so we want to intimidate ourselves? /s

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Hell yeah, maybe we have something here. Everybody plays harder when they're scared. It's a survival thing.

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