NC State hires Ruffin McNeill as Advisor

Sounds like Dave Doeren has hired McNeill into an advisory role similar to Kill's role with VT. Seems like a good fit for both McNeill and NCSU.

Somehow, wherever he lands, he always seems to be against the Hokies!

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Good thing we only play NC State once every 8 years...

Agree on both fronts. It's a strong hire for NC State, and it's stupid that we rarely play NC State because of silly division crossover structure.

how in the world can college athletics programs even be hiring extra staff right now? advisor doesn't seem like a need (maybe financial advisor)


Always been a fan of McNeill's. Seems like a standup guy who got screwed by his alma mater. Would love if there was a place at VT for him one day.

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Ruffin record at ECU 42-34. Record since firing him 13-35. Guess that makes firing him their second worst decision in school history.

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Love Coach Ruffin. Good for him!

I didn't even know he left Oklahoma. Good for him and his family. He's constantly underrated as a coach, but perhaps that's because he is a "defensive" coach that has only had major success with high scoring offenses and mediocre defenses.

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Article said he had family health issues that brought him back to NC. Makes sense for all.

I always respected McNeill. He's a solid coach.

Good pickup for NC State.

This hire might slow down the heels recruiting a little. Fingers crossed.

It might us as well

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