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A few people have discussed the article but it seems substantial enough to have it's own thread.

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BLUF: Through interviews with some of the coaches in the area, it seems that the VT (and to some extent, UVA) coaches, have let relationships fall off with some/most of the coaching staffs in the 757/Tidewater/HR area.

Many reasons why this could be the case. The article mentioned Tech's focus on 7vs7 recruiting strategy as well as VT focusing in other areas (NC, for example).

I would have liked to have some quotes from the Tech staff to counter or answer what the coaches are saying. I doubt we aren't recruiting the blue-chip players but I feel that those "margin" players that we can get are cultivated by relationships with the various coaching staffs. I am not saying to take a bunch of marginal players to get in the good graces of a handful of coaches but I feel a good relationship with those coaches should be a goal if not one of the larger priorities of the coaching staff WRT recruiting.

Obviously more $$$ for more staff and some signature wins would help but it's free to pick up the phone and low cost to visit (pre-COVID restrictions) with the coaches throughout the state (cough cough Mack Brown cough).

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The coach that is given the most space here really thought a player with no P5 offers should have one from Tech? As for coaches visiting the 757 when did Tapp get hired and when did dead period start?

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That coach came off as entitled. Tech isn't obligated to offer anyone. I was also taken aback from the implication that the Beamer administration would have taken him, when I'm not sure that that's true.

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Another possibility is that he's advocating for his kid. Is his real audience the VT staff, or his own players?

Not sure how I feel about this TBH. The player the coach was talking about wasn't rated.

NOT saying that he isn't an amazing player BUT can you imagine how sour our fan base would have been had we offered this young man purely based on the information (or lack-thereof) on his 247 profile? I agree that the old regime placed an emphasis on building relationships with in-state coaches to find diamonds in the rough. This could have definitely been one of those cases where we could have gotten a steal of a player that turned into a multi-year contributor or starter for us. However, as has been discussed at length around here, we only have X amount of resources to spend on scouting and recruiting. Should we pull some of those limited (read: less than we need) resources into finding these diamonds in the rough or would we rather they focus on players with the statistically higher hit rates? Whether we are closing on those higher rated guys is a whole different discussion but I think we have come to the consensus that in order to be competitive with the big dogs we have to pull recruits at least closer to the big dogs (let's be real and say that we will never pull in the 5 stars at the same rate as the established powers). I would rather we swing for the fences even if we are missing rather than bunt it. This may prove to us that the current staff or maybe our resources are not good enough to get us where we are trying to go but we have to at least try.

TL;DR - I think we need more recruiting resources to help keep relationships up with the local coaches and find the diamonds in the rough while plugging a substantial portion of our efforts into pulling in those high star recruits. I think it's obvious that both are needed in order to balance out a team but is difficult to do without the staff and funds

I feel bad for this kid because he has insane stats (320 tackles in two seasons sounds good regardless of competition) but he has very average physical tools. Maybe his stats that the coach raved about are because of an elite game IQ, but there are probably hundreds of other players like that in the state that fit that profile.

Plus its not like we were the only school that didn't look at him. Rivals says his only offers were JMU, Howard, and Delaware State. So not even local schools like Hampton, William and Mary, Old Dominion, or Norfolk State offered him. He isn't even rated on 247. Motuapuaka, who came from the 757 and had similar size was at least a solid 3*. Maybe Galen Scott, or Stinespring, or insert-old-coach-here would have a different opinion, but its hard to blame VT/UVA for not offering him.

No disagreement but we did have some guys like a Cody Grimm who weren't exactly physical specimens but who did produce like crazy when he was on the team. IIRC Sam Rogers wasn't highly recruited either and he did ok.

If a guy has an extremely high football IQ, and average physical tools, I could still see them being very successful at VT.

That also kind of proves the point though. Both Cody Grimm and Sam Rogers arrived on campus as walk ons.

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And lets be honest for a second. Its incredibly easy right now to transfer schools, and a lot of the time you're able to get a waiver to play immediately. If you're at that borderline state, why not get a scholarship at the FCS level, prove yourself, and then transfer up to the P5 for the remaining 3 years of your collegiate career? Financially, its a much better situation than paying out of pocket for those walk on years before the scholly comes.

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Both Cody and Sam were walk-ons. They did the legwork, instead of someone complaining that coaches didn't come offer them when the ranking service didn't give them a ranking.

EDIT: Dang work getting in the way. I'll drink.

There are over 600 high schools (public and private) in the state of Virginia. Not all of them have football teams. Not all of them pump out division 1 talent.

Sure, the schools that don't have division 1 talent occasionally produce that generational guy. But, you have to consider the ratio of effort to effect. You cannot devote resources to every single coach out there and expect to get favorable results. We have to focus on certain schools because they consistently produce. If we had more support staff, those people can be maintaining the relationships with other schools. But, until we have that, I don't expect our staff to be out courting every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has a whistle.

Leg for the correct sentiment. And for "Tom, Dick, and Harry".

Mixed feelings here. On one hand, I can understand deemphasizing 757 recruiting because of the drama there and that there might not be as much reward in investing time and resources there as other places. However, on the other hand, even if there isn't a player seen as P5 caliber at a 757 school, it's visiting with the coaches and cultivating those relationships over time that would likely strengthen VT's image in the region again. Basically it boils down to having finite resources and deciding where and how to allocate them. I definitely think VT should be regional (mid-Atlantic/southeast) with some occasional spot recruiting in other areas. I understand spending more time and resources on the most coveted talent and difference makers. However, I can't quite understand spending an inordinate amount of time on Texas or California or other far away states. The likelihood of having a high success rate with top talent there is just not realistic due to distance and national brand, and the amount of resources needed to recruit those areas heavily makes it cost prohibitive. Not saying we should never look, but I can't realistically see places like that becoming pipelines for VT. VT should be regional with VA as a focus, but not the only focus. I think in-state relations for recruiting top talent will improve through a combination of building those relationships again, even if there isn't immediate success, and winning again (including some big national games, like PSU). Those two things need to happen if we want to get back in the conversation for top VA recruits.

Remember when VT almost won a NC with a bunch of guys from the 757? I remember.

No I don't. Andre Davis NY, Corey Moore TN (via JUCO), John Engleberger NOVA, Shayne Graham Dublin VA. Yes the highest profile player on that team did Vick.m, but it wasn't a bunch of 757 guys.

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Shayne Graham was from Dublin tyvm :^)

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Your right I saw Radford where he was born and didn't dig deeper.

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Yeah, he looks Irish.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Would you believe me if I told you there are the same number of 757 kids on the 1999 roster as are on the current roster?

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Don't confuse everybody with facts!

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Define "a bunch". 1999 roster had 45 people from Virginia. 10 of those were from 757:

Andra Harrison - Newport News
Ronyell Whitaker - Norfolk
Michael Vick - Newport News
Emmett Johnson - Chesapeake
Keith Burnell - Chesapeake
Larry Austin - Norfolk
Shyrone Stith - Chesapeake
Wayne Briggs - Windsor
Steve Demasi - Virginia Beach
David Pugh - Smithfield

So, 35 of our VA people weren't from 757. We also had 14 people from Florida, 7 from Pennsylvania, 7 from New Jersey.

Granted, without Vick, we probably aren't there. So, he still makes a strong case for the region on that team.

Edit: Damn. too slow.

I was actually off on my count because I legit didn't know where Windsor was.

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Windsor is between Suffolk and Franklin.....a small town you pass through and if you blink you will miss it....

Speed trap. Kinda like Zuni.

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And Emporia..... I hate driving through Emporia....

Second this! That place is a nightmare.

Every small town on Rt. 460 is a speed trap on the weekends in the summer.


Every small town on Rt. 460 is a speed trap on the weekends in the summer.

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While I agree, Emporia is probably the worst of the bunch.

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Thought Pugh was from Amherst?

You are correct, Madison Heights, or so says the roster I found.

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Perhaps I was led astray by the internet.

Define "a bunch".

10. Obviously. Jerks.

99 team-

Engleberger- NoVA
Corey Moore- TN
Chad Beasley- SWVA
Anthony Midget- Florida
Nick Sorensen- NoVA
Michael Hawkes- Southside VA (Nottoway)
Ben Taylor-Ohio
Jamel Smith- South Carolina
Ike Charlton- Florida
Cory Bird- New Jersey
Nathaniel Williams- Florida

Nobody except Ronyell Whittaker (Norfolk/Lake Taylor) was from the 757 as a defensive starter.

Now, how about the offense?
Anthony Lambo- New Jersey
Matt Lehr- Woodbridge/NOVA
Keith Short- Glen Allen/Richmond
Josh Redding- Pennsylvania
Dave Kadela- Ohio
Jarrett Ferguson- Staunton River (Roanoke area)
Browning Wynn- Lee (SWVA)/Derrick Carter (Smithfield- 757 area code but outside of the recruiting stronghold)
Andre Davis- New York

The only offensive starters from the 757 were Michael Vick, Shyrone Stith, and Emmitt Johnson (Chesapeake).

A team that was perhaps a competent coverage free safety or nickel away from being a national champion only had four 757 starters, and really only two were difference makers.

Why did VT have such a broad footprint? 1) Not being a blueblood required better evaluation and more leg work. 2) VT had an exciting and clear brand- power I offense, aggressive one gap defense, and scoring on special teams-ie a way to see the field quickly in an era where underclassmen didn't play much. 3) While the Big East was going to be a money loser long term, the national and regional TV coverage VT received thanks to CBS was huge for elevating the program once they started to win. Also, VT games were being aired in Maryland, PA, NJ, NY, and New England, so that widened the footprint in the northeast.

The brand has declined as VT became featured more on regional instead of national broadcasts, in a viewing area where SEC is king. VT hasn't done themselves any favors, but there hasn't been enough talent coming from the 757 that has ended up being productive to cow tow to the local high school football warlords in the area.

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That is a great point about the diminished TV coverage. I had forgotten about all those Big East games being on CBS back in the day. Moving to the ACC to me just stagnated our program and brand so much. Factor in the softer competition, crappy Raycom coverage in Tobacco Road basketball country and SEC markets, then VT coming up short on the national stage way more often than not, it's easy to see how exposure and brand suffered.

I honestly wonder now how much national hype and Heisman attention Vick would have received without that national and northeast tv exposure from CBS. If he had arrived on the scene in 2004 when we were in the ACC, I doubt a lot national sportswriters would have had the opportunity to see him or hear about him.

Lived on the Hampton Roads peninsula and can definitely co-sign that Woodside HS is almost irrelevant when it comes to producing P5 talent (historically no in-state Top 50 players). Outside of Phoebus HS located in Hampton (and maaaybe Heritage), the talent pool quickly dries up in that specific region.

Also, getting around the larger tidewater area is an absolute nightmare (I-64 being the only way in and out, routine tunnel traffic, massive area to cover across Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Cheseapeake) which should be a substantially higher priority for any coach visiting the region.

Stopping in to say 'Hi' with the remaining schools around Yorktown and Newport News is basically a waste of time and energy considering the ROI. I'd prefer my donations go to executing a strategy and not funding door to door vacuum cleaner sales.

While I largely agree with your comment, there are ways to compromise here - you don't have to go to every school, but you could hold events nearby where everyone comes to you. You can do coaching clinics. You can host networking events at centrally located places. You can host weekend camps in the area. Hell, you could do bi-weekly or monthly online strategy Q&As.

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Correct... which is exactly what they seemed to be doing ever since Fuente arrived.

Year two of the Justin Fuente road show

Virginia Tech Football coaches hit the road again for camps away from Blacksburg

If anything, I would attribute the the 2018 disaster season, Bud's retirement, and Fuente flirting with Baylor, as having a substantially higher impact on recruiting success, than VT not having an effective strategy.

Factor in how the surrounding competition is getting their act together (UNC, UVA), the ever present blue bloods who have always poached talent from the tidewater area, and you get 'VT gave up on the 757' narrative which is ridiculous.

Yeah Woodside is there own worse enemy with there outdated offense. They get the majority of the talent in Newport News and then don't develop them. They win so the parents and kids want to go there but nobody does anything that will really attract P5 coaches.... this past season they had a very skilled kid that is around 6ft, played wr/qb and runs in the 4.3 range and he had no interest even from the local schools.... ended up signing with Hampton....

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the late stages of the Beamer era, weren't we all upset that VT was using the old school approach of talking to the HS coaches to establish a connection with recruits instead of doing what UVA, Penn State, FSU and some of the other schools were doing and getting involved with these 7-7 games and coaches? Seems we've come full circle.

You are correct. When the Thoroughbreds 7-on-7 team had all those highly ranked players, fans said Beamer was behind the times because he still focused on the high school coaches.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

IMO, the only way this really effects our 757 recruiting is if this school has a stud recruit down the line and this high school coach is offended by our lack of presence there now.

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NW missed the mark on this article. At least do some research.

We've recruited 757 talent hard. Elite talent hasn't picked us. Grimes is the top player in VA, and from the 757. We rolled out the red carpet for him. He chose not to come here. Naquan Brown is being recruited hard. We have multiple 757 offers for this class and 2022.

This has far more to do with the talent in the 757 right now. Talent is cyclical. There was one year 5* recruits filled up the top 20 in VA. How many last year? Zero. And the top 20 consisted of NoVA and Richmond recruits. NoVA alone has become a hotbed of talent. Consider, some of these TX 3 stars we've gone after would have been a top 10 VA recruit if they played in this state.

Lastly, this staff can find talent. That is not an issue based on our current roster of JUCO transfers and recruits. They know how to evaluate. I'm particularly impressed with Vance Vice, and what he has done with the OLine. They are finding talent in traditional pipelines - NC, NJ, GA, FL - and new ones, TX, CA.

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I think this pretty much sums it up. Why go somewhere local to recruit 1-2 players (in this case a kid not even ranked, but a coach is saying he knows talent. I feel 24/7 knows talent as well and they are saying NOPE) when you can go to the traditional hot beds of FL, CA, TX, etc and recruit not only the studs, but 3 star players that have played against superior talent and would be top 10 in your home state. At this point we are not getting the studs (but we still throw our name in the hat and hopefully that soon changes), so go where the now typical VT recruit - mid-high 3 stars, are a dime a dozen.

I get the impression that the 757 coaches and camp trainers think way too highly of the borderline P5 recruits and get butt hurt when colleges don't show interest. You cant spend all your resources going after a handful of guys in an area that are too big for their britches to consider the in-state school.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

Not saying I disagree with you, but just playing devil's advocate...

757 coaches are probably also thinking 'VT only visits my kids when it's a super star; they make no effort to build up goodwill, or take a chance on my players, but then they expect me to tell my superstar to go to VT over Penn State, Clemson, or FSU.'

Neither statement is complete correct/fair. This is where having support staff can come into play. You can allow the coach to focus on building relationships while staff reviews film, does scouting, etc.

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Good point. Another thing I thought about is I wonder if in this day of social media craziness if the high school coaches are less involved and have less influence over the players decision.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

I think that's part of it, but I also think it works the other way around - in the day of social media, video chatting, and text messaging, high school coaches can help almost any kid who's good enough get noticed, and college coaches from all over the country can build a relationship with a high school coach.

Imagine a high school coach has the next Michael Vick on his team... How many college scouts can watch his freshman year tape? 25 years ago, high school coaches probably would have to first get a video recorder (remember how expensive that shit was in 99?), then mail that tape to college coaches, and hope the college coach decided to pop in his VCR one day. Even if a high school coach wanted to call a college coach, they better have his number. Might be able to look it up in the university directory, but even then, a secretary would pick up, and you'd have to get passed her.

All of those barriers basically meant that, for most players, their high school coaches' network was their only way to college. And high school coaches' networks were limited, in part due to geography. Geography is no longer a barrier to coaches building relationships. Recruits also no longer need to rely (solely) on their high school coach's network.

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I think you're probably right but that also implies there's an underlying perception by coaches that VT is either a lesser school or is held to a different standard because we're an in-state school. Penn State, Clemson, and FSU don't take fliers on low rated guys- and aren't expected to- so why is that a prerequisite for VT in order to have a chance with the highest ranked players?

I do agree with your last paragraph but the whole thing reminds me of the "big dog" comment by Devyn Ford's coach. For whatever reason, VT seems to be viewed as a second tier football school within VA and players and coaches believe you're better off leaving if you have other options.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

We are a second tier school... In terms of revenue, spending, perception, wins in the last 10 years, etc. It's not like we're a Tier 1 school who is treated worst b/c we're in state; rather, we're asking/expecting/hoping in state coaches will treat us as a T1 program because we're in state.

VA high school coaches are saying that VT needs to give them special in state status if VT wants them to give VT special in state status.

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VA high school coaches are saying that VT needs to give them special in state status if VT wants them to give VT special in state status.

Again, I think this is the current reality but the idea that VT has to first give special status to be viewed favorably suggests that there isn't much benefit to being the in-state school. I'm not saying VT is Alabama but at least some VA high school coaches seem to think VT is not worth considering compared to Penn State. I know I'm biased but VT isn't exactly ECU and if you ask me, that comparison is far from a no brainer. As others have pointed out, VT coaches can't scratch the back of every high school coach in the state in hopes that a star player comes around and his coach puts in a good word for us.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

there isn't much benefit to being the in-state school

Exactly - this is my general point - being geographically close helps you because it gives you the opportunity to build relationships, network, etc. If you don't take advantage of those opportunities, then the geographic proximity means nothing.

As others have pointed out, VT coaches can't scratch the back of every high school coach in the state in hopes that a star player comes around and his coach puts in a good word for us.

I recognize this, and I don't know enough about the system to understand exactly where the problem is. I do know that LA has mentioned multiple times that Fuente is 'unwilling to play the recruiting game and create relationships necessary to make inroads at critical high schools' - I don't know exactly what the 'recruiting game' is, and I don't know know which schools are critical or what inroads must be made, but it's clear that something is not working.

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Highland Springs, North Stafford, Colonial Forge, Stone Bridge, Oscar Smith, Salem(VA Beach), Green Run, Lake Taylor, Hopewell, Phoebus, Stonewall Jackson are the schools that consistently produce FBS talent. I think the recruiting game is taking a fringe player or two from these schools each year. A guy thats got everything but maybe is a inch or two shorter, a step slower. Even if said player never materializes, he can pass on a good experience to the potential 5 star player from the same school 2 cycles down the road. Just my two cents.

There's no glory in practice and lifting but without practice and lifting, there will be no glory!

Until that plan backfires and the narrative becomes VT can't develop talent. It can be done, but you can't make false promises to a fringe player. And most players won't be as likely to come if coach is honest that he will likely be roster filler and an upper classman special teams player. Honestly, these coaches are in a bad spot. The big dogs get a pass because they don't get frowned upon for cherry picking talent.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

Thanks! I have a follow up question - I didn't go to school in VA, so I don't know what the culture is like, but if a kid from Highland springs gets an offer, will a student at North Stafford know to talk to him 2 years down the road? Do you have to build equity at every school, or can you treat these 11 schools as one group that you need to build equity with?

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I would be surprised if guys from Highland Springs and North Stafford are regularly talking about their recruiting plans.

Yea that was my thought. If those schools are 'grouped together' then it's doable - ~10% of your team can be from those schools (2 kids/year x 4 years) and if you can develop them into starters, then great, but if not they can be solid 2nd-3rd string guys. But if it's 1-2 kids/school/year, then you're looking at 10ish mid-2 star to low-3 star players each recruiting class, and you can't build a team that way unless you get a healthy amount of 4/5 stars (which we do not).

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Yeah the quality of living in Stafford and the Highland Springs area are night and day. Unless the players hooked up through camps, the likelihood of them hanging out is slim. Kind of like Newport News and Williamsburg kids. The lifestyles are very different for most.....

Regarding the Naotala Kid, there are a lot of players who are overlooked similar to this type of player. A few years back there was a QB from Georgia from a little known school with solid stats but no one offered him. JMU is not exactly a bad landing spot for Naotala, they might make it back to the FCS national championship, NFL scouts will be watching him. And there is always a chance he could transfer to FBS power five later on.

Speaking of transferring, I believe this is having an impact on our recruiting for certain. Recently, I'm seeing Tech go out and get players who are somewhat ready to play. Either they are good enough or if not they will transfer out. We're also dipping into the portal too. Last few years, all we hear from the beat writers is which Freshmen is going to play? I mean we had 2 true freshmen in our starting lineup last season. In my first year in the Fall of 1995, we used to run into a lot of true freshmen just on-campus, they didn't even make the travel squad. In the Beamer days, most guys were development players. We easily heard from many players that you come in as a 3-star and leave as a 5-star. With the transfer system as it is, its very hard to do that. You need bodies that can contribute.

One reason Fuente might be looking at the 7-on-7 program is because he runs a very athletic/skillful offense and he might get firsthand look at these guys capability and how they might hit his scheme. I'm not a huge fan of the 7-on-7 program but it might have its purpose. I'm also not buying that we aren't recruiting in the 757 area, we've offered all the top targets out there plus the rest of the state but competing with Penn State in NOVA, everybody for the 757 and 804 is really tough. But I don't think as a school we have given up in the state.

No the recruiting has not been great but we had some nice wins like 2019 we had seven 4-star recruits. A few others like Nick Gallo, Mario Kendricks and Norell Pollard Contributed and not to mention transfers like Brion Murray and Dashawn Crawford. The Charlotte/Greensboro recruiting didn't necessarily start with Fuente, it started as soon as we got into the ACC. Players recognized its just a 3-4 hour drive to tech from Raliegh all the way down to Spartanburg, SC. We had some success there and I'm liking this connection we have to the 904-Jacksonville, FLA area. A few of the the 904 kids are underrated as well so we might still be getting really good value from that area.

Winning on the field will solve a lot of this. Yes we do need to bring in talent and develop, we do need to pull from 757 (and Virginia for that matter), it will happen in cycles and we will have our ups and downs but that's why the big man Fuente get paid 3+ million dollars so he needs to figure this thing out.

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Why write this article Norm? It reads like something from the high school newspaper.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

It would be one thing if the player in question landed at a P5 school, but when he lands at JMU it is hard to find fault in the current staff not offering him a spot. Would I mind if the coaches made a tour of the traditional 757 powerhouses instead of just the 7-on-7 circuit, no, but I like that they seem to have a more targeted approach. I know the coaches had put on a HS coaches clinic at one point and I think that would be a great way to get face to face with a lot of the coaches in an area at the cost of just one day.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

Menchville isn't a traditional 757 powerhouse.

Oddly enough I was reading about Jack Tyler because of this story. Before rejoining VT as a defensive quality control coach he was on JMU's staff when they beat SMU in 2015.

He was speaking about JMU beating FBS teams and said the difference isn't talent - but size and implicitly scholarships. If that kid was over 6 feet tall he'd probably be at an FBS school and if he was 6'2+ it'd be a P5 school. Maybe it's not fair but that's the way it works.

Maybe it's hard for VTs coaches to get out to these high schools because they can't get through Dre Bly's fence around the 757?

Norm Wood is a terrible writer. Total bias shown in that crap article. He should be fired for writing such crap. It's like he sits at home with nothing to do but read message boards all day long, then he makes a few phone calls trying to dig up some sort of stupid controversy against VT while nothing is going on in football and hit an unhappy H.S. coach. "Hey, great now I write a negative article against VT". Give me a break. What a total hack job. I mean he throws in stupid crap like a recent decommitment from a TX player that has absolutely nothing to do with the point of his article just to get another stupid dig in to VT. The world has been in lockdown mode because of a worldwide pandemic and VT just changed staff and likely reorganized recruiting responsibilities. Did he even attempt to use his brain and think maybe....just maybe that could have something to do with lack of personal visits or contact. Or maybe other schools have so much more $$$$$$$ to throw at recruiting than VT. Did he ever think that might be a factor. Just maybe that could play a part as well but he obviously is completely ignorant about college sports. How in the world can this loser reporter have been covering VT since 2000 when he writes so poorly. I will never read his crap again.


He should be fired for writing such crap.

The world has been in lockdown mode because of a worldwide pandemic and VT just changed staff and likely reorganized recruiting responsibilities.

He's actually not getting paid right now to write articles, because of the pandemic.

Andy Bitter is my go to source, and well worth paying for the Athletic. But even the Athletic went through layoffs.

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