OT: I need a good mobile browser.

In my horrible over dramatisized life nothing is ever design the way I like it. Mobile browsers follow this to a T. I assume most people use Safari or chrome, but both of them have terrible interfaces, in my opinion. I loved Dolphin until it got bought and became a virus. I have both android and apple devices and don't need the same browser everywhere.

I was wondering what other people use or do they just deal with the crap everyone is peddling these days.

What I look for in a browsers:
1) Works well with TKP
2) Has a forward button on the screen, not in a menu. (I don't understand why every browser has a back button when my phone has one too, but a forward button on screen is rare)
3) Desktop mode (quick switch between desktop and mobile) - I feel like my phone is huge, very rarely do I need to use mobile mode, and still lots of bad mobile sites out there, but some desktop sites don't play well either.
4) Refresh button on screen, not in a menu
5) Text search in page feature
6) Ad block.

Other useful things are privacy mode and night mode, but not deal breakers.

I am writing this in Opera right now. It's default page keeps trying to sell my womens underwear which is odd.

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I have been using Brave on the iPhone and iMac.

+1 for Brave. I have also recently installed TOR, but haven't really played around with it yet.

TOR is mighty slow but necessary if you are trying to cover your track from repressive regimes or looking at illegal images.

I just use chrome 仄儭

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i use firefox because I have to have adblocker

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I got rid of FireFox because it became bloated. If you really want the ultimate in privacy, I recommend Brave since it has adblock built in and I also use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine.

I'm not seeing how Chrome doesn't meet all of your requirements to be honest

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from what I can tell chrome got rid of adblock

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You have to add that as an extension.

i used to use chrome with the adblock extension but then i could not find it anymore

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Google ditched extensions on the mobile browser so they could force everyone to use their advertising infrastructure, where they make their money.

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I keep forgetting we are talking about mobile and not desktop/laptop browser.

My original position is Brave browser, it's how I am typing this comment and navigating TKP.

no forward button on the screen. Also I really dont like how it handled the tabs

Unless I'm misunderstanding, there is definitely a forward button in the iOS version and it's been there for as long as I can remember. You can also "swipe" back and forward.

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Vivaldi lacks the "out in front" refresh button, but has pretty much all the rest covered.

Not hard to see why an ad-based online model for media sites is dying. Granted, this thread is a minor sample, but I think it represents the whole well. Definitely makes me think though.

Mostly because pop-up ads make the online experience intolerable.

Exactly. I don't mind seeing ads on webpages. But far too often, they start massively interfering with the ability to load and read the page.

There's one particularly quirky ad that occurs on mobile for TKP. I'll click on a link to a topic that has unread replies. Instead of going to the topic, I get an ad. By the time I click through to the page, the new replies have been unhighlighted. And naturally, getting that ad is completely random. I never know if it's going to happen on the first link I click, the second, or even the fifth. Gets really annoying when I click on a large topic with a lot of new replies that are largely spaced throughout the topic.

The system is broken. Publishers have no control over it. But at the end of the day, what's the point of an ad-driven site (content, features, whatever ...) if people run ad blockers?

Hey! I pay you! /s

I completely agree that its broken, I dont even care about ads, but autoplay needs to die. Personally I would go back to Lynx browser if it was viable. I hate videos on most sites. I really just dont want video or sound messing up my experience.

I agree with your statement though, that's why display ads are off for TKPC members. No need to double-dip.

But yeah I agree ads have broken the web, but they were born out of people not wanting to pay for the web.

It's so much more than people don't want to see ads; now that people are understanding how their data is being used, they don't want to be tracked either. I think the future is a true market place for personal data, where there is significantly less information asymmetry.

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for the record, I usually turn off adblock for tkp ( I know it doesnt make up for not being tkpc, but its something).

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