TKP Gamer's Lounge: Spring Quarantine Edition

Well, ....shit

I saw a comment that made me realize it would be a perfect time to introduce another GL thread. I hadn't done one in a while because I've kind of been dragging my feet and also kind of waiting for some big news from either gaming company (Sony, Microsoft, etc). Unfortunately, E3 has been confirmed as cancelled so it seems like info is going to trickle out via leaks and bit by bit whenever they decide to unveil everything. ..though I'm not sure how they'll decide to do that since public events aren't really in right now.

Anyhow... there's no sports to watch, no movies to watch (fast and out of ideas # 9 pushed back for a year), and no good reason to be outside. There aint shit to do and no toilet paper to wipe with anyway, and to top it all off.. just found out my kids will probably be out of school to possibly 4-6 weeks starting on monday. Talk about the perfect storm for gaming season, right? *confirmed for 6 weeks as of writing this. 17mar-24arp. unreal*

Better go make those beer runs soon though...

As for now..

I finally hopped on board the Microsoft Game Pass deal and downloaded a few games that I've been wanting to play. HellBlade: Senua's Sacrifice, Untitled Goose Game and a few others.

Untitled Goose Game might be the absolute most adorable way to pass time, by the way.

I've also started playing Control on PS4. Pretty fun so far, can't wait to get a bit deeper into game play and get some more abilities.

I heard the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is pretty damn good, I still need to download that a give it a go.

Coming Soon..

As far as I know, the entire gaming community is completed elated about Doom and Animal Crossing coming out on the same day. There have been several crossover memes.

We've also got..

Resident Evil 3 (4/3/2020)

Final Fantasy 7 (4/10/2020)

and, of course, Last of Us Part 2

I can't even be upset about Cyberpunk 2077 being pushed back. We know that's going to be phenomenal, so they can take their time. Speaking of CD Projekt Red....I read an article stating that they've started working on the next Witcher already, and after the release of Cyber, they'll go full Witcher mode at the studio -- shifting focus to soley it.

I'm rambling. Anyway, as always...what are you playing? Lets talk about it.

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If you haven't done so already there should still be the workaround to get XBox Gold with the GamePass for the next 3 years at dirt cheap prices.

Basically, as long as they are still running the promotion to upgrade to Gold (which comes with the free games and online play) for $1, just buy 3 years worth of digital codes for GamePass on Amazon, and once you have 3 years stacked, you can upgrade the whole duration for $1. This works for any period of time up to 36 months.

Did that a month or so ago after realizing it would save hundreds in the long term. Well worth it.

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Well my work won't do jack about any pandemics, nevertheless I'm going to dive into Fallen Order soon.

Just platinumed Spider-Man. And I don't platinum games. So good. But the difference in combat between that and Star Wars is so jarring.

I still need to play though Fire Emblem: 3 Houses again on new game +. That is an excellent game as well. Definitely top 3 on the Switch for me. Possibly THE top depending on my mood.

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I'm working on finishing Fallen order and then I'm going to play Spiderman next. Super excited to play it.

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Spider-Man is about as much fun a game as I have played in a while. I waited on it when it first came out because I knew I would get addicted. Between this game and the Ratchet and Clank series, Insomniac Games puts out really fun stuff.

Any Apex players out there?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Ori and the will of the wisps for me. Then doom eternal when it comes out next week. If this thing stretches on, I have a few games in my backlog I've been meaning to get to.

I'm gonna livestream the TKP ncaa tournament later if any body wanna stop by and watch it 😃

Open your eyes Nicholas

I'm taking next Friday off for DOOM.
DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOM, DOOOOOOOOM! Can't wait for the Deamon skullfu-smashing.

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Finally upgraded my PC with a 1660 Super. Currently going through story mode in Red Dead 2.

Decided on whim to re-install Titan Quest the other day. Looks like I'll be wandering around Greece for a while

Dude! One of my favorite games of all time. The switch port is terrible though. PC is where it's at.

Hi yes I'm like five years too late but rocket league is a heck of a lot of fun and I am very bad.

El. Psy. Kongroo.

Witcher series is a must for fantasy realm players all the games are amazing and can absorb you for hours.

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I've had The Witcher 3 for... a long time. I've started it like 3 times and it's never grabbed my attention. I think once I'm done with Fallen Order, I'll be ready for that style of combat and will give it another try. Especially since the show got my interest level back up.

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It's a long play but if you can get hooked on the lore it's well over 100 hours with the DLC as well which is also fantastic. Could help sate the itch till season two as well. Getting past the white orchard stage of the game does wonders to opening up the real story and side missions

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I think i've played through Witcher 3 five or six times, at like 80-90 hours a pop at least. Different builds, different decisions, such an amazing game. It might help that the plot takes place after the events in the Netflix series, so if you are interested to see where that story goes worth it for that alone.

And the DLC is better than most entire games to add on top of an already great story.

TKP needs a guild... just need a game to go with it


Open your eyes Nicholas

Currently downloading Nioh 2 and waiting for tomorrow.

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Interested to see what CD Projekt does with the next Witcher game. They were pretty clear that 3 was the end of Geralt's story.

I would be perfectly happy following Ciri in the next installment.

If you are on Game Pass, here are two fantastic games that are a bit below the radar:
The Outer WIlds (not to be confused with Outer Worlds). Won't even describe it, the less you know going in the better
Children of Morta

I loved the Outer Wilds. I wish I could replay it without knowing anything about the game.

I have heard really positive reviews about it and know nothing about it so it sounds like I am a prime candidate to play.

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The FFVII demo made me feel like I was a kid on the PS1 all over again. Anyone who is a fan of the series needs to play it.

I've been playing through Fallen Order and was caught off guard by the difficulty! Started off on Jedi Master thinking it was going to be like KHIII all over again. Then I proceeded to get my ass handed to me...

I'm also working through Child of Light on the switch. It's pretty unique from what I've seen so far.

If my company gets put on work remote duty, or I have to get quarantined you can bet your ass I'm replaying FF games until FFVII remake comes out. I haven't preordered it yet, but it's a few clicks away in my save for later on Amazon right now.

Man my backlog of games is half comprised of FF titles. I have yet to ever finish VI or IX (which I also started on the switch) and I have never technically finished VIII or played V

You definitely need to finish both VI and IX, they are two of my favorites.

My top 4 is comfortably some combo of FFX, FFVII, FFVI, and FFIX. I've played them all except FFII, FFIII (real III, not the SNES III which is really VI), and FFXIII (and all sequels), and FFXV. But I love basically all of them.

I'm not gonna go on my diatribe about XV, but needless to say it's my favorite "disappointing" game I've ever played. I wanted to love it but I just couldn't do it.

I think I'd go VII, IX, VIII, and VI (even though I need to finish two on those list 😅)

My ratings of FF games are a mix of gameplay plus the story. I hold the story of FF games to higher standard than just about any other game. That heavily influences which are my favorites. FFX taught a young Chris about a lot of pretty mature themes at a very young age, the way governments and religious institutions sometimes use positions of power to spread propaganda/control populations, extreme racism, and sacrifice for the greater good. That game will forever hold a special place in my heart beyond any other. I've beaten it myself 20+ times, and I took three of my friends through it during college, only 1 of which I would consider a "gamer," and 2 out of 3 of them cried during the ending sequences.

All that to say, FFIX FFX FFVII and FFVI have the most compelling stories/characters imo, and I enjoy all of the battle systems and gameplay involved. A game like FFXII, that has a very fun and interesting battle system (the gambit system is pretty incredible at higher levels and for late game content), but the characters are flat and the story isn't compelling relative to other FF titles. FFVIII has probably the most unnecessarily convoluted leveling system of any game, and the story just doesn't hit me like it does some others, which is fine. I still think it's a great game, but the standard I hold FF games to is extremely high.

To your point at FFXV, there was a notable drop-off in storyline quality once Hironobu Sakaguchi stopped being heavily involved in the games (last one was FFX, executive producer). He received a "special thanks" for FFXII, but he hasn't really been involved in any titles since FFX.

edit: Sorry for the long-winded response. I could write a book about FF games.

I could write a book about FF games.

And you can bet your ass I would read it. For me personally, I hold story just a notch above gameplay (and reading your summary of X, I definitely need to replay it since it's not in my current top 4). Its exactly why I feel about XV the way I do. The gameplay is amazing and I love the leveling system. But the story is so broken. The bones are there! But it's like a high school kid rushed to get an essay done at the last hour. And the need to purchase DLC to fill in the holes really grinds my gears

That's the same sentiment I've heard from most of the people I've spoken with about FFXV. Story is more important for me as well at the end of the day. If I'm investing that much time into a game I really need it to deliver on a narrative level. I enjoy the challenge of well constructed gameplay, but I can lose interest without an emotional core and compelling storyline to keep me playing.

So I loved its own way. The post credits ending (gonna stay vague for spoiler reasons and just say "last camp") was brilliantly executed and tugged at my feels in ways a game hasn't done in since the Mass Effect series. It's not a perfect game. It's pretty broken in ways. Yes, the lows are pretty low. But when this game hits it hits hard and the highs are some of my favorite in the series.

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That ending is a great example of why I'm so hung up. Yes, I get the impact it's supposed to have. Same with the scene with someone's love interest (you know which one). But neither of them hit for me because of how broken the story is. I didnt have time to form a connection with what was going on because I was playing mental catchup the whole time.
However, I can totally understand why you loved it. For me, the lows just outweighed the highs

FF6 is by far my favorite. I would love for a remake, there are lots of scenes that could be just amazing now, like the opera house.

I would be all over that too. I've heard people say Kefka (or however its spelled) is more diabolical than Sephiroth, but I've never gotten to the point in the story that really demonstrates it.

Sephiroth was just an emo crazy haired villain.
Kefka was a true villain, English translation actually helped him be a better villain because the original Japanese dub just made him an asshole rather than a villain.

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I was just about to say, Sephiroth is a compelling villain in a very different way. He's someone who wasn't inherently evil, but circumstances led him down a confusing and dark path.

edit: Which reminds me, if you still have a PSP lying around, FFVII: Crisis Core is an incredible game. It's an action RPG prequel and it's so fun. The characters are amazing, and I know it may be a bit controversial but I actually like Zack Fair substantially more than Cloud, who I think is a bit overrated as a protagonist relative to others (though still a great character).

Kefka is just straight up a psychopath, and part of what makes him so compelling is there really isn't a lot of rhyme or reason to him. He just wants to create chaos and death. He's similar to the Joker in several aspects.

That may have just moved VI to the top of my backlog

I think FFVI is available on the PS Store for pretty cheap.

I looked for it today. Alas I don't think it's up there. I definitely purchased it when i had a PS3 around 09-10, but it doesn't show up in my purchased log. Ah well

Crisis Core was an amazing game. Probably my favorite portable game of all time. The game mechanics were sweet and the story was engaging. I really want to play it again now.

What a savings

To me Sephiroth is very compelling in the way he was presented in the story. He's only in the background in most of the first act. Whispers of his name. A trail of carnage associated with him. Most of the focus is on Shinra.
Then you get to the flashback scene and whoa. Suddenly Sephiroth.

And leg for Crisis Core. That ending might be one of the first games that, to quote CFB, really got after me. The entire type you're playing this game you know how it's going to end because it's a prequel. But damn.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

to avoid spoilers .... That one time that Kefka does that one thing just get me every time. Just such and amazing game.

Leg for Child of Light. I really enjoyed that game. Also, I played the FFVII demo and I really dug it. It's going to be fun just to walk around and enjoy all of Midgar. And based on the demo, the shit talking that Barrett does will be legendary and I'm here for it.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Any 7 Days to Die players out there?

Edit: PC edition

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I'm starting to lose most of my desire to play Destiny 2 even with the "new" content released Tuesday. I'm actually playing COD for the first time in years. The new Warzone mode is pretty fun. Those 2 games definitely have the tightest gunplay on console. That's probably the main reason I play them.

I may get off my ass and finally finish BOTW

Yeah. This season has started so bad there wasn't even a honeymoon faze before people started peeling back the layers to see the BS. Literally the only reason I played at all this week was to power up for Trials this weekend.

It's by no means new, but I just started playing the remaster of The Last of Us. I bought the game on PS3 when it first came out and never really got into it but am really enjoying this time around. Certainly worth a play if you haven't done so.

What a savings

Hands down my favorite Post-apocalyptic world build. It's a different take on "zombies", but the character and world building is the best in the business. I played it on PS3, and it remains the only game I've beaten and still played over and over again just to revisit the world within it.

I can not wait for Last of Us 2 to release to see what that world has grown into 5 years later. I would love for them to even, in the future, see new playable characters within the world and see their stories.

is this game hard or am I really bad at it?


Lol jk Ohherro, you have to approach it strategically. If you go with the mindset of killing every infected you come across, you're gonna have a tough time of it

i am very much a proponent of "avoid everything that looks dangerous", but the damn clickers still find me.

Also, the game is emotionally taxing/stressful, so I can only play for so long.

I was in the exact same boat when I played it (Caveat being I haven't played the game in about 3 years, so my memory is fuzzy). I do remember having to do certain portions over and over again until I somehow muddled my way through. Just stay determined, take your time to strategize, and when it stops being enjoyable, put the controller down until you get that itch to try it again. Eventually you'll fall into a rhythm once you know what methods work for you.

For those of you with game pass and surround sound or nice headphones, I heavily recommend Senua's Sacrifice. Play with the lights off and volume jacked up.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

Warzone is awesome. The perfect medium for a BR, not too arcade-like and not too complicated. Waaaay better effort than Blackout on BO4....that was just way too difficult to grasp. The Gulag is super fun and a great way to not ruin the round if you get a bad drop.

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Borderlands 3 just released on Steam in case any of you were reluctant to buy from Epic store.

I'm currently in a gaming funk. I finally beat Red Dead 2 and I dont think I'm emotionally ready to go back to that game anytime soon so I've been playing Stardew Valley in my spare time and a very modded Skyrim.

I also got the most recent God of War on the cheap a couple months ago but haven't played it yet. To someone like me that never really played much of the series will it be pretty easy for me to jump in and have fun? Or should I try to play through the older games first?

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Controls are different between God of War (Norse) and God of War I-III, there may be some story elements you probably won't know unless you played the main series but not much.
I love it and thought it deserved the Game of the Year award.

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I used to think RDR2 deserved the GoTY award, ...until I played through GoW 4. That game is unbelievable and I envy that you're getting your first play through. Seriously, it only gets better and better. There are a few moments where you may not really feel the significance of whats happening because of you haven't played through the others, but you won't even know it. In fact, I think its a good jumping in point for anyone that hadn't previously played the franchise.

It's been awhile, but I've been back on the Fallout 4 grind. Started a new game between online classes.

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Just picked up a switch and Luigis Mansion 3. Was a huge fan of the original one. Hope they port that soon. The 3rd is a perfect follow up. Very well done.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

My 2yo daughter loves watching me play that one. Such a fun game

Between that and Mario Odyssey she's going to have hours and hours and hours of fun entertaining herself as soon as she figures out switch controllers

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I've never played a LM game before and I bought LM3 mostly on a whim on a black Friday deal. This game is a blast! It's immensely satisfying to suck up a ghost, and then use the ghost to beat another ghost with.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Cards on the table I didn't know they made any other LM games after the GameCube one, which I really enjoyed. Guess I've been under a rock:

It was a Gameboy game I think? Maybe DS? But I didn't play it either.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Any Animal Crossing fans here?? I'm seriously considering taking off work next Friday to play it all day.

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That one is on my list along with Doom!

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I don't have a better place for this, but it's ultimately a feature request for Joe.

My wife and I were playing minecraft and needed to enchant an item so she asked me for my phone and she opened the browser and typed in "minecraft recipes" into the search. The she proclaims that TKP search doesnt work for that. So she would like it if TKP would have the recipes so she doesn't have to leave my browser webpage in the future. Thank you.

Days will consist of Warzone and Rocket League. Also just ordered an old 360 and NCAA 14. Excited to win a national championship Texas State.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I'm going the opposite direction with my soon to be 8 YO - he got his first taste of the Super Nintendo Classic this weekend and it was funny as hell watching him blame the controller for his multiple deaths in Donkey Kong. Last night we went even more old school and he and I were playing a linux port of Scorched Earth... little does he know that it is actually educational for him.

I've been bored of Destiny 2, but I've been playing it with the new season out. I've also been playing Division 2 with the expansion pack. With a friend, and even some solo, it's been a bit of fun. I feel like there's stuff I'm actually progressing and I enjoy how they worked the new end game, and new progression system into the story.

I'm playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps and COD Warzone until Animal Crossing and DOOM come out.

For those that need a gaming infusion and distraction from reality right now-

1) The Epic Games store is regularly offering free titles
2) is in the middle of the Spring sale
3) Doom gets released on Friday
4) Black Mesa (total third party overhaul of the original Half-Life) finally released v1.0 on Steam (its worth the purchase.. although the Steam servers seem to be buckling under load right now)

I traded in some old games a couple weeks ago and got red dead redemption 2. Bought it before the idea of quarantine became a reality, but seems like it'll be a good game to pass the time with. Now i'm just waiting on the external hard drive so I can actually download that huge game file...

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Once moved in I'll be resuming the fallen order play through halfway through it and man is it awesome.

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Just played 2 hours of DOOM Eternal (was hungry so got food), holy shit I need a smoke break for how intense it is 30 minutes in.
Some of the newer stuff added took a little bit to get used to but becomes second nature after using them a couple times. Had to switch keys (PC) for certain abilities but that's more of personal preference rather than bad control scheme.

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I created some VT inspired Animal Crossing QR codes I thought some folks here may enjoy. You can scan these in using the NookLink feature in the Nintendo Switch Online app.

I'm at work so I don't have a good link to share, but...

Now THIS is podracing! On Switch and PS4!

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Any warfish players here? I got into it late and we have like two maps. I am very interested in getting into more games and better maps.

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I just started playing God of War and so far, I love it. I'll be sad once it's finished.

Does anyone have recommendations for Apple Arcade games? The Zelda and FF series have been my all-time favorites, but haven't played too many games over the past decade. Ideally, I'd like something I could play in 20-30 chunks vs. blocking out a few hours to play at a time, but I know that's a difficult thing to find in that genre. The best game I've found with the balance I'm looking for is Diablo.