OT - PAPN on Branding: How Colorful is your college football team?

Podcast Ain't Played Nobody had an off topic episode this week about branding in college football, and how a school's past influences their colors and logo. No talk about VT, but definitely makes you think about our last few rebrands. If nothing else, it's an interesting listen into a part of college football that we don't see often.

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Our last few rebrands sucked. I dont like the pool shirts, I dont like our uniforms, our shit is broke.

The 2004 Unis grew on me, and I really like them, but those 99 uniforms were solid. They looked classic, like college teams should look.

That weird under arm orange was bad, and the fan jerseys didnt match and looked worse.
The throwback jerseys made us look like the Clevland Browns if you adjusted tou TV colors just right. I do not like the throw back logo either. Flying VT for me.
The current jerseys arent great, that weird name length changes the look on the back bugs me, they look like a high school jersey.

I want the white pro combat jerseys back, how was that only a one time deal? Those were great. I'd love a late 90s looking jersey again, solid, tough looking.

GOAT jerseys were the ones we wore against Boise State

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These were cool in 2010. But now they just look incredibly 2010.

I agree. It's a shame, because our color scheme is so unique. In the Beamer heyday, I think the unique colors matched our unique play, especially our special teams. Now, everything just seems so random.

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Agreed, we need to go back to a clean, simple look with the next rebrand. Either a modern take on the Vick-era jerseys or the 2004-2005 jersey. The current jerseys are just weird and clunky, almost thrown together looking. I'm all for alternate colors, but we need to go simple and clean on the design and ditch all the weird shoulder stripe attempts.

Not colorful enough

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2004-2007 era should be the general look we are shooting for. Simple, sleek, and looked incredible in AME and all whites with maroon helmets.