Jonathan Kabongo Forced to Retire Due to Injury

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Damn, that's terrible. Hope it's not anything that will keep him from pursuing whatever else he wants to do in the future.

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Feel horrible for him. Bongo is a good kid who loved playing basketball.

I felt like this was enviable when the scholarship numbers didn't add up. I was hoping for a Wilkins situation but it seems like it's not in the cards.

If I remember correctly in these situations, Bongo is going to stay on a scholarship to finish his degree but won't count towards the 13 basketball scholarships.

This sucks.

I believe you are correct. The university can honor the player's scholarship but it wont count towards the numbers.

Definitely a bummer to see this, was excited to see him develop as a player.

Outside of basketball, I'd say he is a talented artist -- love the Hokie swag in this video:

You hate to see this but props to VT for honoring his scholarship.

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Good luck to him in his future endeavors. Hopefully the medical issues only impact playing collegiate sports and not day-to-day life.


glad he is sticking around to finish degree. best of luck to him!

A true Hokie we will support forever. Life awaits for him. Sorry to see. Was hoping to see him play this year.

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I hate this so much. Huntington Prep practices at Marshall's Rec Center, so I got to play pickup with Kabongo a couple of times. He was a nice, humble guy who was coming back from an injury and very excited to move forward.

Props to VT on honoring his scholarship, and I hope he uses his good attitude and spirit to do good after basketball.

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