OT: Comcast to impose data cap on all Northeast Customers

For those of you, like me, with no other options.

I checked I used 3TB last month.


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In Texas I previously had a 1TB limit on comcast and only went over once - but that was precovid and being home nonstop. Moved to ATT fiber with no limit

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I don't miss them, and I understand from my folks back in the 804, the ACCN is still not offered.

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In the 804, moved to FiOS almost 6 years ago now, haven't looked back. Great move, and very thankful.

Cox is supposedly coming here, not sure when. Don't know how decent or bad they are?

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I had FiOS from 2011, til I left VA for ND in early 2018. It was great.

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I've had Cox, Fios, and Comcast during my time in VA. Stick with Fios. Cox is a tiny bit better than comcast but thats not saying much. Comcast was horrible when I had back it back in 2007-2009 timeframe.

Wish they had Fios where we are in NC. We opted for DirecTV over spectrum though. Spectrum was pretty bad.

Where's the beef?

Fuck Comcast.

And fuck cable companies with their local monopolies.

And fuck Ajit Pai for fucking over consumers so the FCC can serve cable companies best interests.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

And right now he is in until October 2, 2022 so good luck with all this.

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Wait, what's special about 10/2/22?

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This has nothing to do with Ajit Pai but don't let that stop.

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I have no idea how much data that is. I'm assuming for most households where simple streaming and no gaming takes place that is plenty?

Precovid that was plenty of data for our family - streaming everything and playing games

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We had to go to unlimited end of 2019 when in laws were temporarily staying with us, then when schools went online we just kept it.

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Comcast is genuinely the worst.

A few years ago, the city of Huntington won "America's Best Community" which was given to a city that has been struggling but looks to be on the most positive upswing. Part of its win was contingent on a plan to deliver high speed broadband to the Huntington area. This plan was a result of Comcast's speeds being horrible for years in the area. Huntington was trying to receive a grant of 2.3 millions dollars from the Appalachian Regional Commission to get this started, and Comcast kept blocking it.

It eventually got through and Comcast will hopefully be crowded out because the internet speed is terrible in the area.

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Speaking as someone who has had Comcast data caps for a few years now, I had no idea they were still capless in certain areas. We finally went over our 1TB cap for the first time earlier this year, right before they removed it temporarily and later reinstated it at an inflated 1.2TB, but we've had to start watching our usage since we both work from home still to a substantial degree.

As someone who just moved from an area with FiOS to an area with only Comcast I was already upset with them. Between WFH (I have to stream my computer from my office), Warzone, and Sesame Street this cap doesn't stand a chance.

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Its Tuesday? Time for a 900 TB warzone update

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Not only are we both working from home, with both kids in school from home, now they want to pork me for more $$$ on top of what I'm paying for electric. And I bought a hybrid car to save on gas, so the offset isn't what it should be...Gonna start going in the office just to use their interwebz.

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This will be an unpopular comment, but I'm amazed that people think certain products or services grow on trees on the opulent palace ground of the companies providing them.

The companies have the infrastructure to support the current data usage. The data cap is just a way to nickel and dime people whose choice consists of "pay more or dont use the internet."

Sorry I guess I dont like monopolies.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Even if companies didn't have the infrastructure, monthly data caps make zero sense because that's not how the infrastructure works. Almost all ISPs get hit at about 7pm when people start up netflix (its the largest usage if bandwidth). If some one only downloads stuff at 3am when no one is using the net work then who cares how many bytes the download.

I guess if Comcast is shifting billing for everyone so that its not just unused service for the last week of the month the maybe it could be argued that this is a way to keep infrastructure cost down, but when I had Comcast I didn't have an option to not do billing from the start to end if every month.

Its still just shitty.

Internet, funded by our tax dollars to create, privatized and than used to price gouge against us.

No thanks. I'm thankful there are people that are smarter than me that will always find a work around and eventually change the "way" of doing things.

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Also, it's not like there is a hamster out there spinning a wheel to generate internet. Electricity is a generated commodity, so the amount you pay should be based on the amount you use. You using 100 Gb vs 1000 Gb a month doesn't really cost the ISP any more money.

That's just not an accurate distillation of how network as a product is built, delivered, maintained, and improved.

I appreciate that it seems simple, but a lot of money is required to make it seem so to the general consumer.

Oh, do you mean like the government giving big grants to the cable companies to improve infrastructure?

Hey man, you think those lobbyists getting politicians to agree to those grants work for free?/s

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Lol... classic pseudo intellectual take. Solid work. Be sure to renew your subscription to Reason magazine for more hottakes like this.

I can't wait to hear the follow up on how market fundamentals apply to data infrastructure, all wrapped up with a neat little moralistic first principles bow and a dash of thinly veiled condescension.

When I had Comcast last, if you went over there was a light on the modem that blinked to tell you, if you went over twice they cut your service. Bunch of dillweeds!

Now they just charge you extra, so I guess that's a slight improvement??

Hate Comcast. Not sure how much data I use every month but I can't imagine I'd hit the limit.

Since when is VA NC DC DE Md part of The NE? Comcast blows but is the only choice I have.

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That's just evil. They're literally taking advantage of an international crisis. Aren't there laws against that or does that just apply to price gouging things like gas before a hurricane? Unlimited caps then when people start having to work from home and schools are virtual... That cap isn't going to last very long for a moderately sized family.

If they're going to shit heads like that, they should at least exempt data usage during certain hours like 7am-4pm.

The cap may be a way to force people back into cable contracts. You'd use way less data if you were not streaming shows.

You shouldn't be able to do this unless people in the area have more than one option to go to. It's fine for Comcast to want to start nickel and diming it's customers but it's not right for them to have local monopolies.

Hopefully Elon's whole starlink thing and Verizon and att's 5g mobile networks take off and become ubiquitous sooner rather than later. That would eventually crush a company like Comcast that has no idea how to improve their service to justify their costs.

Elon, Bezos, Google, Microsoft, IBM, GE and ....


will have to save us from this shitshow

I'm not sure how IBM would do anything, big iron isn't really the way to solve anything.

IBM has quite a bit of pull in this industry. They're not the highest revenue outlet but they are definitely relevant.

And don't sleep on Disney. This is one of those things that they haven't done.


Just saw 60 starlink satellites go by west to east over christiansburg. Really cool to see that satellite train cruise over us. This constellation could be our saviour for internet service while cruising the country in our airstream in the near future.

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The real news is Virginia and North Carolina are in the Northeast. πŸ€”

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Totally screwed here because our complex has an exclusive deal with Comcast. We have the Gigabit plan, the top plan they offered, and found out that it tops out at 1 terrabyte.

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They are already capping you in Richmond?

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Not yet, but we were only using 400-500 a month, but made the stupid decision to get the kid a new XBox. He uploaded stuff for 2 weeks, and our usage was already 700 this month (despite not being here for a full week.)

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Yeah but don't you realize each byte costs money?? You're going to put Comcast out of business if you keep transmitting all those bytes for free! /s

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