2020 Football Ticket Exchange Thread

List extra tickets you're looking to offload, or inquire about tickets you need. Do not post any tickets above face value. Understand that Orange and Maroon Media, LLC is exempt from any liability from transactions that are initiated here, and will not assist in brokering any transactions.

The best way to exchange email addresses is to encode them, for example: foo [AT] bar (dot) com.

Threads with tickets for sale found elsewhere will be deleted without warning.

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Is this thread really necessary this year? Nobody really thinks there is going to be a large number of people in Lane, right?

There was a question this year on the 2019 thread so I'd say its warranted. Also maybe basketball or other sporting events? We can all hope right

VB born, class of '14

If we can't have an outdoor sport like football, an indoor sport like basketball has no chance of fans.

Yeah man I know. I was just trying to be positive since the whole world is doom and gloom lately. Sheesh

VB born, class of '14