OT: Dexter Returns

This one came out of nowhere. The show ended so shittly I never considered them revisiting

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I loved this show for the first 4 seasons.

Cant be any worse than the last season of Dexter. I support it.

I feel this one should be left dead. No reason to bring it back at all.

They better fix it, god damn it.

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I had to check this a few times to make sure it was not a joke. Somebody did an April Fools thing a year or two ago saying the show was coming back, except I saw the fake trailer on a later date and thought for sure it was coming back. They got me so good!

Well you know all those fisherman and woodcutters up north are full of criminals that need to be cleansed right? After such a crappy ending it only took 7 years for them to realize they should fix it. Kind of would be nice if James Gandolfini was still alive so they could fix Sopranos as well...

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i feel like i'm taking the bait, but what could possibly be fixed with the sopranos? some may hate the ending, but there is no question it is iconic (and it sounds like the creators certainly got exactly what they wanted out of it)

The Sopranos ending was perfect, there's nothing that needs to be changed about it.

Pretty sure the entire cast of GoT is still alive.......


Where's the beef?

Really wish that GoT would have ended with the white walkers winning and everyone else dead.

I wasn't terribly upset with where it all ended eventually, it was more so how they got there and how sloppy the last season was plots wise. It just didn't make any sense.

Where's the beef?

Daenerys was perfect, and somehow lost her mind in one episode.

Really made no sense.

And the White Walker rules really never made any sense.

Yeah, what a disappointment.


Where's the beef?


I didn't have a problem with Dany going full Mad King, as I kind of expected that outcome. It just felt so rushed and poorly plotted to get to that result though. If GRRM every gets around to releasing another book, I'm sure the end result will still be the same. But I think there is a lot of development that can be made in that medium that will be satisfying.

It is what it is. The writers signed up to make an adaptation, GRRM can't hit a deadline to save his ass, and it shows that the show writers didn't have the talent to fill in the gaps on their own. Honestly GRRM deserves as much of the blame IMO.

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Where's the beef?

well that could be interesting... but after this big of a gap in seasons and the way the series ended they probably killed off most of the interest.

I think the main issue for Dexter was that it collapsed under its own weight. As more characters learned who Dexter was, it became more convoluted in how the show tried to keep that secret. Then you end up with all kinds of wacky story lines...like that (adoptive)brother/sister love subplot.

With that in mind, a reset where people don't know who he is might actually work in the show's favor.

On the other hand... ya' gotta' bring back Vince, right?

I loved the first few seasons.

4,5, & 6 got progressively weirder (I mean, it started weird, right?), and the gaps between seasons lost me. I had somehow gotten my wife to watch a series about a serial killer - how do they expect me to keep up interest with major gaps in timing and plot lines?

I never saw season 7. Not even sure if I saw all of season 6.

So I'm not sure I can jump back in.

At least it never got Nip/Tuck weird. Talk about a show just going full.....

Where's the beef?

Season 4 was one of the best seasons of television ever IMO. John Lithgow's performance was amazing.

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Yes. The end of the season was one of the most shocking deaths I've ever seen in television. Legitimately had no idea it was coming.

It also changed the tone of the show in a way that I don't think it could ever really get it's humor back.

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It's up there with the red wedding, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy for me.

Shocked me. Reset my expectations for the rest of the show. Those all stick with me to this day.

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Good, he can start with 2020 and work his way down from there.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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