Fuente to play multiple QBs for UVA game

Roanoke Times just informed me that Fuente has announce his intention to use at least QBs in the season opener vs UVA. He said Hooker would start, with BB also playing for sure. Both have been receiving time as #1 in practice. Looks like QP is the 3rd string for now, and not sure whether he'll be playing or not.

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This seems like an important note:

We won't have to keep two different gameplans for two different styles of QB like we did the first half of last season.

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Oh no... CJF has secretly been Al Groh all along...

Usually when you have more than 1 QB, you don't have any QB... having said that, this is a very weird/unique year. With injuries and the threat of having to sit out if you test positive for Covid, having more than 1 QB with playing experience COULD be a good thing... time will tell.

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That's not exactly what he said. He said as it stands today. I will attribute that to the telephone game. Koma will publish a full report after the press conference is over with plenty of substance and context.

Hooker on the jet sweep!

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A live look at Corny's decision making process:

HH at QB?
BB at QB?

Hooker and QP will now fulfill their destiny as TEs

Quincy said if he had to play another position it would be RB.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Per Josh Oglesby, RB coaching is "see the hole, go there" so playing RB is probably similar plus knowing where to block in pass pro.

Can we get a backfield package with Hooker, Burmie, and Q?

3 amigos combo package!

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Shit I was only joking. But he would be pretty damn close to a Brandon Jacobs type.

Could you imagine a man that size coming downhill at you? Gird them loins, son!

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This is fantastic. I love Steve Spurrier

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

My exact reaction x100

Waiting for Koma's report, but this has been my single greatest concern with the offense this year. It certainly is not a bad problem to have multiple QBs capable of effectively running the offense, but if the situation is mismanaged it can lead to poor results. This is why Fuente is paid the big bucks. I'm certainly not jealous of the decisions he will have to make at QB throughout the season.

Looking back, wasn't it Motley that he used rather well to spell Jerod Evans at times. He managed that situation well, but that wasn't nearly as tricky as the decision he has upcoming. I think we can all agree that the switch to Hooker came too late last season. That said, he didn't wait too long to pull Willis for QP in the UNC game after Hooker got hurt. That whole game was a bit of a miracle.

Looking forward to seeing both QB's have a great day against LOLUVA.

Well yes, teams usually put in their backups after they get up by 40 points

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I think our Crowd Cutouts put up 17 against the Wahoos in the 4th.

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I like your thinking.

This is the right answer.

If you play it, they will win.

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Heck, I'm all for a backfield with Hendon at QB and Quincy at RB. Throw in BB here and there too.
The three QBs we have now are too talented to have two always sitting on the sideline. Trick plays galore!

This is kinda what I've been thinking. Snap to BB, HH splits left. You can pitch it to him and he can run it or he could throw it. Or BB can look to pass first and if nothing is there, pitch to HH. BB could run out like as a receiver. It just feels like there's a LOT of different things you could do with that set that the defense would have to account for.

Outside of existing in fan fantasies, this just isn't practical save for an occasional gimmick play. Keep in mind to add a second qb, you're taking away a running back, a downfield threat, or an extra blocker, not to mention the potential for a turnover on the extra pitch or throw from QB1 to QB2

Outside of existing in fan fantasies, this just isn't practical save for an occasional gimmick play.

25 years ago, the air raid, spread, zone read, and dual threat QBs were all 'gimmicky.' Today, these are staples of college football offenses, and heavily influence the NFL. The game can and will continue to evolve.

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I'm typically not a fan of splitting QB reps, but this year, it might be good. Just to get the experience in and have them ready, never know when someone might have to quarantine.

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Just my hunch, but this tells me that the QB competition is really close and HH may be on a short leash if he struggles. He does have experience with almost a full year of starting which gives him a slight edge, but this confirms the rumblings we have heard that BB was performing well in practice. May also be motivation for both.

I disagree slightly with HH having a short lesh when you put this in context with this article:


I think this is Fuente hedging his bets and making sure he has at least two prepared QBs every week in case something happens

Sad for QP, hopefully this isn't a sign that he's not picking up the nuances of the QB position.

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Or it means he is a sophomore with two upper classmen above him.

GTFO with your logic.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

He's an EngiNERD, of course he is going to use logic....

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Username checks out.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

So do the 3 diplomas (2 Bachelor's and a Master's) from Tech that are downstairs in our house...

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

What a name drop! /s

Sure he has 2 upper class men ahead of him, but if he's open to switching to RB or TE, then that tells me something else. But you know...logic....🙄

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It tells me he wants to get on the field and contribute how ever he can.

In terms of him talking about playing another position, wasn't he simply referring to a potential all hands on deck situation if decimated by Covid? That was my take, and why he mentioned running back would be less complicated to pick up. I don't think he was insinuating any kind of permanent switch.

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Here's the link to the RT article. Note that there's not a single quote in the article.

Also, I think 'Virginia Tech will go with multiple quarterbacks in the season-opener' is different from 'promising multiple quarterbacks playing time in a season-opener.' The former seems to insinuate a Tyrod/Glennon situation. The latter just suggests that Hooker won't take every snap. There's a difference IMO.

Anyways, looking forward to reading the exact quote.

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Mixed feelings on this. Particularly given the decision to start Willis last year despite the overwhelming Offensive improvement when HH was given the reigns.

Was hopeful that HH made strides in the passing game and would become the clear QB1.

Based on French's Film Review on BB, concerned that he's going to be limited in the passing game. Maybe BB was more impressive passing than his film from Oregon showed or maybe HH didn't make as much progress as hoped. At this point, guess we will see on the field.

The fact that QP is openly discussing a position change combined with how limited his passing opportunities have been when he has played makes me think he is a pretty distant 3rd.

HH wasn't entirely healthy to start last season. Otherwise I'd say we would've seen him much earlier in the season.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

In all seriousness, has this ever been verified?

Correct me if I am wrong, but other than message boards, I have never seen anything to confirm that HH wasn't healthy enough to play opening day last year.. even from the VT beat reporters.

Yes, when he did play, he had a brace on his non-throwing shoulder, but he couldn't have done that vs. BC? Take away 3 INTs and that would have been a comfortable win.

I guess that's part of the issue with Fuente's lack or access or candor with the Program. I'm not saying that he had to come out Week 1 and say Hooker has a bad shoulder and won't play till week 3 or 4, but by mid-season when HH was the clear #1 and the obvious question about why Willis was picked as the starter, why couldn't he simply answer that HH was injured earlier in the year?

Of course it's never been confirmed... just like he "couldn't lift his arm over his shoulder all season" - horesehit. It's justification for getting shit kicked by Duke at home among other things. - "welp HH is hurt". EVERY player is dinged up after the first quarter of the first game. If you are "injured" you don't play. If you play "hurt" it means your team has no depth they can trust and you are better than the other guy anyway.

Yes, but Furman was Game #4.

The rumor was floated that HH had injured himself in practice prior to the season. Naturally, Fuente had less than zero to say.

I'm interested into what the coaches saw in practice that made them feel Willis was QB1 for BC, ODU and Furman. By the same token, I am concerned that they are making similar observations this year.

You obviously do not want an explanation since you disregard any given. Hooker missed time and had an injury to non throwing shoulder which didnt rule him completely out. Willis also was injured by the Duke game as evidenced by his horrible arm strength. So by the time the switch was made Hooker was on the rise and Willis was falling back. Do you really think they cant judge the qb position?

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

I want an explanation that makes sense and explains the decision-making process.

Finding that HH dinged his shoulder in game #4 does not explain why RW was the starter from game #1. There was conjecture that HH had a bad shoulder before the season but there has not been anything to substantiate that.

Furthermore, RW didn't lose his job subject to simply injury. The offense was ineffective and his decision-making was poor.

And regarding judging the QB position when HH went down vs. UNC...who came in first? RW did, before he lost us 20 yds and moved us out of FG position (that could have ultimately won the game in regulation) by trying to play hero-ball.

So is there reasonable question Cornelson and Fuente's decision-making on QBs at this point?...Sure.

Is it also concerning that a former Elite11 QB on his 3rd year in the program is now discussing a position change?...sure.

Again, if Fuente was forthcoming or gave any insight at all into what was going on in the Program, we might understand why certain decisons were made.

Is it also concerning that a former Elite11 QB on his 3rd year in the program is now discussing a position change?...sure.

But it shouldn''t be. More than 50% of Elite 11 QBs are busts. The two QBs ahead of him, Hooker and Burmeister, were rated nearly the same by recruiting services and have more experience at the collegiate level.

If Hooker and Burmeister both turn out to suck, then it would be concerning. If that's not the case, I don't think it inherently says anything about QP other than he's at least considered ways to get on the field and contribute to the team.

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Is it also concerning that a former Elite11 QB on his 3rd year in the program is now discussing a position change?...sure.

Is this a fucking joke? Completely unfair characterization of QP's comments. Here's the full interview. Jump to 3:38 to hear the comment that you're referencing:

Interviewer: Coach said that a lot of guys are cross training [with different position groups in order to deal with potential depth issues resulting from COVID] but quarterbacks are not. Would you be open to doing that if they asked you, and what position would you look into on offense; would it be tight end or running back?

QP: I'd probably say running back. It would probably be a lot harder to learn Tight End than Running back

Nothing about QP's response is concerning, and he is not discussing a position change. Come on people, do better.

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So is there reasonable question Cornelson and Fuente's decision-making on QBs at this point?...Sure.

The difference between HH and RW was so stark, and their skillsets were so different. Either you believe that CornFu don't know how to evaluate a QB, or you believe that they made their decision in part based on information not available to the public.

It's possible HH was injured. It's possible RW looked much better in practice, and CornFu wanted to give it time to see if/when it would click. It's possible that they didn't think HH was ready, but due to the defense's performance, HH was able to quickly build confidence and rapidly improve.

Given Fuente's record with QBs (Dalton, Lynch, Evans, somehow getting every little piece of talent out of JJ), I'm not concerned about his ability to scout and develop QBs. I'm concerned about his ability to recruit them, but that's for another conversation...

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Hooker wasn't healthy to start at the beginning of last year, but he was healthy enough to a) be the backup QB against BC and b) come in to the game when Willis got knocked out against ODU. Somehow he was magically healthy enough to play when the season was about to go off the rails entirely.

BB was the third string QB as a Tr-Fr thrust into service under a new coach and offensive system (for the whole team.) It was a disaster.

But think of HH being thrown into the 2018 season. How do you think he would have done? Disaster-ish.

We don't know anything about BB. Coaches think he's deserving of a chance to play.

We have too many RB's so that's probably not entirely serious.

If he's gonna be a starter one day, QP needs to be throwing 200+ passes a day (or however many he can without getting injured). I still am not really over how winnable the Notre Dame game was if we had a guy who could pass reliably.

Working within sight of of Lane. I'll go and get a scoop. Nuggets inbound!

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HH goes in for a series and leads a scoring drive

HH: you next bro

BB: I got you

BB scores on the next series

They go back and forth until we're up 70-14 at halftime, then it's QP's turn

QP: y'all ain't even playing

QP rushes for 200 yds in the 3rd quarter

Tayvion plays QB in the 4th out of the single wing, for fun.

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If Tayvion isn't our designated emergency QB as is id be shocked. Kid tore it up as basically a single wing QB in high school.

.... I needed a second there. I had a brief Tyrod-Glennon moment. I'm good now.


How could this go wrong....

If things going "wrong" means we win two ACC championships... where do I sign up?

In all seriousness what went wrong was that we didn't get to redshirt Tyrod and get an "extra" season out of him. The teams with Glennon and Tyrod splitting time won a ton of games and almost made the national championship. Considering BB, HH, and QP have all redshirted, we can all just focus on the winning tons of games part.

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What went wrong was not being able to get a yard on an absolute shit ECU team, and looking like the keystone cops on offense. That's what went wrong. Win that fucking game against a dog CUSA team, and Tyrod redshirts... but nah, ECU's fucking defense was too much for Kenny Lewis Jr. and Dyrell Roberts to overcome. EC Fucking U...

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I do agree here. We needed Tyrod in 2007, but honestly 2008 was a total crap fest, and we basically backed into an ACC championship/OB if we're being completely honest. We were putrid on offense except for a steady run game with Evans coming on strong later in the year and Tyrod making some plays. We should have stuck with Glennon in 2008, because Tyrod would have been much more valuable to the team in 2011 as a r-Sr.

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Tyrod's redshirt got pulled TWICE. In consecutive years. That's how bad the offense was with Glennon at the helm. And the starting receivers if I recall in 2008 were Roberts and Coale as freshmen. It's incredible to think that Tyrod had a season, in 2008, where he started the majority of games and passed for a total of two touchdowns.

So QP is the new starting Wild Turkey TE?

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We will yell "QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ.....P."

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something something Dwayne Lawson

Also to quote Bobby Bowden, "If you have 2 QBs, you don't have 1"

If this results in Bronco's defense not looking like the steel curtain, I'll take it.

Article should be renamed to:

"Fuente to keep Hoo's guessing"

Imagine UVA prepping all off season to see HH again and out comes Oregon boy making them look all dumb and stuff.

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Welp I'm gonna make a playbook where BB HH and QP are all on the field


HH at QB, QP at RB, and BB in the slot, we can run the rprpo on a jet sweep motion with BB. If nothing else come out in this formation early against UVA just to get them to burn a timeout.

1-0 every week

APrimusHokie is Cornelsen confirmed.

"And look at this interesting alignment, Joe! We talked about this in our preparation, Coach Cornelsen said he had something up his sleeve and this has to be it... three QBs in the backfield at once. Can't wait to see what he's got dialed up"

"there's some pre-snap motion as the quarterbacks split.... and Tavyion Robinson is tripped up after a gain of 3 on the jet sweep. Todd, he just couldn't quite get to the edge"

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my alternate joke is something about Coach Colenelson

which works on both a weird phonetic pun level and, oddly enough, also doubles as a sneaky prediction for VT's 2043 defensive coaching staff after Cole Nelson comes back to campus after a stellar NFL career

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Personally, I don't hear a "2 QB system". Even though he declined to specify percentage and all that here is what I hear.
Hendon will take the majority of snaps.
BB will take some snaps, but definitely a minority. The offense will not change radically based on the QB on the field.
B2 playing is a good idea to hedge our bets because of the unique year with Covid because having to use 2 qB's with covid, our offense etc. is almost a certainty in 2020.

Just my take, but we will see.

Isn't this a 2QB system by definition? You have 2QB's and a system for using them...

Different statement - I don't see this being some rotation like Tyrod/Sean etc. I see B2 getting some snaps, but H2 being the main course.

Thank you for the literal interpretation though

I mean this is a 2 QB system. Why does it matter if it doesn't look like TT/Glennon?

If we use 2 QB we use 2 QB that's fine, but that is a 2 QB system.

This blows.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Maybe maybe not. Give a chance before you already slap a bad label on it


This just reminded me of this gif

I haven't seen it mentioned but can you imagine the blocking capability of a RB the size of QP? That guy is a weapon that needs to be deployed somewhere somehow.

As for Tyrod and Glennon, the reason we had to burn TT's redshirt two years in a row was that we had a terrible O-line that was turnstiles, and Tyrod was better at improvising when the breakdowns inevitably occurred (not to mention Glennon's lack of mental timer when in the pocket). With the OL we have now, Tyrod's redshirt would be cool as a cucumber, because with protection Glennon was an effective passer.

Always amazed how much hate Glennon got because we had an O-line that gave up pressure after 0.5 seconds.


Tyrod did have success, but a lot of that was scrambling and making something out of nothing when the play immediately broke down after the snap. Glennon didn't have the scrambling ability, and as such, stood no chance against the blitz, as our OL was absolutely dreadful.

That bowl game against Georgia showed it. When Glennon had time, he could hit the big plays. When the opponent decided to blitz? Game over. Barely had time to make his first read.

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Blitz schmitz, that O-line barely held up under regular pressure.

When QP had that run against UNC where he planted his foot and cut up inside with terrific acceleration to separate himself from the defensive front, I began to wonder just how effective this guy could be as a jumbo-sized RB. I think his potential could be incredible.

If this was any normal year I'd be WTFing all over this. But, given that you have no idea what your team is going to look like week to week (given the chance that anybody could get covid at any point between games) this seems like a no brainer and a smart move.

I imagine theres going to be a lot of cycling people in at all positions for the same reason.

What will be interesting is if it proves true that you have some short term immunity once you get it, that may help with planning out week to week rosters. If you know that some players have already had it then its likely they wont get it again for the rest of the season.

I'm still ultra bitter about having to play 10 weeks in a row. No team should have to do that. Fuente should plan an "outbreak" week for Liberty to get that bye week in before the last few games of the season.

To be honest, its going to take a ton of work from the players, the coaching staff, the medical staff, and administrators for us to play 10 weeks straight. That's assuming that our opponents hold up their end of the deal too.

If we do end up playing 10 weeks straight we should be happy ACC protocols worked in the end, especially considering how we've already postponed once, and the Big 12 has multiple times.

And as much as I hate bringing it up, the hated 'hoos have not had a positive since July. I'd hate to go in there with a less than best team since it seems to me like they are taking this stuff pretty darned seriously. Not saying we aren't, but it does seem like Mendenhall has his crew bubbled up tight and is determined to retain that Cup. I'm not liking the feeling I'm getting right now.

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UVA also only had students move in 7 days ago.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Yeah, I know. Hoping that we all stay healthy. Don't want no excuses either way.

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