Flashback: Imagine Logan Thomas in Fuente's Offense

I stumbled upon this Billdozer classic, and just imagine Logan Thomas in this system, with a viable running back and wide receivers (which he didn't have in 2012-2013)...

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Man could he spin it.

The question is: would he have been kept at TE under Fuente? He was a QB because we didn't have anyone else at QB at the time. Whether we still have no other QB would depend on what year Logan would hypothetically be here under Fuente.

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I would find it hard to believe that he would not have been a QB with Fuente. And, hopefully, he would have still found his NFL niche at TE. But, if there was ever a more athletic Paxton Lynch-type, Logan Thomas sure fits the bill.

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been kept at TE under Fuente?

So IIRC, the recruiting services all had him listed as a TE, but he never played TE in High School and was always a QB. Obviously the services were ultimately right considering where he is now as a top NFL TE, but I am pretty sure he never played the position before he got to the NFL.

I seem to remember him catching a TD pass from Taylor early in his career at Tech. Was probably lined up as a TE for that play - not sure how much he practiced there, though

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He was flexed out as a WR for that play.

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I recall him as a TE for Tech when Tyrod was here. I remember him catching a TD in the South Endzone from Tyrod.

Edit I found a youtube clip and he lined up as a WR not a TE

He played TE in high school. Like many talented athletes in high school he played multiple positions.

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Everyone talks about Michael Brewer's toughness for good reason, but Logan Thomas took an absolute pounding every game and kept on going. A badass MF, a true team-first player, and I'm super happy for his success at TE in the NFL.

Both guys have my respect as players. There was never an "effort" question with either.

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Father of former player I grew up with is, still to this day, willing to fight anyone who criticizes Logan's last two years for this exact reason. Got to listen to him go on about it for about 2hrs one morning, just he and I, driving to go rabbit hunting. Glad I didn't stick my foot in my mouth because I think he would've stuck his foot in my ass.

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I'm just struggling to comprehend that anybody would criticize Logan for what he did at VT...

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The biggest criticism of him should be when he was asked to play QB he didn't look at the recievers that we hadn't been recruiting. Should have been a big nope right there.

I went back a couple years ago to watch his interceptions thrown his senior year. The Bama game some one got the play wrong (either Thomas or Coles), but it wasn't a bad pass. I couldn't find video of the FCS game (Furman I believe) and 11 of other 13 ints were off of the recievers. He had a really good year but he didn't have much of a team around him because a couple of those recruiting classes were terrible.

He gave the pounding. Truly an NFL ready frame playing in college

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Such a talented athlete, very happy for his newfound success in the League.

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it probably says a lot that my initial response was a snark-laden "I can imagine him transferring right out of Fuente's offense, too"

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Straight to a Texas G5 school

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yeehaw chumps

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Mine was uncertainty that we'd be able to actually get him to commit here out of high school.

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Great pull, memories.
But, man I'm tired of having to imagine success.

Not sure it was even in the clips but I must say.... IT WAS A CATCH!

I wish I could leg this 10,000 times.

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Man I forgot about how much he could rip a throw

Not to be snarky...but didn't we get some of that with Jerod Evans in 2016?

I find Logan Thomas' career path to be pretty amazing, to say the least. So he was a QB in high school, recruited by Beamer as a TE prospect, then we have a bit of a QB drought, so in steps Logan the QB. Drafted into the NFL as a QB, and things don't work out so well, so he kinda recreates himself as the TE we never saw at the highest level of football talent (outside of the SEC....haha). I didn't see a lot of his games last year, but seems like he has really found himself as a TE, and I really couldn't be happier for the guy, the way he persevered through it all. If he continues to make strides at TE, ESPN is missing the boat not doing a '30 for 30' kind of segment on his career. Great story!

As a Ravens fan, I think I saw one of his first games on the Bills roster as a TE, although I didn't see him catch the ball, but this was a game where the Bills virtually had no QB outside of a very green Josh Allen, who entered the game in the 2nd half, making his rookie debut to take some lumps from the Ravens D. But just seeing Logan's name back on a NFL roster, listed as a TE, was pretty amazing.

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Hot damn but do I miss 3rd and Logan.

Also, my PT worked with the football team during the LT3 era and they're still friends and she's making plans to meet up with him when she goes to a PT conference later this year! (This is notable because I live in the middle of nowhere on the west coast - how'd we both wind up here??)

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Thanks Frank!

3rd and 8. Logan on a draw up the middle might actually work.

i'll raise you a 4th and Logan

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LT was an absolute beast. Practically unstoppable on 3rd and less than 5. Definitely took a beating particularly his Sr. season when Coale, Boykin, ect had moved on and he became the majority of the offense.

Definitely happy for the success he has found in the NFL, but when you watch some of those throws, it's hard to totally understand how he couldn't make it as. QB..had a cannon but could also make some great touch throws too.

I didnt remember that many beautiful deep balls

Danny is always open

Danny Cole catch at 1:26.....(sigh)......always open!

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So happy for this guy. Dude didn't do it the easy way in the NFL, but he's all good now.

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Really a shame we let the skill position talent get to what it was in 2012 and especially 2013. Davis and Fuller were quality receivers in 12, but that's about it for guys who would have (did, in Marcus' case) play for VT during the 2000's on those rosters. In 2013 I'd argue Trey Edmunds had a lot of potential as a true frosh, but I still think he should have played LB.

The FSU touchdown that got called back was such a great moment, a man among boys.

Probably a big reason why QP committed to VT to begin with, could have potentially been Paxton Lynch / Logan Thomas 2.0.

We saw it with Jerod in 2016, with a similar style of play. Logan has better measurables, and could throw the ball deep. 10-12 win team, easy. Just need the skill players around him.

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I'm still mad about the absolute cheap shot that took him out of the UCLA game.

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that cheap shot by Zumwalt happened 3 plays after Logan lit up Myles Jack and literally dragged half of the UCLA defense 10 yards down the field. there's no doubt in my mind that was a retaliation shot, especially since Zumwalt had a reputation for being intense after the UCLA/Oregon game earlier that season. (if you can't tell, I am still mad about Logan being knocked out too)

Then after his cheap shot still got MVP bowl honors. But despite all his acclaim didn't record a single stat in the NFL. (YEA I'm still bitter about that cheap shot too.

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I've thought many times that LT3 would have been potent in this offense. Especially with the IVR off motion. Dude was a hoss in short yardage situations.

He would be the perfect guy for this offense. With receiver talent his numbers in this scheme would be ridiculous. Hope we can find something like rhat

Damn I miss football being fun 😭

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