OT: Tiger Woods Crash

Hopefully he is ok and makes a full recovery.

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Multiple breaks in his legs is the scuttlebutt on reddit...his car jumped the median and crashed on the other side. Ooooof.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Seeing compound fracture and a shattered ankle, non life-threatening

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Glad to hear he'll live but certainly could be career-threatening.

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Most of the press is focusing on his leg injuries, which could be severe. But, I hope this didn't damage his back further. A jolt like that is NOT good for a back recovering from yet another surgery.

Man I'm glad to hear he will live. Next, I hope to hear he didn't do something dumb. I was starting to get back on team Tiger after watching him with his kids over the past couple of years.

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My first thought went to 2017 and if he had a repeat. I hope I am wrong.

As it was a one car accident, I had the same thought. With his history, they probably ran a blood test.

PD statement was weird (sounds like they are ruling out "other factors")...but single car crash with roll over? At least he had to have been excessive speed.

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Distracted driving, hit a curb and then a slight hill in an SUV and it's right onto its side. The damage done to the vehicle isn't that bad. To the point I question this "used the jaws of life" on the car. First no fire PIO will ever say "jaws of life" second the car still has its roof and all its doors intact.

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latest I've read he was pulled out through the windshield. Also sounds like they've ruled out "driver impairment" which is good. Excessive speed seems to be the prevailing thought on this. Glad he's going to be okay. I'd rather see Tiger in the news for more positive reasons.

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Windshield would make sense. I imagine a guy post back surgery with a busted ankle would have a very difficult time getting out from the door side that isn't laid on the ground.

Brand new car with every safety feature...

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They later clarified that they had to pry the seat to remove him. But they accessed the vehicle through the windshield. Probably a case of misinterpreting cutting him from the car.

The luxury Genesis SUV was complimentary since they were a tournament sponsor. I wonder if they are taking a bit of a PR hit?

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On the PR end, it's being spun as the $50k SUV that saved Tiger's life. Just relaying the headlines I've seen...

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Cell phones will get after ya.

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So apparently the road he crashed is a known dangerous area, with cars coming down the hill regularly clocked at 80 mph in a 45 mph zone. Sounds like he may have been late to the photo shoot he was doing that day and was just speeding.

Also, his DUI was not for alcohol it was because he was impaired by pain pills. Its possible that could have been the case here but it does not seem like it, cop said he was lucid and there were zero signs of impairment. It just looks like just an accident on a road that sees quite a few accidents.

Junks producer is pissed because he thinks the last round of golf he will ever have played was with David Spade...

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He has more money than he could ever spend. Let's stick with professional drivers from here on out Tiger.

He should hire the stig

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

Schumacher isn't in the best of shape. And has more money than Tiger.

EDIT: Tiger does have more money, but Schumacher is not far behind, but probably won't catch up.

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Tiger is worth almost a billion. I don't think Michael has more money fwiw. Not like it matters at that point.

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Ok, now that all of the sports and news networks have properly eulogized Tiger, I hope we can just let him heal up. Big sports story for a day, but he's gonna be okay, whether or not he ever plays professionally again. He gets to raise his kids, be a dad, all that fun stuff.

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Have you seen his son's game? That kid is good. Imagine his son playing at the Masters with Tiger on the bag...that would be pretty cool!

Sounds like a "World's Most Interesting Man" entry

"When he golfs with Tiger Woods, Tiger's the caddy."

I actually miss those commercials. The replacement guy just didn't have the chemistry.

Tiger will be Charlie's coach and on the bag for a while and then just his coach as he rounds into the PGA (after college). That kid is gonna be incredible to watch grow in this game.

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They release PD report today. He was doing 82-87 mph in 45 mph zone. Had accelerator pressed at 99% capacity and did not break. PD didn't ask for drug tox report to cell phone records (becasue they suspect criminal activity).

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PD didn't ask for drug tox report to cell phone records (becasue they suspect criminal activity).

That sentence doesn't make sense. Can you elaborate?

LAPD didn't suspect criminal activity is what the italics should have said

Seems to fit with the theory that he fell asleep at the wheel.

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I was typing too fast.

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No ticket issued, what a crock. Any normal joe in Virginia would be getting a reckless driving ticket.

Doesn't this vary by state? Some states always give a ticket when there's an accident, others only give tickets if you're caught in the act.

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In Cali, there needs to be a witness, and preferably a police witness.

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At a minimum loss of control ticket.

Cali law enforcement is very forgiving on the road. I've lived here for 13 years and I've seen California Highway Patrol set about 5 speed traps total. I used to see at least 5 speed traps on I-81 on every Sunday after Thanksgiving on route to Blacksburg from NoVA.

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You mean 5 speed traps on the on ramps of all the exits between Christiansburg and Roanoke on I81.

As mentioned above, in California the law is such that the police need to actually observe the offense in the road. (Or if there are witnesses to an accident, like a two car collision...the driver that was hit is the witness)

For example, a few Cali cities have set up those automated speeding cameras, but the courts have ruled multiple times that tickets issued by those are not enforceable because of the way the law is currently.

I've driven along the 8 and the 10 from Phoenix to Carlsbad and Laguna Beach a dozen times+ and could count on one hand the times I saw CHiP cars during those trips.