Wilfried Pene moves to Defense


"It's official, 2021 I will play defensive end," Pene announced, mentioning that he will be wearing number to No. 91.

The Hokie Sports roster has also been updated to reflect the change in position.

On his Instagram, Pene said the switch provided a "better opportunity to play this year."

Not ideal to be shuffling players around, but makes sense given the late attrition at DE with Wooten and Bryant hitting the portal. By all accounts he is a freak athlete -- hope he finds his feet this year and the staff can coach him up at DE like they did Barno

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There was speculation even before the Wooten/Bryant transfers that he may end up at DE so this isn't a complete panic move. He was coming in raw as a football player no matter where he ended up.

Honestly, it makes some sense. Mitchell is entrenched at TE1, we have good TE depth this year and have a potential star in Lawson down the road.

All discussions around Pene is he's a freak athlete but super raw. It may make some sense to just have him be Bobby Boucher on obvious passing downs until he understands the nuances of being an edge rusher.

I agree. We have bodies in the TE room with a few more on the way. If you have some freak athlete clay to work with it makes sense to mold him into a DE when that's A) a position of need in terms of depth and B) one of the most important positions in football.

The word is that we like Pene, Nelson and Carroll much better than we liked Bryant, Beadles and Wooten. We'd love to have them all, but we also would be looking at all 6 of these guys potentially being in the same class.

Kelli Lawson may end up at DE down the road as well.

Then why did we recruit Bryant, ,Beadles, and Wooten?

While I agree that sounds a little spin-y to me to say that, things are allowed to change once people get on campus and start actually playing at a college level

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You can't have it both ways though. You can't say a project that has never played DE, and 2 true frosh are the reason why you don't care if 3 guys you just signed a year ago have left the program without acknowledging you may have missed on recruiting them if you don't give them at least a couple years in the program.

You're absolutely right we have got to cut out the "well we didn't really want/somebody is better" attitude when guys leave seeing as they were brought in for a reason and them not panning out or leaving is a mark on the staff either way. We absolutely could use the guys that are transferring out this year so the whole revisionist "we actually like these people who have absolutely no college football experience better" just seems disingenuous to me.

That's why I said "we'd love to have them all."

But I also noted that 6 DEs all Freshmen isn't a situation that will work either.

Except that he has. From his hokie sports bio

Played both tight end and defensive end, catching eight passes for 183 yards with four TDs on offense, while racking up 47 tackles, 15.5 sacks, 11.0 TFL and three forced fumbles ... Also blocked a punt ...

It's like you avoid reality in your quest to be unhappy.

Can you please list all of the HS positions our players have played? Because that's what I was talking about- that he never played DE in middle school overseas, etc. That's exactly where I was going. Thanks

In the other thread, i asked folks to engage with the content of your comments and not with your reputation (link), but you make it really difficult for folks around here to want to give you the benefit of the doubt when you say something that's factually wrong and then double down with snark, as if the expectation is that everyone else should know that you actually meant something different than what you said.

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You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

It's not just listing that he played a position. 42.4% of his credited stops, in high school, were in the backfield. That's not shabby.

Just comparing that percentage. Amare Barno had 43 total tackles last year. 16 were tackles for loss. 6.5 were sacks.

I didn't interpret the comment as "we're upgrading, don't worry about losing Bryant and Wooten" - rather, I interpreted it as "It sucks to lose Bryant and Wooten, but at least we have new guys who have a big upside, maybe bigger than Bryant and Wooten."

We can simultaneously be disappointed about losing players, but also excited about new players coming to the team.

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Are you sure it's not against community guidelines to not interpret it in the least generous way possible?

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Thank you. I probably shouldn't have said "better" because I don't think that's true of Wooten. He was in the two deep and we will miss him this year.

But getting Pene to DE could be like finally getting Barno there. And as much as they've really liked the Bryant/Beadles mold, the thought is that Carroll/Nelson are just better players.

Rumors swirling that a couple of TX guys left because staying at VT meant serving a one-year suspension for an off-the-field matter (I won't get into specifics but it was not academic, drug/alcohol or a physical/sexual assault...more of a "boys being boys" situation)

DC, I wouldn't put the transfers on the coaching staff, it seems like this was a fluke situation.

At what point do "fluke situations" become a trend and become the responsibility of the people in charge? There sure seems to be a lot of them. I'm not a golfer but if I were it would seem to be akin to receiving a handful of mulligans on every hole and still quadruple bogeying everything. I don't know about anybody else but I'd be ready to get back to the clubhouse and call it a day after a few holes like that.

There can be both a trend and fluke situations. They are not mutually exclusive.

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Fluke: an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.

Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

No, not mutually exclusive but at some point all of those 'Flukes' start to add up and change perception.

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We are talking about one instance where both players were pretty explicit that it had nothing to do with coaches. This one is a fluke. Just stop.

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If they had to sit one year out to transfer like years past, they would still be at VT.

Who said they don't care if those three guys left?

Does it take all of your time to figure out the negative angle on every single issue/question or you have been working at for so long it just comes naturally by now?

The same reason we have 85 man rosters

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I get that, so it's also the reason we are .500 over our last 42 games. Buyers remorse with RS Freshman/True sophomores actually validates that and the struggles we have recruiting.

Is it really buyer's remorse when players choose to transfer instead of facing a suspension? I dont think we would have preferred to lose them even if they were never more than rotational players. But losing some players isn't new. It just makes headlines now and it is easier for unhappy players to bounce. Recruiting has been bad for a fact but seems to be a separate issue in this particular case.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." - K

I love it - the guy's a freak athlete with a high ceiling. Barno was a low three-star with only one other P5 offer coming in, and after a little coaching he led the country in TFLs last year... I think Pene could follow in his footsteps and quickly become a fan favorite.

How is his last name pronounced?

Peen with the sack!
Pennay with the sack!
Pain-ey with the sack!
Pen with the sack!

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I'm going to guess the second

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but also I wouldn't be surprised to hear all of those variations plus one or two more from the ACC broadcasting crew...

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I fully expect Pine to be used

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So do we really want Mac back in the booth?

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I'd much rather him there than coaching unc

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Don't worry, the ESPN third-string commentators will let us know how to say it when we play on the Ocho!

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It's pronounced "Pene"

We put the K in Kwality

ayyyyyyyyyy must be the pen-nayyyyy

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As a Spanish speaker, I am going to just pronounce it "keh'-veen"

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Finally, somebody is TKP'ing.


So a reverse WW2?

I bet when Pene walked into the Defensive room for the first time they were all like:
"This guy's an impasta!"

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The players probably thought the coaches had been hitting the sauce.

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