Hokie Hoops June-July Recruiting

The dead period is over! Let's recruit some Hokies!

While Wabissa Bede's decision whether to return has not yet been made public, his scholarship wouldn't count toward the limit. With Keve Aluma returning and Tyrece Radford in the portal, the Hokies could have two scholarship spots open for the upcoming season with the additions of Storm Murphy, Sean Pedulla, Jalen Haynes, and Lynn Kidd.

c-sr c-jr c-so c-frosh frosh
Bede, G (?) Mutts (r), F Radford (r), G(?) Maddox, G Pedulla, G
Murphy, G Aluma (r), F Cattoor, G N'Guessan, F Haynes, F
- - Alleyne, G Kidd, C -
- - Ojiako, F - -

How many are we looking to take for '22?

Looks like about 5, right? Plus plugging whatever holes roster attrition leaves us with.

June visitors:

June 1
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SG Rodney Rice (unofficial) (June 7- Alabama, June 22- Louisville, tentatively planned to visit UConn, Maryland, and Georgetown, as well) [Read More]
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SF Tyler Nickel (unofficial) (June 27- UNC, had been planning fall visits to Virginia Tech, NC State, Iowa, Butler, West Virginia, and UNC) [Read More]

June 2
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SF Kendall Campbell (June 3- George Mason, June 8- Georgia Tech, June 24- Georgia) [Read More]

June 3
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SF Justin Taylor (unofficial) (June 5- UNC, June 9- Syracuse, June 15- Indiana, unofficial also planned for UVA) [Read More]
Taylor committed to Syracuse.

June 5
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ PG BJ Edwards (unofficial) (June 8- Tennessee, June 15- Wake Forest)
Edwards committed to Tennessee.
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ CG MJ Collins (June 6- Elon, June 7- Wake Forest (both unofficial), June 22- Clemson) [Read More] COMMITTED TO VT
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ PG Sean Jones (June 1- Pitt, June 22- Xavier, June 26- Marquette, also plans visits to Virginia as well as a return to Pitt) [Read More]

June 8
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SF Tyrell Ward (unofficial) (June 13- LSU, June 22- Xavier (unofficial), also intends to visit Indiana and Maryland) [Read More]
Ward committed to Xavier.
June 12
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ PG Dug McDaniel (unofficial, June 12- Penn State, June 16- Michigan, previously mentioned visiting LSU and Arizona State)
McDaniel committed to Michigan

2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ SF Noah Batchelor (June 11- Pitt, June 22- NC State, June 29- Memphis) [Read More]
Postponed, Batchelor committed to Memphis.

June 13
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ PF Braden Huff (June 5- Northwestern, June 17- Wisconsin, June 30- Illinois) [Read More]

June 16
2023 C Evan Ramsey [Read More]

June 28
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ C Will Shaver (June 1- UNC, June 4- Wake Forest, June 18- Purdue, June 23- Kansas, Sept 4- Iowa) [Read More]
Shaver committed to UNC

2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ C Cameron Corhen (June 9- Houston, June 14- Oklahoma, June 21- Illinois) [Read More]

2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ C Patrick Wessler (June 3- NC State, June 10- Wake Forest, June 29- Ohio State, June 30- Cincinnati (all unofficials), Sept 10- Providence) [Read More]

June 30
2022 โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ CG Donald Hand, Jr. (unofficial) (June 18- VCU (unofficial), June 22- Maryland, Louisville also pushing hard for a visit) [Read More]

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2022 3-star Columbus, Ohio PG Sean Jones received an offer from Virginia Tech at the beginning of May and will visit on June 5. At 5-10, 170, Jones holds offers from the Hokies, Houston, Pitt, Penn State, Miss St., Kansas State, Cincy, Marquette, Xavier, Wichita State, VCU, Ohio, and others.

Don't let Jones' size fool you- this dude can ball. Jones is an athletic guard with good court vision and a killer crossover who can create space, break down a defender, fire off a highlight reel pass, absorb contact, and finish with either hand. Analysts expect him to make a jump in the rankings and start racking up more offers as coaches come away impressed with his quickness, his ability to methodically pressure defenses, and his effortless ability to change speed and direction with a burst on the dribble. Going into his junior season, Jones had been working on his strength and athleticism, improving his shooting range, and (like any good PG) becoming a more vocal leader.

Jones is an Ohio gem and if hometown Ohio State stays on the sidelines, the Hokies have a very good shot at landing him.

For real, though- check this guy out. I know I'm not the only one who sees a little bit of JRob in Sean Jones.

Top 3 of Xavier, Pitt, and Marquette. VT all in on Rice at PG, but I think it's Xavier for Jones if he's a take.

One of my favorite bigs on the 2022 board has his visits locked. 6-11, 250 C Will Shaver will be in Blacksburg June 28-29. He had this to say about his relationship to VT:

Virginia Tech: "Mike Young can coach so that's what I really like about them. They've got a great coaching staff. Keve Aluma over there, I see myself fitting in and playing like him after him but Mike Young is a great coach and great guy. He would be a great mentor for me for four years if I decided to go there."

Shaver has visits scheduled to UNC, Wake, Purdue, Kansas, and Iowa. The traditional blue bloods will be tough to beat out for Shaver's services, but don't count out Tech. Keve Aluma's development under Mike Young's staff has been extraordinary, and Shaver could easily follow in those footsteps at VT for some very early ACC playing time.

The caveat to all of this is "these are the guys I want! VT might get them if UNC, Duke or UVA don't prioritize them!"


You can find our previous discussion of Nickel here.

Tyler Nickel to VT would be awesome.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Rice had a great visit yesterday.

"It was cool. The coaches and I have formed an important connection and I felt very welcomed and prioritized as well. It was fun, the students weren't on the campus of course but I'll be back in the fall," Rice told Stockrisers.com.

Rice is looking at a fall commitment after he takes a few more visits, which he's in the process of organizing.

Rice would fill a huge need for this recruiting class. Mike Young will be losing Storm Murphy and Wabissa Bede by the time Rice would be ready to step on campus. He's a big guard at 6-4, 185, but his skillset makes me sure he can run the point in MY's system if Coach wants him to. The Hokies seem to be in good position, but I feel like Louisville in particular is going to push hard, too. Whatever happens going forward, Rodney Rice is a high priority target for VT whose talents should get him early playing time in Blacksburg.

Posting this here because he's high on the board and it will undoubtedly be a crucial visit in his recruitment

quick Tyler Nickel update

"I have been on an unofficial to Virginia Tech so far this June. I am trying to set up visits to some other schools, too. Whether or not the visits are official or unofficial really depends on who it is, distance from my home. I am trying to set something up with NC State, North Carolina, Butler, Iowa, West Virginia and LSU, and we are currently trying to figure out the best way to do that," Nickel said.
Virginia Tech: "It is a great atmosphere there. They play a great style of basketball, and the coaches are great people there. Everything about the school give me a comfortable feeling."
At this point you can definitely tell who is making you a priority, so it is just a matter of getting there and seeing everyone in person."

Now, I'd never say a blue blood was at a disadvantage, but they create more work for themselves when they fail to pay attention to a player of Nickel's caliber until the summer before their senior year.

Tyler Nickel is and has been a big, big priority for VT. He was already near the top of the board, as was evident when the Hokies offered him two years ago, before his sophomore season. With other small forwards off the board to Syracuse and Memphis, Nickel's recruitment takes on added importance for the good guys.

276, stand up!

Then, sit back down! because we may want to keep this guy under wraps!

2023 center Evan Ramsey (6-11, 230) is a rare prospect out of beautiful southwest Virginia (Abingdon (s/o French)). He's grown 7 inches over the last 2 years and has successfully developed his game as he's gotten bigger and bigger than his competition. He helped lead the Falcons to the state finals this year, scoring 24 and grabbing 15 boards in the title game. Ramsey is a 2nd Team All-State VHSCA performer in Class 3, averaged 18 ppg on 58 FG% and 78 FT% collecting 9 rpg and 4.4 bpg as a sophomore.

" Offensively, when he keeps his base and balance there is not much anybody can do. Evan is a skilled player. One of the things that impresses me most is his ability to affect shots without fouling. He does not swat at shots, he walls up and protects the rim. He thinks the game and most of the time is in the right position defensively."- AHS head coach Aaron Williams

This kid intrigues the heck out of me, not only because of his natural gifts, but because of the region. Southwest Virginia is not traditionally a hotbed of D1 talent, but if Mike Young and staff like what they see in Ramsey, his will be a recruitment to watch. Frank Beamer further endeared himself to the region with the Houseright boys and Chad Beasley out of Gate City. Could Evan Ramsey be Mike Young's Jake Houseright? The only thing that could take this storyline from "interesting" to "special" is if we had someone on staff who ha- oh!

He's grown 7 inches over the last 2 years

RIP his family's clothing budget

And food budget

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Just "budget"...his growth spurt will impact everything

Well hell, in two more years he will be 7' 14", and nobody will be able to stop this man-child!

"That man was violating a city ordinance, and I was just doing my duty to enforce it." - Mike Curtis

He's grown 7 inches over the last 2 years

That is a swag office!

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Another visit. This time from 2022 four-star Atlanta metro SF Kendall Campbell

Campbell's other P5 offers right now are from Alabama, Ole Miss (where both Campbell's parents attended), and Georgia Tech EDIT: AND Georgia. Campbell is a 6-7, 215 wing prospect in a class that runs deep on talented wing prospects. After watching some of his tape from Milton games, it's clear Campbell does a lot of things well. He's a great all-around athlete. He gets up the floor. He can break down bigger defenders in the paint. I don't see a lot film displaying his shooting prowess because his role at Milton seems to be more of a traditional post player. His older highlights from Meadowcreek HS, though, show a nice mid-range shot and solid long-range form. His quickness, especially lateral quickness on defense, doesn't appear to be quite at the level of other wing prospects on the board. All that said, he's a solid looking player and there's a reason he caught our staff's attention.

If Milton High School sounds familiar, it may be because Virginia Tech got a commitment from his two-sport teammate Devin Farrell back in February.

Virginia Tech University?!?!?!?


Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Have we ever had this much talent visiting VT basketball holy moly

I definitely look at the basketball recruiting board first these days.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Hey Coach Davidson: Tyler Nickell would make a great split TE.

AKA our next QB

Hey wartooth you want to post your top 5 ideal recuirts and i post mine๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

I mean...

(and this is a combo of ideal/realistic)
I must have Rodney Rice.
I must have Tyrell Ward.
I really want Huff and/or Shaver (EDIT: committed to UNC)
I really want 1 or 2 of Nickel/Batchelor(EDIT: committed to Memphis)/Taylor (EDIT: committed to Syracuse)

I haven't listed some guys I maybe should bc I haven't seen or read enough (e.g., Aire, Shtolzberg). All that said, Shaver feels like a steep hill if UNC goes all-in (EDIT: ๐Ÿ”ฎ), Wisconsin could push for Huff, Taylor has suitors out the door and is one I'm least confident about, and I hope we can keep a spot open for Ward if his timetable runs long. I could happily sub out names for some combo of Clowney, Aire, MJ Collins, and the other wings. It's a terrific problem to have.

I got

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

I'd really like to get Taylor and Nickell.

Taylor gonna be super hard to pull from Cville

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

Can't embed and may be worthy of its own thread but Jeff Goodman is reporting that Coach K is retiring after this upcoming season

VT '17


fr, though- Wojo? Mike Brey? Jeff Capel? In-house (Scheyer)? Will also depend largely on K's endorsement.

oh wow okay then

Will Nike funnel 5 star players to Scheyer? that's the question. If not, he won't win the ACC every year. Tony Bennett is the happiest person in America right now.

Won't be Wojo or Capel.. they are proven to be not elite coaches. Brey is interesting- he can certainly coach but he is not a spring chicken.

Scheyer named HCIW

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Anything happening in the news? No? Great! Let's talk about 2022 big Noah Clowney out of Dorman HS in SC.

I have to think covid has really done a number on Clowney's evaluation by recruiting services. 247 rates him a 3-star 6-9, 205 PF and #176 nationally. Rivals rates him a 4-star 6-10, 205 C and #55 nationally. That's a big disparity! Put me on Team Rivals on this one, though. Some analysts may see 205 and have a hard time shaking that number, but this guy has a broad-shouldered frame made for putting on muscle weight. More recent articles peg him at 6-10, 220, and invite the comparison of Clowney's former teammate at Dorman, former Hokie priority target and current Clemson F/C PJ Hall (Dorman HS also produced current Tech signee RB Chance Black and former Hokie WR Jacoby Pinckney). After some s&c, Clowney could easily be looking at 240 lbs. When that happens, combined with his length and athleticism, he will be a force.

Branded "the clenaest, meanest kid", Clowney's athleticism, intensity, and versatility stand out on tape. At Dorman, he mostly played with his back to the basket. His post play is very good. Excellent defender and shot blocker. He has a soft touch on the baby hook. He can bang inside with some nifty moves and finish off the glass. He's a very good defender in the paint and on the perimeter. Quick feet and terrific length.

[infomercial voice] But that's not all! Playing for Team Dickerson (independent Georgia program on the AAU circuit), Clowney has shown he is born to play the stretch 4. Tasked with facing up, his range extends to the 3-point line and you just feel bad for defenders who have to stop him on the drive. He's sneaky quick on the baseline and watching him finish above the rim is like watching a fish swim- just completely natural, effortless, and comfortable. The more I watch him, the more I see a taller Justyn Mutts.

As for where his recruitment stands, Clowney has no shortage of offers. Virginia Tech, Indiana, Tennessee, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Providence, and Xavier are among programs offering.

Clowney said he plans to take official visits to Indiana, Xavier and Virginia Tech, and will take either an official or unofficial to Tennessee.

The Hokies, in particular, are in good standing:

Virginia Tech: "They were also in there from beginning [with Xavier]. I like that they believed in me early. I watched them a lot this year. I like the coaches there. I talk to coach [Kevin] Giltner a lot."

I'd previously put Clowney just outside the top 5 on my wish list. Today, though, I gotta put him right behind Rice and Ward. With Aluma and Mutts getting ready to move on, we need skilled size, and Clowney brings what we're looking for in spades. I really hope the staff makes a hard push for him and gets him on campus asap.

Some light weekend reading on Clowney. Catalyst was an offer from South Carolina. Not loving the fact we aren't mentioned, but it gives some insight as to what he's hearing from Clemson (reuniting him with PJ Hall, having Hall play post and Clowney the 4), who I expect to be big competition for Clowney's services.


"[Noah Clowney] has taken an unofficial to Georgia, hopes to visit Indiana in August and Tennessee this summer and possibly visit with South Carolina and Clemson at some point," Bezjak wrote.

Would love to find any update on Clowney and VT. Need to get him on campus. He also recently picked up an offer from Florida.

Visits are happening. The board will slowly adapt. New offer out.

4-star Michigan C Shawn Phillips (6-10, 250) 247 Profile

Oh buddy...

You can follow more of our discussion on Tyrell here.

Unofficial? Is he scheduling his officials?

Nothing firm yet, but he wants to visit Xavier, Indiana, and LSU, which will likely be officials, and Maryland, who wants him bad and will push for an official.

Can you explain what the difference is in an official and unofficial visit?

Basically, the difference is who foots the bill. On an official visit, the university pays for transportation, lodging, meals, etc. On an unofficial visit, the recruit's family pays. The university can pay for 3 tickets if there's a home game during the unofficial, though.

You'll often see recruits visit local campuses on unofficial visits and save their officials (limit 5 for Division I) for schools further away, at least initially.

More of our discussion on Cameron Corhen here.

Moving from Texas to Kansas; from an Adidas team to the Swoosh. Also just picked up a Kansas offer.

Justin Taylor just visited Syracuse:

Q: After a few visits under your belt, where do you feel you are with the recruiting process and where does Syracuse stand?

Taylor: "The visits have helped a ton. Just going to UNC and now here. It's helped a ton because that was a huge part of it for me. Meeting the coaches in person, seeing the guys in person, seeing the campuses in person. The recruiting process has been tiring just because it's a lot to handle sometimes. I think the visits have helped and it could speed up the process, but we'll see. I have Indiana after this one. That's my last official. Taking these three visits will help me narrow it down and hopefully come to a decision pretty soon."

He was mainly talking about his officials, so there's no mention of VT (or UVA, who may also get an unofficial), but what jumped out at me was identifying Indiana as his last because it would mean he's only taking 3 (Syr, UNC, Indiana). So, Taylor may believe he will have seen everything he needs to see from those five by the end of the Indiana trip and is holding two officials free just in case an interesting late offer comes in. Taylor has previously said he wants to make a decision in late July/early August.

I've said before Taylor is a tough pull because of his relationship with the programs after him, but VT is in a strong position. Mike Young and KG (his primary) have a good record of developing shooters like Taylor (think Murphy, Fletcher Magee, Alleyne, Cattoor). He's an impressively complete player, so there will be an opportunity for him, not only for early PT as a freshman, but to be a critical piece of a great squad by his sophomore year. Mike Young by himself is a huge draw because of his reputation as a brilliant and effective coach. And finally, Blacksburg is a great location for a guy like Taylor from central VA because it's far enough away to feel like you're really starting your next chapter, but close enough to home to easily share the experience with your family and loved ones.

Certainly feels like UNC unless they cool on him

From what I heard. He's not a take for unc anymore

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

I have no inside knowledge, but with so many targets that have to be higher on their board, this makes sense.

Then the question is UVA.

If they cool on him, we would likely be in a good spot.

TL;DR: This recruitment eats at me because VT and Justin Taylor are a better fit than the other programs on his list. He won't be buried on the chart, he'll get to play fast, he won't be stuck in zone defense, and he'll be close to home.

Quick note: UVA trying to get JT on campus for an unofficial. Doesn't seem like they feel great about this decision as of right now, either.

Syracuse seems to be a legit contender here.

Why would you want to go play for them
with Boeheim being 93 years old?

Looks like MJ Collins is set to announce. 17 min ago he posted this instagram story.

Interestingly, (and it may just be coincidence) Mike Jones tweeted this about 3 minutes after:

Chester Frazier had been Collins' recruiter until he left. I'm not sure who his primary is now. Collins scheduled visits to Elon, ETSU, Wake Forest, VT, and Clemson.

Again, whoever lands MJ Collins is getting a really, really good and really, really underappreciated player. Look up any highlights from a Team Curry or Westminster game and you'll see what I'm talking about. It also bears repeating Collins plays (and plays really well) with 2023 PG target, and likely national recruit, Caleb Foster (Oak Hill) on Team Curry. You can check out some of their Curry highlights here (Collins #2, Foster #3)

FWIW to put this guy's 24/7 ranking of 0.9315 in perspective, Collins would slot between KJ Blackshear at .9270 and Justin Robinson at .9390 for overall VT recruits. So yeah, that's a really good player.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

A very wise and handsome person said at the time, the hiring of Mike Jones made a statement and would make some recruits who otherwise might never have considered Virginia Tech, look again.

Such is the case with high four-star forward Eric Dailey out of IMG. The 6-7, 215 prospect is praised for his athleticism and versatility, he's ranked the #26 prospect nationally by ESPN, #23 by Rivals, and #21 by 247, and you can't beat his pedigree. His mom is Shell Dailey, a legendary player at Texas, head coached in the WNBA and at TCU, and Head Coach and Director of the Girl's Basketball Program at IMG Academy. His dad played pro basketball for 10 years in Europe, Asia, and South America, is CEO of Dailey Training International, serves as an ambassador for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (an influential figure for the International Basketball Federation (FIBA)), and is the International Basketball Director for AAU.

The competition for Eric's commitment- IF he doesn't go pro- is loaded. Michigan (he's known Juwan Howard's son Jett since elementary school) and Texas (mom's alma mater) are in heavily, as is Florida, which is close to home. Texas A&M, Miami, Iowa State, and others are all making Dailey a priority.

And yet...

Virginia Tech is getting a visit.

Dailey says he plans on visiting the campuses of Dayton, Florida, Miami, Michigan, and Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech: "Mike Jones who used to coach at DeMatha Catholic High School has been recruiting me. He was also my USA coach, so that is a pre-existing relationship I have had before he got there. I am definitely keeping their program in mind since he already knows me."

When making a final decision, Dailey says he is open to all options and wants to go where ever is the best place for him.

Dailey is very familiar with Texas, having visited with his mom several times over the years, which may account for them not getting an official visit. He's an elite prospect with deep and impressive ties to multiple top programs, but this turn in Dailey's recruitment is the latest in many examples of the impact Mike Jones is already having on the Virginia Tech men's basketball program. Having a prospect like Eric Dailey on campus sends a message to other recruits- Mike Young and Virginia Tech are for real.

This is really, really interesting to me (the whole interview is great- Eric Dailey seems like a really cool guy).
More VT talk from Dailey:

PI: What's the update with your recruitment?

ED: Right now I've got a little bit more interest from Virginia Tech since they've changed a lot of their coaching staff. But other than that everything is pretty much the same. Not a lot of new schools are coming in right now, but only time will tell. We'll see what happens. Right now I'm just focused on myself and my game.
PI: What are you looking for in a school/program of choice?

ED: I'm looking for a school that actually cares about me, not just my abilities. Someone who is actually going to teach me how to play at the next level and not just in a college setting. I want to play the position that I currently play in the NBA. Also just teach me how to be a man, treat me like family, that's it.

We already knew the Mike Jones connection is what sparked Dailey's interest and these answers give us insight as to why. Mike Young and Mike Jones are such a good fit together because they get that this business is all about relationships. Virginia Tech is not a basketball factory like the Kentuckys and Dukes of the world, plugging and playing the latest hotness. Anyone who's heard the Mikes talk about player development and relationships can hear their voices in Dailey's second answer.

It still sounds like the Hokies will get a visit, which would be a big, big deal. I'm keeping my expectations well in check, but if there was ever a time to say, "don't count out VT", this is probably it. If the Mikes get a shot with Dailey, they're going to make a lasting impression, at the very least.

The days of VT's roster topping out in the 6-5, 6-7 range are over. Mike Young is looking for bigger, longer players who can play with their back to the basket or face up like Keve Aluma and Justyn Mutts. We've talked about some targets currently on the board like Braden Huff, Cameron Corhen, and Noah Clowney, but there's another planning a visit in late June we should talk about.

3-star Charlotte C Patrick Wessler (7-0, 235) is seeing his recruitment pick up lately. Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the Hokies were one of the first major programs to offer Wessler at the beginning of this year. Since then, Wessler has grown his offer list to include the likes of Iowa, Ohio State, Providence, Southern Cal, NC State, Wake Forest, Creighton, and Ole Miss. Major programs have taken notice of Wessler's talent in the paint, where he's most comfortable posting up, rebounding, and blocking shots, but also his evolving abilities on the outside. He's a really fun player to watch throw a shoulder and impose his will at the rim.

Reading interviews, it's easy to see why Wessler will get along with a coaching staff known for cultivating and respecting personal relationships:

Q: What has been your biggest takeaway from the recruitment process so far?
A: My biggest takeaway is that I'm big on relationships. The coaches that put in the time and effort to build that relationship I'm more partial towards. That's what I've learned.

As for Tech, specifically (from January):

Virginia Tech: "They've been letting me know that they want me to come in right off the bat and play and I really like that. Coach Young has been really great and we've had some really good interactions.They feed their bigs and play inside out. I've also been watching this season, they're ranked and a good team. I can see myself coming in as a freshman and give good minutes off the bench."

Wessler doesn't appear to be in any hurry to make a decision. He's currently planning on taking visits to VT, Wake, Providence, and Ole Miss before the fall, with a commitment after his visits to Iowa and ECU, which he sees stretching into the fall. Thanks to their early evaluation and offer, their constant contact, their pitch, and (as always) Mike Young, the Hokies are in very good position in this recruitment.

Sister goes to NC State, I would consider that a very big factor.

Big man comin back! Patrick Wessler will return to Blacksburg and there's reason to feel encouraged:

I am definitely working to set up visits with Providence, Southern Cal, Ole Miss, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Ohio State.
Virginia Tech: "I know they need a big in 2022, because their bigs right now are all grad transfers. I really like coach Mike Young and the style they play."
"Honestly, I just want to go to a place where I can compete for playing time. I am thinking I want to commit in the fall, after I get my visits done but before my season starts."

Could they have found a worse picture to use for the story??

also obligatory:

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Our dude can match stories with pretty much anybody. Excited to see the dividends.

Bulletin board material for new PG Storm Murphy. I love it. Really feel like he's going to show out.

Ranking the top 85 transfers-

85. Storm Murphy [๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ˆ -Ed.]

Old school: Wofford | New school: Virginia Tech

Murphy took his game to new heights as a senior by averaging 17.8 points on 40% 3-point shooting for a solid Wofford team. The 6-foot guard is now joining his old coach, Mike Young, at Virginia Tech, where he'll provide some shooting for a Hokies squad that was good but not great from beyond the arc this past season.

A quick note on Braden Huff, who's scheduled to be in Blacksburg June 13. One of my favorite post targets (along with Noah Clowney), pulling the Chicago-area big out of the Midwest might be tough, especially from Wisconsin (visit scheduled for June 17). But a look at their scholly distribution shows there's not a lot of room. I don't know exactly how many spots they're looking to fill or expect to be open, but judging from the offers out, it looks like they want a PG and a PF. Huff will be visiting the same weekend as another PF recruit and a PG who has CBs for Wisconsin. They also have a CB for a center on their list who is visiting a couple days before Huff. Will Wisconsin push for commitments with so little room? Will Huff bite or will the other PF?

Huff seems like a thoughtful person who wants time to make a decision and maybe see what other offers appear over the summer. I mean, some recruiting services haven't even rated him yet (247 had him rated a 4-star). The flip side is Wisconsin is his last scheduled visit and he's been on their campus before. With all that in mind, it's clear the June 13 visit to Virginia Tech could literally be make-or-break for the Hokies in his recruitment.


"What are the offers right now"
BH: "Right now is Virginia Tech, Northwestern [continues, I love he mentions us first]"

"How about Virginia Tech?"
BH: "Virginia Tech. Coach Young, I really like what he's doing. And then Coach Giltner, he's a great guy, too. Really like the coaching staff. I like the school a lot and the players are also great."

"What schools are hitting you up the most, really making you feel like a priority?"
BH: Those three (Northwestern, VT, Wisconsin), [lists also-rans]

My read is we're in good position. Northwestern has a location edge for Huff, as does Wisconsin, but he talks about NW in terms of potential. Wisconsin is the one that worries me most, but they're short on spots and he didn't commit on his visit on the 17th. So, while we got kind of a boilerplate rundown, it's clear he feels the love from Blacksburg. Fit and academics are his two main criteria, and he wants to make a decision this fall after perhaps a few more visits, but before his senior season. Problem is, I hear Kansas and others are starting to sniff around. He just got an offer from Illinois.

yiiiiiikes ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

That is one tough read. Feel for the players. Don't know what a player would have to gain from leaking everyone going in on the HC. Maybe an assistant? Either way, hoooo boyyyyy...

Wartooth, I appreciate all the work you do dude. you've put so much into this thread and so many others, and honestly I love all the information you pull together. I literally come to this site to avoid the pessimistic football threads, and dive into the basketball threads. You are a great asset to this TKP community.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

So what you're saying is, we should tweet this at croots?

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

ha, no no
We're not that fan base.
On a serious note, I'm proud of the positivity our basketball community embraces. We want these guys to join our family, but more than that, we want them to go where they can get what they need and want. Hopefully, those things overlap. Our attitude toward any recruit should be positive vibes at every offer or bit of news, and gratitude they chose to share their journey with us. That's really special.

Quick hit: Huff is visiting Illinois on a pretty quick turnaround from their offer. He's said before that Illinois waiting so long to offer doesn't bother him, but I'm bothered for him- being right there in their backyard this whole time and them waiting til the summer before his senior year? cmon man

removed because paywall, my bad, didn't see it at first ;)

EDIT: Suffice to say, if you're following my feelings on Huff, how good we should feel, and who we should worry about, you know what this article had to say.

CB (6) for Wisconsin. Still could be a ways to go in this one, at least I hope.

Giltner sighting at the Under Armour Session 1 in Cartersville, GA. Watching Braden Huff. CMY was watching Team Curry (MJ Collins, Caleb Foster) and others yesterday.

The whole office was in to see Braden Huff and the Illinois Wolves win the UAA 17U championship over the Riverside Hawks.

I love this showing by the whole staff. Huff's been on my short list since I saw his film. Will be a marquee P5 starter one day.

CW rubbing elbows with Izzo... Nice company

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Hokie Wartooth...dude...thank you SO MUCH for all this info! You are absolutely killing it with this plethora of info on the basketball recruiting. If I had to complain, it would be that there's TOO much info and I can't help but read through it all in every post lol!

You are a Hokie through-and-through. Keep up the amazing work as long as it makes you happy and know that, if I dare speak for everyone, we all sincerely appreciate it.

Go Hokies!

*edit: turns out drinking an entire bottle of wine then posting on The Key Play makes me use the word "info"...a lot.... ๐Ÿ˜‚

You're welcome.

"Make the content you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Wartooth

Also see "Write it and they will read" - The Dalai Wartooth.

For real though, awesome content. The future is indeed bright for this Bball team!

Well that is a surprise.

247 profile

Good for the staff for getting him to Blacksburg. I'll be watching with great interest whether they can get him back for an official or another visit. I'd thought Dug was uninterested until now. Wonder how much influence Mike Jones carried in this decision of a Paul VI guy traveling to Blacksburg on his own time.

EDIT: I won't bore anybody with a full breakdown of Dug McDaniel's talents. There's plenty of highlight tape. He's a lightning-quick, pass-first guard who can score listed at 5'9" but watching his tape, you forget. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "though he be but little, he is fierce." The number of times I've sworn under my breath watching him- this kid does it all, but his vision, awareness, aggressiveness, and energy are incredible. Consistency is an issue, but that's coachable. Excellent prospect.


those comments ๐Ÿคฉ... plus Jarace Walker out of frame

Getting McDaniel on campus is so big for the VT staff because, depending on how things shake out with Michigan's board (rooting for Seth Trimble or Jaden Bradley to UM), his recruitment could take another turn (McDaniel had wanted to make a commitment in August), and PG is a huge position of need for the Hokies. It's also big because strengthening Tech's relationship with Paul VI and other WCAC programs (DeMatha, Gonzaga, Bishop O'Connell, Bishop McNamara) is a top priority, greatly helped with the addition of Mike Jones to the staff. Ant Harris is the only recent success VT has had with a Paul VI guy, signing with the Hokies in 2018 (he was released the day after Buzz Williams took the A&M job, and signed with UNC). Two more recent names from Paul VI, Trevor Keels and Jeremy Roach, both play at Duke.

Looking ahead, Paul VI is home to 2023 SG DeShawn Harris-Smith (6-4, 180) and name-to-watch 2024 guard Darren Harris. Pushing hard for McDaniel's pledge, strengthening our relationships, and getting these pics on social helps lay the foundation for these future recruiting battles.

Rice looking hard at Louisville also another reason to push for Dug.

Committed to Michigan.

Side note. And this is not a TKP criticism- It's the same across all VT sports news platforms. I really wish we had the kind of reporting on basketball recruiting other programs have. I'd settle for even what we have with football. Do bball recruits just not call VT reporters back? Why aren't there interviews after official visits? I can find an article every other day about JTaylor and Syracuse. Hand me some press credentials and I'll do it myself, I mean, my goodness. Dying over here.

EDIT: oh, but if there's a low-three star WR visiting from Frognot, Texas, you can fill up on all kinds of tidbits. VT weird, man.

Right now you are our only source for basketball recruiting news, and you're doing a damn fine job of it! Thank you!

I struggle with this too. I'm also in the same boat with you when you say:

"And this is not a TKP criticism"

I love and defend TKP as my favorite outlet for VT hoops news. That doesn't change the fact that there's just a fundamental difference in how we as a fanbase approach basketball when compared to other schools in our hoops peer group. No matter how often I'm on twitter and I see "We a basketball school now" I can't help but think that we really fall short in the hoops coverage (recruiting or otherwise) that most "basketball schools" (not blue blood) programs have.

Again: not a criticism of TKP. TKP, for my money, is leagues better in hoops coverage than anything else I've found. Hell at this point I'm only really on this site for Hoops news, the gaming lounge, and talking trash to my tailgating friends on here.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

100%. If we want this to be a serious basketball program from the coaches all the way down to the fans, we need to start treating it like one. CMY gets it. We need to get it, too.

EDIT: and thank you for indulging me in getting this off my chest. This is a prime year for basketball recruiting. We're no longer under pandemic protocols. Kids can visit. We've been having on-the-court success consistently. We have good coaches who fit, who embrace VT instead of trying to shoehorn their own identity upon it. Our football program feels like it's on life support compared to where it's been in the past. A huge portion of the fanbase is waiting for the axe to fall after this season. The recruiting reflects that. The (lack of) excitement reflects that. If I'm being polite, it sucks. Unfortunately, the basketball coverage sucks, too, compared to "serious" fan bases. Our fan base wants basketball content not just because they've been winning, but because we see the moves, we see the process, it makes sense, and the results are speaking for themselves. CMY and his staff deserve better coverage. I just wish I had more than my narrow, keyhole view to help.

whew okay- Negativity set back to OFF position

Kinda disagree on football, seems like a lot of people are pretty excited. Roster wise we're set up to have a good year

It seems like nobody knows much about 2022 Baltimore PG Bryce Lindsay outside of the coaches recruiting him. Let's fix that!

Unranked and unevaluated by 247, Rivals, or ESPN, the 6-3 guard out of Baltimore Poly also played on Team Thrill (UA) and Team Melo (Nike) on the AAU circuit. Lindsay is a shooter, through and through, and proudly patterns his game after Steph Curry (MY has call Dell's cell, right?). Lindsay is described by coaches as checking all the boxes for a good PG: leader on the floor, good work ethic, high ball IQ, good court vision. If there's a knock on his game, one of his trainers has said Lindsay needs to work on his flexibility because his hips are too tight and could stand to be a little meaner on the court.

Lindsay's work has paid off, though. A little less than a year ago, his performance got the attention of Virginia Tech, Georgetown, VCU, George Mason, Xavier, and Marquette, all of whom offered. Syracuse is mentioned as keeping contact, though they have not yet offered. More recently, Lindsay got a Pitt offer during an unofficial visit and he has plans to check out Virginia Tech:

What about a program like Virginia Tech? What is your relationship with Coach Young?

"Virginia Tech is a school that has been on me from the start. Great program, it's a lovely situation, the best conference in college basketball (ACC). Coach Young is a big energy guy, he wants to make me a Hokie really bad. I'm scheduling a visit with them soon."

Top 6 for Linday- Marquette, Xavier, OK St, Georgetown, Texas A&M, VT

4-star 2023 PF GG Jackson is in Blacksburg on an unofficial visit. We talked briefly about him back in March and you can find a good breakdown of his skillset here (face-up PF/track guy who runs the floor well, defends and rebounds really well, but needs to develop his deeper shooting and ball handling). Back in the spring of 2020, Tech was on a short list of programs showing high interest in the 6-8, 210 Columbia, SC product, and things kind of blew up from there. Ranked #30 in the country by 247, Jackson has added offers from the likes of Tennessee, LSU, NC State, Maryland, and family favorite/"dream offer" UNC. If he's a take at UNC, hard to see anyone beating them for Jackson.

s/o to the cleanest photo team in D1. These never disappoint. The family ones are always my favorites.

Speaking of those important DMV and -adjacent relationships, I have to assume we've got boots on the ground at DeMatha starting today for the start of DMV Live

It's going to be a who's-who of talent. Here's just a sampling:

Rodney Rice, Tyrell Ward, 2023 Jacoi Hutchinson (DeMatha)
Justin Taylor, 2023 6-9 C Carter Lang (STAB)
Dug McDaniel (Michigan commit), DeShawn Harris-Smith, Darren Harris (Paul VI)
Favour Aire (Bishop McNamara)
Cam Whitmore (Archbishop Spalding)
Mady Traore (NCA)
Justyn Fernandez (Espiscopal)
2023 Jahnathan Lamothe (remember this name) (St Frances)

DeMatha and Paul VI will square off at 8:20pm and, if history is any judge, might be worth the price of streaming.
Lots of other fun matchups this weekend- DeMatha-Spalding, St Frances-Bishop Mac, Spalding-STAB, DeMatha-STAB, Paul VI-NCA, and more.

$10 to get in, if you're around!

Is this on ESPN3 ESPN+ at all?

Vroom Vroom


If they posted this at the time they took the photo, they're scouting Bishop O'Connell (PG Paul Lewis, a Maryland commit, 6-8 C David Onanina, SG Wes Peterson) against St. Maria Goretti.

2022 Gonzaga (DC) PG Judah Mintz to Pitt. The name has been around different boards, but didn't write him up bc never felt we were in it.

Let's gooooooooooooooo
Rodney Rice:

Virginia Tech: " It was a great visit because of the connection I have with the coaching staff. They also made me feel like a priority which I loved."
When it comes to making a commitment the highly-touted guard is looking for "a strong connection with the staff, family vibe, style of play, and if that school will get me to the NBA."
Rice also mentioned that he is considering teaming up with fellow DeMatha teammate Tyrell Ward.

Looking at a fall decision. Official to Louisville June 22-24.

Session 1 of DMV Live wrapped up this past weekend and a number of targets showed out, but Rodney Rice and Tyrell Ward's names were everywhere, in particular. DeMatha was one of 4 squads to go undefeated through the weekend. Rice scored 19 in a 85-72 win over St. Anne's Belfield (Justin Taylor, Carter Lang- HUGE weekend for Lang), and Ward led scoring for DeMatha in their other 3 wins over Mt. St. Joe's (12), Paul VI (14), and Spalding (24).

Bishop McNamara's Favour Aire also stood out (I mean, dude's 7 feet tall and long as a yacht) with his tremendous scoring inside, rebounding, and defense, swatting away 6 shots in one game. Aire's game needs a little more polish, but the raw talent there is undeniable, and the strides he's made in the last year are very noticeable. He's a guy who works his tail off and his ceiling is sky-high.

Enjoy these terrific Rodney Rice highlights-

Wow. So smooth and effortless with his off hand.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

More wrap-up from session 1 of DMV Live. Here's where some VT recruiting targets showed up in the stat leader columns over the weekend:
Cam Whitmore (SF, Spalding)- 29.3 ppg (2nd)
Jacoi Hutchinson (2023 SG, DeMatha)- 5.0 ast (4th)
Jahnathan Lamothe (2023 CG, St. Frances)- 2.3 stl (5th)
Carter Lang (2023 C, STAB)- 11.3 reb (2nd)
๐Ÿ‘€Favour Aire (C, McNamara)- 10.8 reb (5th), 4.5 blk (1st)๐Ÿ‘€
Derik Queen (2024 PF, St. Frances)- 2.3 blk (4th)


Virginia Tech: "(Associate head) coach Mike Jones has been my lead recruiter there, and I have a good connection with him. They have been telling me they are looking to put the ball in my hands on day one. I really like what I heard with them. Having a connection with someone you have known for a while, like with coach Jones, someone who you know has your back that's big for me.
"The only schools who haven't offered yet I would give any mind to are the blue schools, if they were to come in," Rice said. "The connection with the players and coaches will be big for me. I am also looking at the style of play, how I fit in with what they do. I am looking to commit, most likely, around the fall time.""

Rice has an official scheduled for VT on September 3.

Didn't really understand his statement about blue bloods. Is he saying he "wouldn't" pay then any mind at this point ,or he's still hoping to hear from them?

Pretty sure he's saying he would only listen to the blue bloods, out of the schools he hasn't heard from yet.

Ohhhhh now I see it, I couldn't get the sentence to make sense in my brain at the time lol

I may have more on Shtolzberg at a later date. The short short version is he's a solid point prospect. Scouts vouch for his ability on both ends but I've only seen his offense. Clearly a good shooter, pretty good passing and handles, can't really vouch for his court vision or defense. Been hearing about this visit for a while but still waiting for it to get scheduled.

Pitt got a commitment from 4* 6'4" shooting guard Judah Mintz from the class of 2022. Rivals ranks him 20th shooting guard and 103 overall. Will play at Oak Hill this season. Final three of Pitt, Penn State and Georgetown; but supposedly held an offer from VT.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Bacot returning to UNC. If I'm not mistaken, because he isn't a senior, he will count toward their 13 limit. One less spot available in the UNC recruiting class ('21 reclassifying spots), who also just offered Tyler Nickel.

Offering Nickel also bolsters what we're hearing/intuiting that UNC is cooling on Justin Taylor. Not seeing any worry from IU or Syracuse about him potentially scheduling an UOV to UVA.

They moved in from Taylor but offered Nickel?

Imo Nickel is better than Taylor just a little bit tho

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

Different players too with Nickel being 6'8".

But when they are both in O&M, won't matter to me.

We gonna have a great class but I doubt we land both๐Ÿ˜‚

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

The UNC offer was the one Nickel was waiting for, I expect him to commit to UNC soon

I have bad news wartooth๐Ÿ˜”

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

Yeah, haven't felt good about this one for a whiiiile.

Unc is back in play๐Ÿ˜ญ

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

Would explain the sudden timetable. UNC fans think it's them or Indiana (though they could care less, they'll get who they want). Indiana thinks it's Indiana or Syracuse. Syracuse thinks it's Syracuse. Hoos think it's Indiana or UVA as a 21.

One thing is for sure: one of them is right. If he's a take at UNC, there's your answer. I would not enjoy facing him on a UNC squad, but the Heels filling their '22 spots is good for VT, especially if it's on one we didn't feel good about. I was thinking Indiana, but then the "be the next Buddy" pitch happened and I totally see that working. Put me down for a sawbuck on the Cuse. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I wonder how Bacot coming back for UNC is going to affect the recruiting.

Let's be honest, BB has come a long way when we are in serious recruiting conversations with UNC, S, Indiana, etc.

Now Nickel to UNC is a HUGE concern

This next week or so could be the most consequential for the '22 recruiting class with Rodney Rice visiting Louisville today. If we make it through without a commitment on the visit or shortly thereafter, I think we have a great shot at getting Rice back on campus for an OV later this year, and I'm sure the staff will encourage a teammate to attend, too.

Rice talked about his Louisville visit and had nice things to say, but the headline we're taking away from it all:

As far as a list of schools and their subsequent placement, Rice says he does not yet have one.

Thumbs up. One hurdle at a time. Rice and Ward are going to be battles, but right now I wouldn't trade places with anyone. Rice previously said he would return to VT in the fall either for an official or unofficial visit.

Rice breaks it down

Virginia Tech: "I can come in and play lots of minutes. Run the team and play my game. The coaches have done a great job recruiting."

Don't hear that pitch often!
Like I've said before, Rodney Rice has all the tools to run the point and it seems Mike Young may agree. ๐Ÿคž

The ACC upon hearing that news

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Thanks Wartooth for your efforts on this front. If I could, I would give you an On The Spot award or an impact award. Since I can't do that, I basically leg every post I see from you.

Penny Hardaway interviewed and is a serious candidate for the Orlando Magic job.

In totally unrelated news, we pursued Memphis signees Sam Ayomide and John Camden pretty heavily.

In further unrelated news, the transfer portal deadline is July 1 for immediate eligibility and I believe we have a spot open.

EDIT: he is staying at Memphis AND hiring freaking Larry Brown lol wow

Pretty good choice on the weekend, now let's get Rice and Ward coming on the same weekend to sweeten the deal

This is the second news I've come back to, with the first being Mike Young's extension.

I am very happy.

You should go away and come back on Sept 4th. Please.


Or maybe wait until Dec. 17th?

well, lets see if it works first. Don't want the poor guy to be gone for a full 6 months for nothing.


One of the players who raised his own stock most over the last two weeks at DMV Live has been 2022 Waldorf PG Devin Ceaser. His performances impressed the staff so much, they've extended an offer.

Ceaser reclassified from a young on-the-cusp 2021 to a more mature 2022 last year and transferred to St. Stephens & St. Agnes from St. Mary's Ryken in Leonardstown. What I see is a quick, mega-athletic guard who plays a LOT longer than 6-1. Ceasar gets it done on both ends of the floor with quick hands and quick feet. His speed and his deceptive length have made him comfortable playing on the wing, but he's recently learned to slow down (a little!) and run point when needed. His shooting has improved a LOT in the last year, too. He's a fun guy to watch in transition because if he gets a whiff of hesitation from a defender, forget about it, that's two points. You can find a lot of Ceasar's highlights on Twitter right now and watch him burn a line in the court. I had to watch a couple of plays multiple times to figure out just how exactly he DID that. Fun, shifty player, fun interview, and I have a soft spot for a player who rocks the 13*. I like this dude quite a bit.

*or the 0

Kid has a ton of potential. Very quick and with a big vertical. Bonus that he's a 2 footed jumper.

Name to watch. 2023 SG Parker Friedrichsen (6-4, 165)

STRONG family ties to Nebraska and the region. If the Huskers give him a commitable offer, I think he goes there.

Ward is announcing on the 12th. Six finalists are VT, Xavier, MD, Louisville, Indiana and LSU.... some say that Rice and Ward could be a package deal. If so, only VT and MD made both players final list.

I leave for a day and this is what I come back to
That package deal talk was from Rice tho.
This timing is...
I don't looove it.

Yeah the word is Watd is a Xavier lean but we'll see tomorrow..... ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I live right down the street from Xavier, when is his official? I will shave some X's into the sides of my head and jump into his meeting with the head coach like some kind of fanatic lunatic. That will convince him to look a Blacksburg a little closer.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

So with his decision to enter the transfer portal while keeping his name in the draft, we are all banding together to offer Kofi Cockburn an endorsement deal under NLI guidelines, right?

I can contribute a few dollars, a pack of Marlboro Reds, and a few Hardee's coupons.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

The sponsorship should come from the local pharmacy, right?

I am not sure what to do with my hands now


okay, we probably have no shot considering no ties and limited playing time available with Aluma and Mutts in the starting 5, but this guy was a lot of fun to watch in the tournament.

limited playing time available with Aluma and Mutts

You do this so the positions become like the worst dish of pizza.....deep.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Virginia Tech appears to be back on the radar for 4* New Hampshire PF Alex Karaban.

[Karaban] will potentially take visits to Stanford and Virginia Tech after EYBL
Virginia Tech: "Our relationship has been really good, it's been about a year talking with them and it's always fun. They bring out the best in me."

While Karaban's recruitment remains open, he has a pretty good idea on which schools really want him as he gets closer to his eventual decision.

I hadn't seen the Hokies attached to Karaban's name since earlier this year and assumed he was focused on Big 10 schools like Indiana, Penn State, and Northwestern. His comments on which schools really want him may be alluding to Indiana who is not mentioned in this article. That is pure speculation on my part, though.

Giltner and Young are tasked with working Karaban because of one additional interesting note in the Hokies' favor- one of Karaban's assistant coaches (and the head coach of their JV team) at New Hampton is New Hampton alum Donovan Theme-Love who played for Young and Giltner from 2016-2020 at Wofford.


Knight played 3 seasons for the San Jose State Spartans where he started in 51 games and averaged 11.5 points and 1.8 assists during his career. As a sophomore, Knight averaged a career-high 17.1 points per game and 4.7 rebounds while shooting 48% from the field. He never played a game in an LSU uniform.

Hokies have a scholly potentially available even if Boots (hopefully) returns.

New offer and name to watch for 2022. Looks good as a stretch 4, but can also do a lot of true 5 things.

247 profile. Has an Iowa offer which is a pretty good endorsement, but is also AAU teammates with current Iowa commit Dasonte Bowen.



UH BS 20, VT MS 23.

Go Coogs, Go Hokies.

No offense, but what is a guy who's averaging 3 and 3 going to do for VT? This seems like a transfer down to get more pt

Ended up transferring across the street to Texas Southern.

It is definitely a playing time transfer. Over my time there, his playing time decreased. He couldn't go off with Dejon Jarreau, who the two of them have been a package deal since high school.

We had a graduate transfer come in who got so little playing time but ended up doing leadership stuff, coaching the team after graduating, then going on the bachelorette.


UH BS 20, VT MS 23.

Go Coogs, Go Hokies.

...then going on the bachelorette.

Any thoughts on what happened with Ward? Xavier is a good program but he had bigger offers from top ACC and SEC schools.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

He always has liked Xavier and even after MJ got hired here Xavier was always gonna be the team to beat

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life?
Life to save life?
Life to save life?

Mike Jones opens another door...

247 profile. Another great prospect with strong personal ties to Juwan Howard and his family. Interesting recruitment to follow along with Eric Dailey, another PF prospect with similar strong personal ties to the Michigan program and who has expressed an intention to visit VT.

Offered last week- Ryan Dunn; 6-6, 190... Appears to be blowing up over summer. Cal, TX A-M, Pitt, Ok St, Marquette, GT


'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Mike Young in attendance there, too. No secret Rodney Rice is at the top of the board and we're making sure he knows it.

Still feels like a VT-Louisville battle right now. Louisville has been sending multiple coaches to games and telling RR he's the ONLY guy they're recruiting. Meanwhile, Rice knows if he comes to Blacksburg, he's going to start cooking immediately for a program that's been annihilating expectations.

This. VT player development right now is off the chart. So is overall coaching: strategizing how to do more with less and beating superior talented teams. What's their ceiling once their recruiting takes that next step and these new guys develop a little more.

Exactly. This staff is developing good players into great players.

Jeopardy! Time
Answer: These 3 Hokies had 247 composite ratings of 0.8676, 0.8276, and unranked.

Question: Who are Nahiem Alleyne, Hunter Cattoor, and Keve Aluma?

Mike Young's way works. Now, imagine plugging in bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic prospects from the jump. Just imagine a future Virginia Tech starting 5 that takes

Darius Maddox (0.9534)
Lynn Kidd (0.9559)
Sean Pedulla (0.9244)
MJ Collins (0.9309)

and adds some combination of

Rodney Rice (0.9772)
Tyler Nickel (0.9664)
Braden Huff (91 (247 ranking))
Noah Clowney (0.9689)
Patrick Wessler (0.8894)

I'm not sure what the ceiling is for that kind of lineup, but the floor would be the Round of 32.

I'll gladly take a ceiling of seeing this basketball team playing in April

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That lineup.....

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Like I've said before, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more accurate predictor for Maryland guys than Jeff Ermann on 247. He just put in a CB for the good guys on RR (and some Louisville posters are not taking it well- the disrespect for VT, my goodness. Just a parenthetical to remind you guys to be cool.). A reminder that CBs, while nice, don't mean much and no one should interpret it as this recruitment being anywhere close to done. Louisville is going to be very tough to beat.

Now that we're nearing August, I'm contemplating drafting 4-5 separate posts for our top targets where we can go more in depth and collect updates in the comments. Please let me know what you think (i.e. welcome content, too much, etc).

What's our best case now to go with M.J. Collins?

Rice, Nickel, Huff and Dunn?

Are we still involved with Hand?

Our BEST case from here, I would say, starts with Rice and Nickel. We still appear in it for Huff, but I would be surprised to see him commit anywhere before the fall (great UAA season, may have a couple more offers to ponder). But he could pull the trigger sooner if it's Wisconsin bc of their limited space. I also have to imagine the staff is trying like crazy to get Noah Clowney on campus for an official.

Hand is a bit of a question mark. I can't imagine the staff giving up on Hand, who has developed a great relationship with Webbie, would be a great addition to the class, and would give MY another dimension of flexibility with his lineup construction. But I haven't heard how his unofficial visit went, he comes from a UVA/JMU family, and all his officials are going to be scheduled in the fall with maybe an October commitment (last I learned).

Sounds like we need some backup plans at Post.

This thread has become clumsy. It's too big and I can't find info, espcially on my phone, for each of the key targets remaining. I'm in support of a new format or effort.

thank you!

Please let me know what you think

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Louisville has been ... telling RR he's the ONLY guy they're recruiting.

If you will permit me a quick editorialization: "l o l ok. they have to know that's not true, but I'm sure it's nice to hear"

Braeden Moore to Rutgers. Notable because Wisconsin was after him hard at one point with Braden Huff as their backup. That probably shifted in the last couple of months as Huff dominated the summer. Regardless, Wisconsin is going to bring the house for Huff.

Still think it's going to be UNC to beat.