Ryan Willis led Lineman win The Spring League. Willis named MegaBowl MVP.

Willis has played his butt off this spring. He has easily been the best QB of this league. So glad to see him have this success.

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Good for him

Always had the arm, never seemed to be able to keep the mental side squared away. Hopefully more experience will will help even him out his game.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

It seems like he's improved. It also sounds like he's in a scheme which enables him to succeed. Hopefully he gets a decent NFL FA shot.

Scared money don't make money. Hopefully he made himself a few dollars and will get a camp invite

He didn't make himself any dollars according to Reuters

Not only does the TSL not pay its players, the league charges a $2,000 fee for the opportunity to get on the field.

The fee is waived for anyone with NFL experience or who has been to an NFL training camp, but no one on the field gets paid.

It would be great if he landed on a roster, rooting for him.

That's great. Seemed like he had most of the necessary physical tools as a quality QB, but I think in our system, he pressed himself to make the big play when it usually wasn't there. He just needed to know when to dial it back a hair, which usually comes from experience, like what he is getting now. Good luck, Ryan!

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I thought he did an AMA on Reddit or some draft board, and mentioned, similar to JRod, he had to run a lot for a QB at VT.

Mumme found something in him this spring, bc he's been good. His old mistakes popped up a bit during play, like waiting til the absolutely last second for his check down, or locking in on a single receiver.

Good luck to him, he still loves VT, and he'll represent us if he makes the NFL.

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Speaking of former players in non NFL leagues, anyone heard any rumors about Cam Phillips?

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Willis did an interview where he talked about the pressure he had here to be perfect and that caused him to play timid. He was coached by one of the Air Raid founders in the spring league, Hal Mumme, who gave him the keys to the offense and Willis talked about playing with confidence and how things slowed down for him. He said he has been in contact with some NFL teams so hopefully he can get a shot!

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