GA Safety Malcolm Jones commits

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Unrated guy that JHam personally recruited for the safety position?

I'm good with it.

Going to be a kid people are going to bitch about because of a lack of P5 offers and no 247 ranking.

Watch the film. He's clearly an old-school Beamer/Bud diamond in the rough prospect. Tackles with bad intentions, a lot of speed, giving me Chamarri Conner vibes.

I think this is a Keli Lawson situation where we got in on a guy early and he blows up after his senior season.

anyone have any insight into what level of competition he's playing against?

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

saw his high school is 6A, georgia goes up to 7A so pretty high level it seems

He has four teammates that are 3*+ so I'm assuming it's high.

Hopefully, he's a diamond in the rough as you say AND we don't let the secret out for Clemson or Bama to come steal him.

I think some people are worried about too many diamonds in the rough.

While we seem to be riding high in the rankings right now, I believe we will probably fall in the middle of the last two years. So this just adds into the overall concern.

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Overall class rankings are a function of class size. A normalized gauge of talent level is average Composite ranking. Right now Tech sites at 0.8644. That's a tick up from last cycle, but really pedestrian among ACC programs. The Hokies only beat out Wake Forest, Syracuse, Duke, Pitt, Virginia thus far this cycle (caveat: a lot can change between now and signing day). Talent-wise, Tech historically sat in the second-tier bubble behind Clemson, FSU and Miami. Unfortunately, the Hokies have regressed to the mean.

On a micro level, Jones might turn out to be the next Kam (and I hope for him that's the case). At a macro level though, Tech's not recruiting well enough to consistently contend for the Coastal let alone win the conference (to your point).

As you mentioned there is a lot that could change between now and signing day. What I think of most about that though is less about the kids that have yet to commit but more in terms of the rankings themselves. As has also been mentioned many times here there are so many kids who's film is outdated or have never touched the camp circuit yet and so may not have a ranking at all or an outdated ranking. Obviously, it is yet to be seen how this effects us on the Macro and Micro levels but there is so much more added nuance right now to it all

I totally get where you're coming from - at the end of the day, I'm not dogmatic to star rankings and how they correlate to on-field success. I know other people feel differently and I think that's a completely reasonable position to take.

The past three classes have been mediocre (to put it nicely) per 247 rankings. I want to believe that our staff is seeing things that the rest of the college football world isn't. It's purely blind faith because no one (outside of Vice) has proven they can consistently take overlooked guys and turn them into winning players. But eff it, I'm want to be optomistic.

For whatever reason, this kid is being overlooked by P5 programs and recruiting services. It's definitely not an issue of exposure because he has 4 teammates that are 3*+ recruits. As an "unintelligent" fan, I saw his tape and I liked how he flies to the ball, his toughness, and his motor. Maybe someone with more experience than me can tell me why he isn't a high-level prospect, idk.

Can we save recruit commitment threads for discussion about the recruit (preferably positive)? This isn't the place to rehash discussion about recruiting rankings, failures, and the poor trajectory we have been (are?) on. I personally know of recruits who have read TKP commitment threads and thought the conversation was ridiculous and even insulting. Even more, I am aware of several coaches in SWNC and North Ga that frequent the site and have been somewhat turned off by the VT fanbase. I'm not saying coaches would talk down VT to players because of TKP... I am saying I know coaches whose perspectives were how great VTs fans are that have shifted to VT fans are pretty normal... I don't want to be a part of that.

Lol anyone who cares that much about what's being said on tkp needs to reevaluate their outlook on life. The school I got my doctorate has some of the worst fans I can think of and yet they still get five star recruits. Oh and their record is wayyyy worse than VT. Lighten up.

My guess is a lot of players, coaches and recruits who read TKP, or any Tech website for that matter, would believe the conversation is ridiculous. They have a much different perspective than fans. For what it's worth, I think what you're asking is silly. I replied to a comment with a fact-based observation. Threads are always going to diverge some from the original post. That's the nature of TKP's tree based comment platform. SevenLayersofPlayers preemptively mentioned fans "bitching" about this commitment (sidebar: I didn't see a lick of that on TKP, and generally only see varied levels of excitement when Tech adds a verbal). hokie4runner replied with a reason for potential malaise.

While we seem to be riding high in the rankings right now

Made me curious about Tech's position. I spent 10 minutes looking at the numbers and summarized what I found. I don't think there's anything wrong with any of that chain of discussion.

I don't want to be a part of that.

My advice for you: Do something else other than Hokie sports with your virtual cigarette break. Or only interact with official team social media (which keep everything 100% positive). For the 20+ years I've been a Hokie, this is the fanbase's lowest point of morale, by far, and isn't exclusive to TKP.

Let's hope that Whit's faith in Fuente is rewarded with an absolute banger of a 2021 football season and things turnaround on the field and trail.

Good idea. Can you or one of the mods delete this account t? Thanks!

He sure showed us.

Got 'em

If we're talking recruiting rankings etc, sure VT is 4th in the ACC according to 247, but like you said, that's a function of sheer numbers. In terms of their ratings, the current class ranks 9th in the conference.

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On a micro level, Jones might turn out to be the next Kam (and I hope for him that's the case). At a macro level though, Tech's not recruiting well enough to consistently contend for the Coastal let alone win the conference (to your point).

I think we're at the point now where we know if someone is recruited at a certain position grouping, we know that ratings do no matter. Oline - Vance Vice comes to mind. I'm kind of getting this vibe from Ryan Smith as well. I think the Secondary will be much better this year with a healthy Waller and more experience in the secondary. Granted, we aren't there yet but I foresee a return to the real DBU in the future. I like the potential in Teerlinck's group as well.

Fu says he wants to be the best developmental program in the country. I take that as him saying " i dont want to particularly get better at recrutiting" but perhaps im reading it wrong.

I work in sales, so I'll share a little mantra that gets me through the day here:

Celebrate the Wins

Whether it's a project that's $100k, $1M, or $10M, (substitute star rankings for $), a win is still a win.

That little project could turn into a wildly successful one, so prospects that are diamonds in the rough always excite me. It's harder for them to slip through the cracks these days, but they do still exist.

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I own a business and I do like to celebrate the wins. However, one big thing I learned during covid, having taken on what I call "survival" projects, some wins are not like others for sure. We had some small "projects" that costed us more in the end to the point where we were in the hole.

So while I get where you are coming from, if you have too many small projects, those little wins could bring you down.

Previously LowBrau.

I second this, just watched his film. I'm glad to have him aboard.

Hokie Love!

Well, your first sentence comes to reality much more than those kids turning into beasts at a P5 school. That's just reality, and that's why people bitch because we go 6-6.

Take away from highlights - this kid loves to hit people.

Was too soon and too serious.

TIC, it may be too soon, or too serious to joke about.

too soon and too serious is more like it

that is gauche af

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

This comment is organic chem af!

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

I'm guessing that not too many others are going to get that one, but I sure liked it.

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Nice to see Justin scoring a deal on Prime Day.

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Obviously JHam/coaches see something here that other do not. Lot of the comments above say what stands out is physicality. 2+2 = JHam wants to build an old school culture of physical play, and value that more highly than others? Does it add up?

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Malcolm Jones has been rated, and he's 88 on 247 and .8775 in the composite - good enough for our 4th highest commit...

If you go by 247 ratings, the team is now 18th in the nation.

Malcolm Jones is a great, great find by this coaching staff and they deserve a ton of credit for closing on his commitment, especially after Covil ended up at Clemson. 247 ranking confirms what was obvious on tape.

I'm excited that he's becoming a Hokie. A ton of potential to do great things under Hamilton's tutelage.

It was encouraging when he didn't get the auto-85 that 247 seems to hand out to unrated played when they commit.

Kudos to staff for getting in early on someone under the radar and glad that the evals align with third party.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Lee County won state a few years ago in 2018 in GA 6A with a 15-1 record. Their only loss was to St Frances Academy who they oddly played on December 22nd after they had already won their state title. This is a high level GA football program.

Glad to see he got the 88 ranking from 247. That definitely correlates with how he looks physically, and how the tape looks in my opinion.

The key here with a late-riser like Malcolm Jones will be holding onto him.