Spencer Rattler - Transfer Portal?

With the news brewing around OU that Spencer Rattler may enter the Transfer Portal, is there any scenario where he comes to VT?

I'm not certain of his HS recruitment process or relationships with coaches but thought it would be interesting to discuss the possibility.

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He's from Phoenix...Arizona could use him-they're having open tryouts for ALL position groups.

No thank you

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It wouldn't hurt. I'm 'meh' on the idea. I don't think having him would help us very much either. Just another warm body in a room full of guys who aren't learning anything.


Just another warm body in a room full of guys who aren't learning anything.

Lmao...brutal but honest

He would be an enormous upgrade at QB.

While it's an upgrade, I'm tired of these supposed quick-fix solutions in bringing in transfer QBs. I'd much rather start a freshman or sophomore QB and develop him.

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I'd rather start with a younger guy and develop him too. I just don't think we're capable of that :( The best offenses we've had were successful on the backs of polished(ish) talents we got from the transfer portal (Evans, Herbert) - if Fuente is going to find success in Blacksburg it's going to be through the portal. He has to find a way to continue bringing in really good, already developed, athletes who can shoulder the load of the offense. When Evans was here he won 10 games. With Herbert our win total was crap but it was the most productive offense we've had under these coaches. Right now our defense is improved but the offense is the worst it's been in 20 years. If we had an Evans or a Herbert right now we'd be 5-0, ranked in the top 10 and favored to win the Coastal (and, with Clemson having a down year, probably the ACC)


I agree with your point. Fuente and this staff just can't develop players (particularly QB and WR), which is probably the biggest black mark on his time here. If we do bring a transfer in, I hope it would be a sophomore who will stay 2 or more years than a one-and-done like Evans.

I am the heartbeat of Blacksburg. A fortress built out of stone but made with champions.

problem is, if we get a younger guy (soph) they likely won't be developed enough and they're not going to develop here. We need to have a steady stream of really well developed juniors and seniors to be successful with these coaches.


1) I agree that in general I'd rather be developing our own guys. We sent both of our in-house development guys elsewhere this offseason as we chose the transfer over them. It seemed like a clear mistake to many of us over the offseason, and it's very clear now the staff was wrong.

2) We have almost no chance of getting Rattler, but I just wanted to point out he is still a very good QB and would be an enormous upgrade for our passing game.

Develop? Never heard of her

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I remember hating him from that QB1 show. The attitude and everything was just awful. Hopefully he's grown up and matured a bit. Maybe this is the humbling experience he needs. But I'm also meh about it.

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He hasn't grown, it's why he might leave OU. He walked off the field to the locker room by himself after his backup led one of the best comebacks in the RRS. Talking with some OU folks, he isn't well liked on campus and has a massive ego problem.

he is a mega douche but i know he can play soooooo

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What level of douche though?
Sean Glennon level = 👍
Marcus Vick level = 👎

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Douche vs Criminal.

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"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

I would take him but he aint coming here lol

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He ain't coming to play for our QB Whisperer. There is no run game, so he will have to come here and take big hits and run the dang ball. Unless we have a coaching change.

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Ill gladly take him but im afraid well be seeing the same stuff we currently see at Oklahoma and a failure to scheme around his best aspects.


is there any scenario where he comes to VT?


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oh come on now, there's always a scenario....it's just more likely that I'm going to win the powerball jackpot


If you get your wish, there's a good chance, we will be dipping into the portal this offseason.

That, or we get a steaming hot Orji come August.

Yes, I'm very high on him, I think he's better than any QB we have on our current roster. Oh, and TX2VT.

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fully bracing myself for another wave of TX2VT decommits

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I think there's a good chance we'll be dipping into the portal this offseason regardless of whether I "get my wish"


We better be in the portal for QB. I believe Tajh needs to be the man next year if he can beat Kadum out. But as we have seen this year injuries happen. We need more bodies in the QB room. And a portal get would work well to meet our needs.

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Isn't Burmeister a junior? If Bullock is ready to be a real #2 - as a R-Fr - I think it will help BB.

He is most effective when the read-option is, well...an option. It's not this year (although I could see that happen more if he survives another 2-3 games).

I believe you are correct that he is a junior. I was assuming (and yes I know the dangers of that) this was his last year. Either way he is limited as a passer IMO and does not have the stature to take the pounding as a true read option QB.

Fair point about Bullock being green at this point. I am ready for another 1 year transfer that can actually see the field and push the ball downfield. Then have an open competition of BB, a more polished passer transfer QB, and Bullock.

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To be fair, I don't even know what the classes mean this year, since last year didn't count against anyone's eligibility.

gjp what's your scouting report on Orji? I haven't seen him play but I did watch Ferrell and I'm very high on him. His movements on the field remind me of TT5.

Orji reminds me of Vick. His athleticism jumps off the screen. I posted a tweet in the recruiting thread where he hurdled a player at the goal line. I think he should be a 5🦃. I hope after signing day, French will do a review of his film.

I like Ferrell a lot, but the one game I saw, he went up against Malachi Singleton, class of 23, and he got owned. Singleton is a top target, and we went in early on him. Good shot to get him.

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I saw that game also but I came out with a very different view. If I remember correctly Ferrell's team was missing it's best player and the "team" got owned. Sometimes it happens that you lose a great player and the team can't rise to the occasion. Ferrell made plays but the D couldn't get any stops... as far as Singleton, I see JE 2.0.

I agree - better take on the game and the players

He's just a roster blocker for Bullock.

He's looked mediocre this year with an average OL that can't provide a running game. So I can't imagine him being much better than that if he transferred here.

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He probably goes to the Pac-12 or maybe gets convinced to go to South Carolina. More than likely though he ends up at ASU.

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Out of Curiosity I wanted to check in on the rest of QB1 series players:
Tayvon Bowers 3*- Committed to WF, Transferred to Gardener Webb. (played in 1 game: 2/4, 16yds)
Jake Fromm 4*- Committed to UGA, NFL Drafted
Tathan Martell 4*- Committed to Ohio State -> Miami -> UNLV ( -> ???)

Justin Fields 5* - Committed to UGA, Transferred to Ohio St, NFL Draft
Sam Hartman 3* - Committed to WF, still playing actually a QB1
Re'al Mitchell 3* - Committed to Iowa State, Transferred to Temple (Don't see on Depth Chart)

Lance Legendre 4* – Committed to the Maryland Terrapins, transferred to the Louisiana. - Has not played
Spencer Rattler 5* – Committed to the Oklahoma Sooners, likely transfer
Nik Scalzo 3* – Committed to the Kentucky Wildcats. - Has not played

Kinda a rough go for a lot of these, most aren't/didn't stick at QB1

Edit: added their * ranking coming out of HS.

(add if applicable) /s

That list kind of sums up recruiting ratings in general. Seems like the W-L record is 3-5-1.

Yeah its kinda early to tell for Rattler's class they're all 2019 class so still plenty of time to develop and Scalzo had a torn ACL his first year at school and I'm pretty sure all of them RS the first year.

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I think Scalzo has lot a couple seasons to injury, but also some of the Kentucky fans on Reddit have said that he wasn't good enough for that level of play either.

And Trent Dilfer wanted a private jet in his contract with ESPN.

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Really 3 things to unpack here:

1. Is he likely to Transfer?
...maybe. In today's college football landscape, it's very hard to imagine such a highly rated recruit being okay with any significant time on the bench. The current motto seems to be: when things get tough...hit the Transfer Portal. The one caveat, I think, is his coach. If there is anyone who has a resume of recent QB success that might convince a guyto stay, its Riley.

2. Would he be interested in VT?
Extremely doubtful. Let's say that Fuente is not fired, Rattler has no ties to this area, Staff, or anyone currently on the team. This is a kid who sees himself playing on Sundays. Brad Cornelsen is not going to get you to the NFL...anyone with common sense and Rattlers pedigree will see that instantly.

3. Is he worth pursuing?
Depends upon your situation. There is a lot of talent there but there is also a ton of ego. His on-field performance has been uneven at best so far. It remains to be seen whether he turns into Kyler Murray or Tate Martel.

My Prediction: finishes year at OU, when he doesn't win QB job outright in Spring '22, Transfers to Ariz. State

I keep seeing people predict him to go to ASU...current QB Jayden Daniels is only a sophomore and, at least by my eye test, as good if not better than him. Certainly a better runner and although he doesn't have the same arm strength, arguably a more accurate passer. I'm not sure he'd come in and start for them over Daniels.

But their coach plays to win the games, so what do I know.

He's a RS-Soph, he'll likely go to the draft in a weak QB class

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Thank you for this comment! Laid it out nicely

why in the F would he or any top qb want to come to tech?


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maybe hes been itching to run QB power 26 times a game

He not a fit for CJF because he has accuracy issues and isn't a runner. Now if we were to have a coaching change, VT could be a option. ACC football and decent skill players... 🤷🏾‍♂️