Watching Tech games overseas?

All, I'm going to be in Spain for a couple of weeks in the beginning of November. How have you Hokies generally watched football games outside the U.S. in the past? I'm only going to be missing the BC game but since I'm a glutton for punishment and can't get too high on my vacation, I'll need to be taken down a peg or two about halfway through - that's where the game will come in.

Thanks for any tips shared.

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Dude I could not watch it in Springfield VA yesterday due to blackouts so good luck with that. I would say this is the perfect season to not watch though, go enjoy the countryside and culture as much as possible because it is an awesome place to visit!

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Most streaming options (other than Hulu live) seem to work pretty well with VPNs. I've had pretty good luck with an ipad and a VPN.

Hulu live is pretty clever with insisting that you open up your location services, and then when you comply, shutting you down. I don't know enough about the location services to get past that, so Hulu live hasn't worked for me.

If you have some router savvy, I believe you can connect a device you've set up in the states to a router. Someone else may have better expertise on this.

And of course there's the 6 hour time difference from the east coast time, which may affect whether the BC game is watchable for you, depending on when it gets scheduled.

It's a Friday night game on ESPN2, kickoff at 7:30 PM ET.

I guess the time difference will put it at 1:30 AM on Saturday?

Yup. That's it.

Edit: Well, normally. But daylight savings time ends in Europe on Oct 31, and doesn't end in the states until November 7th.

So I think the game starts at 12:30 a.m. Will make it a little easier to catch the beginning of the game, anyway.

My recommendation: enjoy espana. This dumpster fire doesn't need viewership to burn. I'm sure there are plenty of rewarding things to occupy your time.

I'm still figuring this out.

I'd rather get gored by a bull in Spain that watch another VT game this season.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Spain is too beautiful and interesting to waste several hours watching garbage burn. Don't bother. Just enjoy your trip 😉

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Like the others, I would recommend not sullying your vacation watching this...but to each their own, so...

If it's an ESPN game and you have a provider to be able to stream ESPN online, a simple VPN would work then you can stream on your laptop/phone/tablet/etc. I use NordVPN and I live in London and it has worked great, but I stopped watching after the ND game.

Where in Spain? I've done a bunch of Spain, but not the northern coast, which I also want to visit.

Just returned from a 5 week trip in Spain. We used a FireStick through a VPN to watch our at-home TV. Did Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Zaragoza. Travelled by high speed rail.

The games in Spain, end mainly in disdain.

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When I lived overseas I was able to use, which is ESPN's international streaming option. So no VPN required. (although I actually VPN'ed into London to use it from Asia) I think there is a free 7-day trial period.

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Out of respect for Joe I won't post the actual sites, but if you are so inclined, doing a search for Live Sports Streaming offers some 3rd party hosting sites that carry games (there are quite a few, especially if you can speak and search in Spanish). Perhaps use DuckDuckGo instead of your primary search option. However, as others have mentioned, I would recommend enjoying Spain over watching the game in the middle of the night.

I did it once. 2007. Boston College. Based on that experience, I can't recommend.

I have a hard time watching them overland! hahaha

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I watched via Youtube TV and a VPN when I was in Africa.

With a number of years overseas, I used to rely on watching the HokieTapes replays after the fact, but that's not a sound plan anymore.


I don't try to access games from a foreign country, but when the games are broadcast on regional networks, I might as well be. Since my ugly divorce with the cable company, none of the online options include access when the RSN causes a blackout in my area. My solution is a VPN, and turning on developer options on my android phone that lets me use a location spoofer. I can make the ESPN app think I am anywhere in the country - getting access to the RSN games that are blocked out locally.

When they aren't on TV here or blacked out on WatchESPN, I just Google reddit college football streams. You will find the game streams there.

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Just moved to Europe a few weeks ago, so something i'll have to dig a little deeper into next season (when there is still optomism). My in-laws retired to Mexico, and have Youtube tv, which gets them the main 3 letter channels, plus ESPN, ESPN2 and ACCN. They also have a VPN service that lets them choose from a range of US cities to get around blackouts or regal showings (mainly a concern for NFL).

Are there any free VPN services out there I can download with my iPad? Also, after I have a VPN service, do I just need to sign in with any live TV service to watch? I'm not sure exactly how the process goes.

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I'm sure there are some free ones out there, but I think you have to pay for most of them. Once in the VPN you select a location to meet your needs. Lets say you really like the local NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX stations in NYC, great, select that location within the VPN and you'd get those local channels with Youtube TV. However, lets say it's Sunday afternoon and you want to tune in to the Texans game to see how TT is doing , but the Jets are on since you've selected NYC. Just go in to the VPN and change the location to TX, and presto, you get the local stations in say Dallas, which hopefully then get the Texans game instead of the Jets.

sweet, thank you!

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Wife is a limesucker, I had to stream the uva@c game in 2010. I basically assumed that there would be no Tech spots in Birmingham.

I been here since day 0.

Watched on ESPNPlayer - SUPER easy and they had a free 7 day trial as mentioned in the earlier comments. I fell asleep in the 3rd quarter thank God.

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I see your European Boston College experience was similar to mine.

I'm sorry.

It's difficult to get any games during deployment overseas unless you have cable app from home. And then it's a crapshoot because some games require your home wifi connection to stream. I caught the VT/BC game on Armed Forces Network on Saturday. Of course I couldn't stomach to watch any of it. First time that's happened.

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