Unless I overlooked the thread, I didn't see one started for this upcoming campaign. Mods, if there is already one available, feel free to delete this one.

Group A: Man City, PSG, Club Brugge, Leipzig
Group B: Liverpool, Athletico Madrid, Porto, Milan
Group C: Ajax, Dortmund, Besiktas, Sporting CP
Group D: Sheriff, RM, Inter, Shakhtar
Group E: Bayern, Benfica, Dynamo Kiev, Barca
Group F: Young Boys, Atalanta, Villareal, Man U
Group G: Salzburg, Sevilla, LOSC, Wolfsburg
Group H: Juventus, Chelsea, Zenit, Malmo


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Another AC Milan story to remember, although, after that 5 minute meltdown, it's one I'd like to forget compared to 2005. #UTFR

Great start to the campaign. Love that the captain got to have his "GERRARD!" moment!

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Amazing that LFC had never led Milan until today.

Lots of intriguing results to dig into matchday 1

Real Madrid picking up a big late win.

Liverpool pulling of a comeback with a rotated squad, more good than bad but they need van djik at the back.

Man city thrashing a more than competitive Leipzig side who I think could be a threat depending how the city PSG games go. Side note pep asked the fans to come to the game at the weekend after what looked like a pretty low turnout for a CL game. Flipping between Liverpool and city games the atmosphere difference was staggering

PSG looked unbalanced to me and though Messi is a threat I really thought they look really poor in midfield and defence and the gk bailed them out against brugge. Poch is going to be under some pressure if the city game goes sour.

Man united had a day to forget to me. Piss poor first half bailed out by a brilliant Bruno pass and Ronaldo goal but outside of that flat out bad. AWB gets sloppy and rightly gets a red and then it got bad the midfield struggled big time and I thought the attempt to play van de beek didn't work at all next to Fred and pogba. Lingards error was stunning and if not for that united get away with a disappointing point. They have alot to do to advance but still early days.

Atleti typical atleti nothing amazing yet somehow got a brilliant chance late for Suarez who missed his chance. That group is going to be tough I thought ac Milan and Porto both were decent more so ac Milan.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

the PSG match - they really miss Verratti. He's not the best player on the team (obviously) but he might be the glue guy.

Also I (PSG fan) was concerned with the Messi signing because the team has been at their best when di Maria is the distributor. Taking him off for Messi makes sense on paper but yesterday's result was exactly what I was worried about.

I agree with most of your takes here. I think VVD is needed in most backlines; Gomez is easing back into action, so a lot of the brain farts were a combination of the midfield failing to track back on the second goal, and Gomez losing his man mark on the first goal. I'm glad though that the magic of Anfield nights returned to pull the team over the finish line. The empty stadium feel was wearing on the team all last season (like most teams).

I didn't expect PSG to look so bad and disorganized, especially with Poch at the helm. I'm sure they'll work the kinks out though.

Man City, gonna Man City, they have 2 starting 11's that would push for titles in most leagues, I'm not surprised by anything anymore that they do. I think complacency and Pep's overthinking is the only thing that will derail this team.

Athletico scares me, I hate that they are in our group.

Man U will figure it out, dropping points to YB isn't the best start to a campaign, but the absence of Varane next to Maguire showed at times during that match. Ronaldo will keep you in games, but you guys have to sure up that back line (including the defensive midfield) to make it far in this tournament.

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Man, a match like that can take years off of someone's life. Hate Athletico Madrid! Glad we secured all 3 points. #UTFR #RunningDownTheWing

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