IBM Acquires Mehul Sanghani's Octo

I work in govtech consulting IBM has been making a bunch of noise acquiring 8 companies this year. The latest is no other than VT grad Mehul Sanghani's Octo which was a wildly successful company so I'm sure that cost a pretty penny - maybe Sanghani can contribute a percentage to NIL lol.

Rounds of IBMs 25 acquisition since their new CEO came on in 2020.

More info here:

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Always great seeing fellow Hokies succeed, good for Mehul! I know he's been a big supporter of Tech academics and athletics previously. Doubt I'll ever be able to visit the football players lounge named after him but maybe I can pop into the building they're naming after him up at the Innovation Campus once its completed.

Good for him, rising tide raises all ships when it comes to alumni success!

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Mehul was also on the VT BOV for 8 years, until June of this past summer

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That's great, I've met a lot of his business development folks having worked in tech for the last 13 years. They also bought a few companies locally such as SevaTec. So IBM is getting a lot of good out of this

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