From Reddit: Timelapse of Top 30 most Power 5 wins over the course of the BCS/Playoff era

If you wanna skip the timelapse and just see the end, screencap here.

Our highest peak was in 2010 where we were tied for 3rd most. I'm surprised we still ranked 13th after 8 years of mediocrity. Also Northwestern sneaking in at 30th was most surprising entry to me

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I'd like to see that chart with wins over FCS schools weeded out and then again with non-P5 wins taken out, then compare all 3.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I think the only thing that would change if you take out FCS wins is that USC, Texas, and Notre Dame would rank slightly higher, as they rarely if ever play FCS teams. But everyone else's numbers would probably decrease by the same amount, keeping them all in the same relative proximity.

Now, non-P5 wins could probably shake things up a little bit.

.....isn't this that?

From the link:

The battle starts in 1998 with the creation of the BCS. This chart accumulates Power 5 regular season wins only. A win over a G5 or FCS team is not counted.

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Well, how do they expect me to read the words when they're distracting me with moving bars in the middle of the page?

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My favorite part was watching Virginia fall like a rock at the very beginning

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We were in the top 10 for a huge chunk of this timelapse and top 5 for several years as well. Really goes to show the level of program we were in the late 90's through 2011. We just never figured out how to capitalize on that in terms of monetary/booster commitment and fell behind in the shifting world of college football around the late aughts and early 2010's in regards to the offensive revolution and support staff, program structuring.

My first year after graduating in 2009, I asked quite a few local Richmond Hokie alums how to join Hokie Club, and how to get involved. I got crickets.

Meanwhile, Clemson, NC State, etc were having massive turnouts at local alumni events catered by my company at the time.

I'm only now seeing that with the Hardywood Brewery events.

Just never had the alumni infrastructure set up.

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A lot of people were at the Flying Squirrels game last week as well. The Hokie club definitely seems a lot more organized in Richmond than last time when I lived here.