OT: GameDay Transportation to/from Lane

I have a WVU colleague taking a client (Hokie alum) to our game against the cousins. They'll want to have a good time and travel responsibly. I imagine with cell service issues, Uber is not the best option. Suggestions as to tried and true methods that work? They're looking at hotels in Cburg and Blacksburg

Thanks in advance

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Uber/lyft is fine once you get away from the stadium. My move is to walk down the road to Bennys, get a slice and call an uber. By the time I finish my slice, theyre generally there.

I live in Christiansburg. Uber/Lyft work fine from anywhere in Blacksburg around a game. The cost goes up around busy usage times (just like everywhere), but its pretty reliable.

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As VTandy said, you can walk a reasonable distance away from the stadium and get decent service. Alternatively, you can take the bus after the game (I believe they're still free rides directly after the game ends), and then Uber after the bus drops you off. You can try to coordinate grabbing a specific bus so that it drops you off closer to whatever hotel they're staying at, but if the goal is to just get internet service, any bus would do.

They'll really get after ya

Taking a bus full of drunk fans post game is hardly the treatment I would give a business client

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This is a fair point

They'll really get after ya

If they aren't walking to Tots for a post game rail, they aren't giving the client the best possible treatment.

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I've had good luck with Uber when I've brought my parents and long walks were an issue. Book hotels now! They are already in the $400 range