Offensive Line Signs of Improvement

Virginia Tech also seemed to take a step forward in run blocking, recording one of the better performances from the offensive line this fall during Saturday's loss to North Carolina.

According to Pro Football Focus, three of Virginia Tech's starting offensive linemen recorded run blocking grades that were the highest of the season in Week 5: Johnny Jordan (79.0), Kaden Moore (64.6), and Jesse Hanson (67.8).

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These are the little victories we can celebrate.

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If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I didn't think they pass protected as well as the first couple of games. Of course, UNC is the first team that has tried to send any kind of pressure. UNC had two guys that VT had a tough time handling- Vohasek and Ritzie (who wasn't starting but should have been based on my eye test.)

UNC was bad, real bad, on the back end. VT just doesn't have the people to exploit it. And, the drops. Lofton had two rough drops. Jones had a couple of shots to make contested big catches and couldn't pull them in. Smith couldn't wrangle the deep ball. The two positions where VT was good even when they were weak elsewhere during the end of the Beamer era (DB and WR) don't have anyone that looks or moves like those guys.

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If half the drops had been caught, people wouldn't be complaining about Wells nearly as much. On those drops the ball was where it was supposed to be.

To Pry's point it does seem like 3/4ths of the offense gets it together each week and a different group flounders. Wells is doing a heck of a job with not much to work with.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I feel like Lofton is a liability right now. Not sure if it's a mental thing, but he is definitely struggling to bring in catchable balls. I can think of two that hit him in the hands on Saturday, plus the one last week that hit him in the facemask. Need to give someone else a chance.

I feel like the face mask doink was Blue wasn't it?

We're seeing some signs of growth with Wells too, even if its small enough you might not notice with a passing glance. Starting out the offseason/first game, he was basically a cannon arm and that's it. Every ball is 100 mph in the general vicinity of the receiver, meaning the WR or the DB could have a shot at it if their hands don't get knocked off. In the UNC game though, he had several throws that were accurate, good ball placement where our WR should have it. And our WRs let him down almost every time.Either dropped a very catchable ball, never located the ball to begin with (or was too late), or something like a play Smith had where instead of going up and getting the ball at a high point, he waits for it to drop into his hands allowing the DB to read him and make a play on it. That's not to say Wells was perfect, he still has a ways to go (especially reading the field), but there appears to be some spurts of growth going on

That was Ritzie's best game at UNC. Jury is still out

Last year before the opener, I watched their spring game tape and his athleticism jumped out at me for his size. I am guessing he is one of those guys whose motor is a concern if he isn't already a starter.

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Could it be that we looked better playing the 14th ranked defense in the ACC? Or was this real progress? I genuining want to believe we see progress, but I am skeptical.

They graded worse against Wofford.

How are PFF grades calculated? Do they have a shit ton of people who watch film and agree to give someone an A-? Or is it less arbitrary?

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No idea. Some of the time their observations line up with my eye test. Other times, I think they are in cuckoo land. It could just be the coaching staff share their grades with them (which I could see as a viable business model that minimizes work and staffing.) But, I have no idea what their system is.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Also note, while those were the highest grades of the season they still weren't very good grades. Still work to do, still have hope, but it is going to be an ugly road to get there.

Offensive line grades are the least set I believe and change later in the week when more people review the film, but could be wrong

60 is considered an average / decent score

79 Jordan is pretty good but those guys scoring in the 60's against UNC's defense is like getting a C+ on an assignment that requires you to write your full name in cursive, and then underline it.

Finally someone else is asking this question.

If you do the math, PFF is doing evaluation of at least 250,000 player snaps per week. And that's just P5 starters. Throw in G5, two-deep guys, etc, you might be looking at a half million player snaps per week. All in one or two days.

And that's with a single review of every player snap with no QC by a 2nd or 3rd set of eyes. Then throw in the subjective nature of it all and assigning grainual grades like 54.7 in pass blocking and 64.8 in the run blocking (which seem designed to give the veneer of credibility and expert analysis to the grades), it all just seems somewhat absurd to assign credibility to the grades.

I'm not saying the grades are just total BS with no resemblance to reality. But, call me crazy, I suspect PFF isn't actually reviewing every play, but it's just assigning these grades based on the basic eye test (which pretty much any knowledgeable fan could do) and review of stats - and then throwing in a little fudge factor to come up with a grade of 71.3 or whatever.

They employ graders to grade every play and player. Scores are -2 to +2 for each play and then converted into the 0-100 grading system. Their website is very informative.

Go Hokies!!

The important thing to remember here is: they're consistent, the criteria is well defined, there's no subjectivity and they have eliminated all bias factors. /s

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Florida AM was playing managers against UNC and moved the ball much better. Reality- Check.

DaeQuan Wright with the 2nd highest score on offense. It'll be interesting to see if he continues to develop and take snaps away from the more senior TEs.

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The way Gallo and Delilius have been blocking I think he's due for some PT