Play action problems?

French and other expert analysts, I would love your thoughts on this.

Rewatching the condensed game. Specifically watched the 3rd and 4th down sequence in the first quarter where we got stuffed in 4th. The sequence starts at about 7:23 in. There is a lot of call for more misdirection and window dressing and running outside the tackles. Both of these plays feature all of that. The commonality is the QB seems to be making the call on what to do with the ball. Problem is the mesh point isn't fooling anybody. Watch the LBs and Safeties. Everybody sticks with the ball and nobody respects the options. Is this poor execution by Wells? Or do we have a tell?

Bonus mystery: we feature an extra TE on the 3rd down play: #98. Problem is there is no 98 on the roster! Who is this mystery man? Spoiler alert: he missed his block.

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Was it Braelin Moore in the game and switched numbers for a jumbo package? I'm not 100% so correct me if I am wrong someone..