OT: 2023 TV/Movie discussion

It's that time of year again. What are you currently watching, do you have any excellent recommendations and have you seen anything that you would warn others to stay away from?

Do your thing, TKP.

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I'll get it started. Because of course, it's why I created the thread.

The Last of Us is fricken fantastic. If you have HBO, watch it and thank me later. If you've played the game, just be in awe of how the show runners remained faithful to it. Shouldn't be surprising as I believe the main game director is helping direct this as well, but it's incredible on how they have not really taken too much artistic liberties so far, and in my opinion it is so much better for it.

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I just finished episode 1 and thought it was great. Pedro Pascal really nailed it. The entire opening sequence in Texas was just as thrilling and impactful as I remember it from the game.

Planning on watching episode 1 tonight and can't wait!

I never played the game but I watched episode one and I'm all in on the series already.

Have been considering DLing the game and playing that, at least until a few episodes are out. Should I do that, or just watch the TV show first. Thoughts?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

TLOU is my all-time favorite game franchise and it's not close. I haven't started watching the show yet so can't say what you should do first, but IMO the game is amazing and so my answer is "yes, you should play the game".

"Those who jump into the void owe no explanation to those who stand and watch."

If the show continues the path it took in the first episode, this is one of the rare occasions where it might not matter. Obviously, the game is fantastic and if you can get the current gen remaster (the one specifically for PS5) then you should play it, but I don't think you'll get much of a different experience going with one over the other.

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So the wife and I started watching the show last night. Got about ten minutes into the "20 years later" part, and had to wrap it up, but damn, the feels from the beginning.

The show looks fantastic, and I'm already impressed even though I'm only a little bit through it. But it's really gonna suck waiting week-to-week for this.

So I'm putting the show back on pause, and definitely firing up the game tonight. I'll play that for a while until there is a decently bingeable amount of episodes to watch. Should've followed this path in the first place, but I gotta say I loved what I saw so far.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

so just a warning. The second episode, while it follows the story well, it is pulling from a few different locations that are spread out over the first few hours of the game. Its not detracting from the story at all, but its definitely deviating a little bit from the almost scene for scene recreation of the pilot.

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Ep 2 spoiler without context

I should not have checked this while on video on a work call....

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I saw a spoiler-free review that talked about how the show writers were able to add some more backstory to some characters that wasn't able to be done in the game, so I figure that there is going to be plenty that is added vs changed. It also mentioned that there were some changes made due to the nature of the storytelling medium, but they weren't major changes and they didn't take away from the storyline. I'm good with stuff like that.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Finished playing part 1 yesterday afternoon and watched the first episode last night. Fucking bravo. Amazing adaptation, sticks to the source material and I love it. Can't wait for more episodes

.. Also downloaded part 2 and I'll start that later today.

Emancipation. Watch it.

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I just finished Willow and it was... ok.

Felt like it didn't really exist in the same world as the movie. The language was too anachronistic to the original. I wish the music had used more of the Williams score, but the end credits songs grew on me a bit.

There were elements that looked like they could have been really excellent but the whole thing felt like it need a little more polish in the writing department.

With the original being one of my favorite childhood movies, I was thoroughly unimpressed. It was way too campy, the plot was everywhere, there were a ton of inconsistencies, and it just felt disjointed. There were a few scenes where I really had to look away from the tv. It could have been great, but it went downhill from the first episode IMHO. It looked like something a couple of first year film students threw together. Shame.

In my case it introduced me to the original - didn't even know it was a thing, I think it was just before my time. So as "bad" as the movie is I appreciated being introduced to some campy fantasy

I'm still figuring this out.

Last week I watched The Pale Blue Eye which stars Christian Bale and was (I think) a Netflix original. Not bad if you enjoy mystery movies, but the second half wasn't my favorite mainly due to the plot. Harry Melling (aka Harry Potter's annoying cousin lol) costars and does a great job as well playing Edgar Allen Poe.

Always will recommend Dark even though the series ended in 2021

Danny is always open

This is near the top of my "to watch" list because I've heard great things.

I loved Dark, and the Netflix series 1899 was also really good. Same producers

1899 already canx'd. :/

I don't do a lot of tv but I've been watching Reacher here lately. It's amusing and passes the time for these cold days.

uva - the taint of the ACC

Is season 2 out yet? I enjoyed season 1.

Grogu throwing hands now. This is the way.

I just wanna know who's on the other side of the door when it shows all the Jedi in the hallway.

I think there is a decent chance that it's (pre toasted) Vader and the 501st

Wednesday, the series based on the Addams family, was well cast and well done.

Great family-friendly series. I liked it, wife liked it, etc.

To be clear, you would not want little kids to watch this. However, I do agree that this show was great and my wife and our extended family all loved it

Danny is always open

Agree that it's not for little kids, but my 10 year old daughter and 9 year old son loved it. It's honestly a less darker version of Harry Potter.

The show was great. The soundtrack was great. I didn't expect much when my daughter asked me to watch it and I ended up loving it as well. We rewatched it with the grandparents when we were back east for Christmas and my mom still talks about it

The Wire is still a correct answer if folks haven't seen it.


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Even if you have seen it, if it's been more than a year or two now's a great time to re-binge!

Still the best TV show ever IMO.

"Those who jump into the void owe no explanation to those who stand and watch."

I used to rewatch The Wire every year after March Madness ended since there's not any sports on til fall. Now I have a job/family so that's not really possible, but some time soon I'll fire it up again.

It is the greatest TV show of all time.

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Kaleidoscope on Netflix was pretty good. The episodes aren't numbered in sequence, but are labeled a color, and the idea is you can watch in any order. I don't really get the premise, although i can appreciate them trying something different. But after watching it, I think it would be best to watch in chronological order. Something like that would probably work better if each episode was from a different character's viewpoint, kind of like The Affair on Showtime.

The Peripheral on amazon is pretty good, I am only 3 episodes in, and not a very big sci-fi fan, but I think it was really well done, and look forward to finishing it.

Jack Ryan season 3 was good, just as entertaining as previous seasons. i'd recommend it. it's a quick watch.

The Recruit on netflix was great, really entertaining, hopefully there are a few more seasons coming.

I watch a lot of foreign shows on netflix, and season 4 of Fauda comes out soon. Fauda is really well done, if you like spy/thriller type movies/shows, you would love Fauda. It's about Israel/Palestine, won't get into the politics here, but I believe one of the creators or writers used to be Israeli special forces. I highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed the Peripheral. So much so that the book is my next read after I finish Tress of the Emerald Sea. The end of the season feels a little rushed, but still a great watch.

If you liked the Peripheral, I also recommend Travellers on Netflix. They have a similar vibe I think even though the stories are very different.

I need to read this novel as well, and I also really enjoyed the show. William Gibson is an excellent Sci-Fi writer (I mostly read all Sci-Fi, yeah I'm a nerd but I am in good company here). His classic 80's novel Neuromancer pretty much coined the term "cyberpunk" and was way ahead of its time.

If you haven't seen The Menu on Netflix HBO, its worth a watch. I'm intrigued with everyone's reactions on what you think the movie is actually a satire of. My wife and I had an enjoyable mini-debate about the movie after.

Do you mean the horror-ish movie on HBO? If so, I loved it. I think it pretty perfectly satirizes all elements of foodie culture, from chef to fanboy.

I didn't like the actual movie as much as I liked the previews.

Love the concept, Like the cast, but the finished product left me a little disappointed. Definitely not for everyone, I expected "over the top", but it turns out to be a so completely farfetched that it lost me. I stuck with it until the end more from obligation than curiosity.

It absolutely skewered foodie culture and exclusive restaurants, and did a decent job of that.

Edit: OK, I watched it again. My review is a bit harder on it than it should have been. The parts I found off-putting are sort of necessary. It's worth a watch. My favorite bit was the first 40 minutes of satirizing foodie culture and the wealthy, but the over-the-top remainder of it is truly necessary to make it work, really. Overall, I'll give it a 4/5.

I liked it, I could tell it blasted foodie culture but the satirical references to working inthe kitchen were over my head until I read a few reddit posts on the movie lol

I thought it was pretty great. Lots of deep and thoughtful social commentaries, the core one being to ignore what the health experts tell you, cheeseburgers are good for you

I thought it was pretty great. Lots of deep and thoughtful social commentaries, the core one being to ignore what the foodieshealth experts tell you, cheeseburgers are the ultimate gourmet meal and will help you live longergood for you


Bullet Train is on Netflix, and very much worth a watch. If Guy Richie and Tarantino made a movie together, it would be the result.

Belfast has been on HBO for a bit but I finally got around to watching it. Not exactly a black comedy, but it's funny in the same way as Jojo Rabbit from a few years ago.

Banshees of Inisherin was honestly pretty disappointing. It goes out of its way to be an artsy indie film, and has none of the humor or fun of In Bruges. It is an objectively great movie, but it's not really a fun watch.

I loved Banshees. It was among my favorite films of 2022 alongside RRR, Crimes of the Future, Babylon, Ambulance, TG:M and Dark Glasses.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Tina Fey stars as an embedded reporter in Afghanistan. Sprinkled with off the wall humor. I think it was on prime. The title describes it all.

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excited for mando and love how the new season of The Bad Batch has started

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Emily the Criminal.

Audrey Plaza finds a way to pay off her student debt that reveals her true strength.

A little gritty, not too deep, but worth the 1.5 hour run time.

Aubrey Plaza? Yes please. I will need to check this one out.

She shows a bit of edge in this movie.

I've never played Last of Us, but I'm familiar enough with the premise and story. I was absolutely gripped by that first episode.

That entire sequence getting out of Austin was amazing directing and acting.

That entire sequence getting out of Austin was amazing directing and acting.

It's *almost* an exact re-creation of the game. I love games/movies/shows with an immediate hook, and TLOU definitely delivers.

I actually watched Clam Bake last night. LMAO.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

Elvis for the win?

I watched Maverick this past weekend.
Yes, its gives a ton of fan service to original movie. Regardless...that was a fun watch.

Mel Gibson and James Garner classic.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

At least one person got it.

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I love that movie for 3 reasons:

1: Top Gun, duh.
2: I'm in the B-Roll footage they used for the intro.
3: My current gig is teaching new Navy Intel officers about aviation intelligence, and I reference the movie constantly because it gets so much wrong in silly, nitpicky ways that it makes it easier to understand what right looks like.

Paging king james for the spreadsheet. We got ourselves a movie star here!

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Would love to hear some of the silly, nitpicky things they get wrong. Just the unclassified ones, of course. ;^)

And what year HT were you? 93 here. MM

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

'14. Off the top of my head:

1. Mav would have been forced into retirement after not selecting for Admiral two times.

2. Mav could not possibly have survived ejecting at that speed and altitude doing the test flight.

3. Riding motorcycle through entry control point without a helmet, and doesn't stop to show his ID.

4. Top Gun is in Fallon, NV. There are no jets stationed at North Island, that's where the west coast helos are.

5. The officers club is owned by a civilian, and possibly off base. The few O clubs left are on base, owned by the government. (Though the vibe from that scene almost perfectly captures what an O club is like).

6. Fanboy is a backseater. His squadron patch and nametag are from VFA-143, a single seat squadron.

7. Bob is at best a second tour LT, yet somehow has three Navy Commendation Medals (usually an end of tour award for more senior LTs or LCDRs.

8. When playing football, they use the forward pass.

9. The "highly classified" brief on the target takes place in a wide open hangar bay. This would get people fired and maybe put in jail.

10. The mission brief on the boat takes place in the hangar bay, with a bunch of maintainers present. Again, major security violation.

11. Hangman's jet on the carrier has 501 as its tail number, meaning it's a Growler rather than a Superhornet.

12. We are repeatedly told that the enemy has advanced RF SAMs, meaning they are RADAR guided. No RADARs are apparent on the mountain, and the pilots repeatedly launch flares to defeat them. Flares are for IR guided
missiles. Chaff is for RF, but doesn't look sexy on screen.

8. When playing football, they use the forward pass.

Were they using pre-1906 rules?

9. The "highly classified" brief on the target takes place in a wide open hangar bay. This would get people fired and maybe put in jail.

10. The mission brief on the boat takes place in the hangar bay, with a bunch of maintainers present. Again, major security violation.

Something I noticed as well, as I work in a SCIF.

Good stuff, though. Wife and I love pointing out continuity errors to each other in film/TV. While I wouldn't have noticed most of these, they're good to know. Maybe I'll call some of them out to her.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Number 8 is just a dumb joke about Navy football. Mav's maintenance officer is even wearing an academy jersey, but somehow both teams are playing a beach version of the air raid.

Maybe they're just scratching an itch they couldn't scratch in school.

Wait, what?

It's Carolina rules, similar to VT intermurals.

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

I can't remember ever seeing an accurately portrayed SCIF in any media. They always have windows with no blinds or the fanciest TVs. Have they never been to a real SCIF with a "flat" screen TV that is 8" thick and can hear the room. Maybe at a contractor site the have fancier stuff (but most dont) but not government sites

Ep 2 of The Last of Us was excellent. I never played the games so at least I get surprised by the twists. I'm guessing those of you that have played the game already knew how that episode was going to end.

SAS Rogue Heroes on Epix is a must watch. It tells a slightly comedic but truthful version of the founding of the SAS in Egypt/northern Africa during WWII and has plenty of action

"Who Dares Wins"

I'm a big fan of comedy and am hoping The Machine movie based off the Bert Kreischer story is good.

Edit: Comes out Memorial Day weekend in theaters. Forgot to add that part.

Dudes stand up is for sure worth a watch.

He is absolutely hilarious.

So some one said I was a machine in my performance review this year and all I could think about was this and hopefully the comment was meant in a good way and not that I party with Russian mafi.

The entire "The Machine" bit is hilarious no matter times you listen to it. He and Tom Segura are my two favorites right now. I've been able to see Segura live twice and he kills it

I like listening to so much of their podcasting stuff in addition to their comedy. I could listen to Segura and BK specials on repeat during work and laugh all day I feel like.

Wait, what? A movie based of BK's The Machine? How did I miss this?

Can't wait to see it. One of the funniest standup routines I've ever seen. Love how he does some of the accents in his delivery.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Yep. He even leaked one of the trailers himself when they finished Sober October on Rogan. He is a wild individual. Funny as hell and I'm hoping the movie lives up to the anticipation I have for it.

The red band trailer is treated like a very serious "origin story"/John Wick vibe.

And then it just goes completely off the rails at the end...

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Started Ozark a couple weeks ago. Almost through the first season. I'm hooked. Seeing Jason Bateman in a serious role is crazy. He's always been a hilarious straight man, but a straight-straight man, damn he's good lol

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

He is awesome in Ozark. That's a great series!

Agreed. Great series. Really jumped the shark at a certain point, but I enjoyed it overall. The actors were magnificent. Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner = scary good.

Julia Garner deserves all the Emmy wins. In her most recent win for S4E07, she has a certain scene and I told myself "Well there's her Emmy right there". Chills!

The show's writing absolutely does jump the shark and becomes really wonky. The show becomes a vessel for Supporting Actress Emmys. Still a worthwhile watch.

I enjoyed it and finished it, but the last season was hard.. You had learned to hate some of the characters badly...

In a move that really shouldn't surprise anyone....

The Last of Us has been picked up for a 2nd season by HBO

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Not a big TV person, but I am watching Will Trent on Hulu. It takes place in Atlanta/Georgia, and (at least through the first 3 episodes) they have done a really good job of representing the city and surrounding exurbs (as someone who lives here and not-infrequently has to disrupt my daily activities to get around movie sets, I get really annoyed when movies film here, but are set in NYC or some shit *cough* marvel *cough*). Anyways, it's a detective show about a dyslexic GBI agent. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a fun, easy, watch.

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I dunno, I thought "The Walking Dead" captured Atlanta pretty well.

Walking dead wasn't bad. There was some romcom on amAzon prime that my wife and I watched, and they're jogging through Piedmont Park (a place I would go almost daily 2 years) and they called it Central Park. I was so triggered.

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I just had a chance for a free night and a friend and I watched The Menu on HBO Max.

One of my favorite movies in the last year or more. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you are looking for a good thriller with a strong cast and really tight (and funny) script, you should like it. If you are a "foodie" even a little bit you should like it. I liked it a lot more than The Glass Onion (and I thought Knives Out was really good)

Also, if you don't know anything about the movie or it's plot, you will enjoy it even more. One of those "what in the actual F* just happened!?" kind of films

Slow Horses on Apple is absolutely fantastic. Might be my favorite role that Gary Oldman has ever played, he's so darn good

Looking forward to seeing the ESPN film "Gr8tness" about Alex Ovechkin.

Binging Billions now on Prime / Showtime. It's brutal. Everyone is shafting everyone else. Nonstop! Still can't decide if Maggie Siff (Wendy)is qualified.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

Fantastic show. Lotta ups and downs. Unlike Succession, there are actually likable characters.

Downside, Showtime is trying to milk it like they did with Homeland, and kept it going past when they should have.

Oh, she's qualified enough.

But she's no Malin Ackerman.

Ok so TLOU episode 3 diverges very severely from the game in some major ways....


It makes sense in a show rather than a singular focused game and it is so unbelievably better for it.

This show is going to win multiple Emmys this year. Guaranteed.

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I don't know anything about the video game. I watched episodes 2 and 3. The show stands on it's own, without any prior knowledge.

It's a very well-done show. No complaints. And now they've checked all the appropriate boxes to clear the way for awards, showing THEY know how to play the game. Entertaining, and socially aware = awards. They're hitting it out of the park.

You nailed it. TLOU on HBO is designed to be a show watched by a lot of people that have never played a second of the game (like me for example)

With that said...episode 3 might have been one of my favorite episodes of television in the last year. It doesn't hurt that I love Nick Offerman (and for those that haven't seen The White Lotus, it's worth watching for Murray Bartlett alone) but it was a great self contained story that also mirrored many of the themes of the bigger picture of what this game/show is about.

"The government are all Nazis!!!"
"Well yeah now, but not then"

I was laughing heartily at that

It helps, A LOT, that Neil Druckmann is a show-runner for HBO on this. Having the main game designer this involved with the show helps keep the story intact when they need to make it more cinematic for a viewing, and not playing, audience.

I was excited for last night's episode because I loved that entire segment in the game. What they did last night in the show was completely different, and it punched so much differently than the game, and in my opinion, it was better than the game. But I also understand you can't tell that kind of story in the game where you're following one character throughout. But knowing this came from Druckmann, it makes what happens in the game a little more heavy as well. It was just phenomenal, and I can't wait to see what they do in some of the future episodes.

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Not sure who down voted you buy I up voted to correct.

Me after this episode:

343i came out and said that TLOU really raised the bar, and all I could think is no, no you set the bar so fucking low that you couldn't avoid tripping on it. The Witcher show runners should be ashamed at themselves too.