The VT curse goes on. Rice out "indefinitely" after breaking finger in practice.

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Never. We had an All American women's basketball player now we lose a talented freshmen after one game. That's just this year.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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We laid an All American women's basketball player

We did what?

We laid an All American women's basketball player

I would like to think that he could just apply for a redshirt injury year, I mean part of one game that would seem reasonable but well, as we all know, reasonable, and NCAA can't fit in one sentence.

That last sentence had VT in it but somehow I couldn't get all three in one sentence. Must be some kind of editing glitch.

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Yeah, he needs a redshirt. Just a wasted year. What rotten luck. I'll just save my enthusiasm for next year. He's really talented and hope he can set the nets on fire right from the get go next season

Hopefully he can at least get a medical redshirt out of this year.

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Honestly this might be a good thing if we can keep him an extra year with a red shirt.

I don't think we make the tourney or do anything amazing this season, so why burn a year for nothing.

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He will definitely transfer before playing in another game for VT.

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That seems to be our luck

If he gets even the smallest pro look, he gone. Top 75 recruits rarely go to college because they want to

Maybe Top 10, but outside of that, college for several years. The NBA is much harder to crack than the NFL. Only 60 players are drafted each year including international players.

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And of those only 15 or so actually play a role as rookies. Most second rounders are headed to the G League to develop.

Right, I'm lumping NBA, G League, Euro, Asia, etc all together as pro

What an absolute dumpster fire of a season for the basketball program.

Hope he gets better, but damn.

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At this point you redshirt him.

Hopefully his talent turns out as highly touted as he is. If he has pro potential, redshirt year won't even matter

Absolutely not. I would bet a month's salary that Rodney Rice will not be at Virginia Tech in 2026-2027, so a redshirt is totally pointless and will limit his development if anything.

I would almost never use a redshirt in the transfer portal era. Only for players who are absolutely not ready for any minutes and who you think will be around for 5 years. And in that case, maybe we're better off recruiting someone else.

To your point, if someone of RR's talent and rating is still here in 2026-2027 then something went wrong.

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every time we get close to being a Basketball School, we regress to the mean of not being one. This is just another example of that.

We're a...wrestling school? Baseball? Softball? Bueller?

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Baseball is ranked 14th, and despite women's basketball and wrestling being ranked higher at points this year, might be closer to a natty than them all.

But yeah

The disappointment of men's basketball this season cannot be understated. This needed to be a launching point kind of year to capitalize on the ACC Title, and it's been squandered. Injuries definitely are out of our control, but thems the breaks.

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As a fanbase, I really hope we don't normalize the concept of "VT curse" of any sort.

I don't either, but we're one of what two programs without a team NC in our history?

What does that have to do with being cursed?

We almost have to be to at least not have stumbled ass backwards into a NC in anything

Yeah you just don't stumble ass backwards into winning national championships.

Not any of the major revenue sports no but eventually you get the right coach, right team, in the right time. We thought we had it twice; once we were a quarter away, and the other got knocked out in the S16. So maybe we're not cursed but it's got to be something

Well literally every other P5 school has done exactly that.

It may partially have something to do with being a major independent until the 1990s.

VT was a bit late to the P5 party, as it were. Did earlier administrations not really care so much about sports?

They could have signed up for division 1 badminton and lacrosse, but chose not to.

VT has historically gone on the cheap- wal mart cheap with olympic sport coaches. This is the biggest reason. Not that many schools have won football and hoops championships. I get that . But the reason VT has zero team championships is that olympic sports- the best and most opportunities have for the most part not had D1 level coaches. We could have hired Stanford's women's soccer coach and won 6 nattys by now for example. Or UVA's tennis coach, etc.

We could probably have afforded to hire UVa's Badminton coach.

We just didn't prioritize badminton when we had the chance. So we've lost some small nuanced opportunity for internet bragging rights.

I still say Rugby is just as good.

VT has a national championship in Rugby.

And bass fishing and club baseball. But none are NCAA recognized.

Bass Fishing NC is by far our best one.

Rugby is kinda cool, too.

haven't our club hockey and mens lacrosse teams both make noise recently?

Do they have a championship?

We're discussing those.

Can we pay homage to the navy and put a nice battleship or cruiser statue on campus and just name it "Champion". That way no one can ever refute VT as never having a Champion ship.

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We could use the ship from Monopoly as the model for the statue.

This is going to be great for the ACC.


I think I'm going to hang my hat on the Rugby thing until the women win in basketball.

I mean we weren't going to win a basketball natty this year

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No but a program like ours needs sustainable progress year over year to load up for a shot at one and we're losing some of that progress this season

Except Rugby

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Rugby is a Club Sport so most don't count it. Similar to the Bass Fishing Natty that club won a few years ago.

I choose to count it, as someone did earn it.

Make the folks who DON'T count it explain their nuanced (NCAA-recognized, among P5 teams, including tiddlywinks, lacrosse, and badminton, sports that only 16 teams play, etc.) perspective.

Insert pointing up gif right here.

Especially as these guys fall under the rubric of true amateur athletes.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

We have 8 Congressional Medal of Honor winners (tied with University of Washington for the most of any public university excluding the service academies).

Is that like a natty except, you know, important?

Not necessarily with this injury, but I'm honestly starting to think it exists, and it's our own doing. Small dreams mentality is pervasive in our AD. We flew the Mission Accomplished banner in football when we got into the ACC, and I feel like we did the same last season in basketball winning the ACCT. We over appreciate small wins because we don't have a history of success. Look at the Cassell renovation plans, we don't even yet have funding for it. Until VT AD commits to being the best it can be and stops overpaying for underperformance, this is where we will be. I cannot understand how a school that is crushing things on the academic side and with fundraising can be so woeful and behind in athletics.

If we can't fund the Cassell renovation, it'll be time to pull the plug on VT athletics as a whole. If we aren't willing to pay for that, then we aren't serious about ever competing and we should officially shift our focus as a university to the academic side.

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We have just stretched ourselves thin trying to be a Directors Cup AD when we don't have the resources. We should have dumped everything we had into football years ago. Instead we have let that almost wither and die and bought a few firecrackers for basketball. I will beat this drum continually, but we aren't set up with a sustainable model for success in our AD.

Also leg to offset Hate Bot.

I get what you're saying, but IMO if we dumped everything we had into football years ago it wouldn't have made a difference to our football team's performance.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Probably not in the Weaver/Beamer era. But the time was ripe with the changing of the guard in 14-15 and we didn't do that at all.

Something that is not talked about enough is that in 2.5 years we replaced our President, our AD, and our Football coach. You can't expect to achieve alignment when the three most visible employees of the university are all replaced in such a (relatively) short period of time - especially when all 3 are outside hires (not saying outside hires are bad; just saying it takes more time to ramp up).

It just sucks that VT had to deal with extreme turnover at the same time that the college athletics arms race taking a big jump. It really amplified the mistakes shortsightedness of the past administration.

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Yup, I agree with this assessment. Money should go to the programs that make the school money and raise the profile. I'm sure that is not a popular opinion, but it is what it is. Look at Clemson as an example...

I don't disagree with what you're saying, but that's not a curse. As you said, it's all within our control.

Look at the Cassell renovation plans, we don't even yet have funding for it.

Man that's some suck right there. I wasn't aware of that.

Look at the Cassell renovation plans, we don't even yet have funding for it.

This is taking a grain of truth and using it to build on a preconceived narrative. NIL came about a few months after the Cassell announcement and changed the priorities. The Athletic Department knew that rerouting 20-30 million of funding for Cassell to NIL over the next 5 years would lead to better recruiting than a renovated Cassell. From what I have been told they are scaling back the Cassell renovation in favor of more NIL money.

Fair point, but still we don't have the funding for a big, tangible project that was announced with much fanfare nearly two years ago. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul IMO.

With all due respect, that's a really stupid fucking idea.

A renovated Cassell, in the form that was presented, completely changes the GameDay experience for the fans. You know, the ones that give money and actually contribute and fund those NIL ventures. If you scale that back in order to fund NIL now, that's very much a very short term gain for sustained long term pain.

I already don't like the current landscape but when we start talking about the fans needing to give money hand over fist to funnel that money to players with little to no game day experience benefit or improvement provided to the fans, that's when I move toward outright hating the landscape. When your entire business model is squeezing the average fans dry so that everyone else can make gobs of money, I'm out. At least professional sports do keep their facilities up to snuff.

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And Whit is on record talking about how he views NIL as a way VT can be competitive in lieu of capital improvements and such. Whereas Pry has always talked about NIL as a means to reward/retain our talent and not as a recruiting tool, more build relationships in VA and the footprint and get players who want to be a part of VT. Mixed messaging. If we start trying to pay big $$ to players and can't even improve our facilities, this is going to be a very bad outcome in a short period of time.

The public wanted pay for play. Now it's here and we have to choke on it.

If this is where it goes, and we are in a landscape where we sacrifice improving the experience for fans so that we can pay players more, that's the minute I stop donating and never look back.

Hell, this is probably my realization that I need to outright cancel my future giving. I hate the landscape and really just don't want to be a part of it anymore.

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The very last thing that pro leagues care about is the fans. NBA teams openly tank, their top players take nights off when healthy. NFL fan experience is garbage, pro teams chase every penny regardless. So yes, this is where college football is going.

They care about the fans, well, their money, anyway.

And the best way to continue getting that money is to give the appearance you are spoiling them when they attend a game or event, and the biggest reason we were going to renovate Cassell was to give upgraded amenities and facilities for the high dollar donors, like a club level lounge with access to the main bowl. And that is the kind of investment that makes the donors feel appreciated, feel like they are getting value for their investment, and hook them to give more over the years.

So yeah, to hear that we might be sacrificing that kind of experience in order to funnel more money into NIL, it really does make me question if we are going to screw ourselves in the long term. Cassell is an old, aging barn that is still stuck in the 70s. Comparatively speaking, the fan amenities in that venue are a joke when lined up against its peers in the ACC. It BADLY needs a complete overhaul, and we are absolutely stupid if we reduce the scope after making their plans public.

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The heck with other amenities. Fix the bathrooms to be ADA compliant and actually have hot water in them.

You do what everybody does in a capitalist society. You have some amenities for the fans who are supporting your team at various levels.

I would guess that most NIL doesn't come from the same bucket that capital improvements come from.

Both have their place.

Especially so when it is a state University. The bureaucratic bs that has to be gone through to do almost anything to a state owned building .......

I'm starting to be right there with you. If this is the direction it's going, I might as well just find an NFL team. What makes college sports so special is the personal connection the fans have - it's your school, where you or family went and have formative memories of and how it shaped you. You want to see players who share in that common bond and see what made that place special. If the average fan goes to Lane paying today's increasing ticket prices, already seeing traffic flow issues/WiFi and other problems, or goes to a game in a seriously outdated Cassell when you can go to a game at JPJ and feel like you're in a different world, and players come to VT just because of an NIL deal and might transfer for more money in a year? Yeah, count me out.

Simply look at how fast we went from a player can get proceeds from his jersey sale to 7 figure NIL collectives. Its here

Just speaking for myself here but I am glad they are rerouting the money to NIL over facilities and I don't even like NIL. As someone who goes to every men's and women's basketball game, the best fan experience is winning. I wasn't crazy about reducing capacity in Cassell to begin with for fear of altering the acoustics and reducing the noise. I believe they are still expanding the concourse areas and concessions but not building the suites that were previously planned. Ultimately winning sells out Cassell and makes for a good fan day experience. Winning increases donations and funding more than box suites and craft beer available in Cassell.

Thanks for that context, scaling back Cassell makes sense now. My hunch is you will see the facilities arms race deprioritized across the board (all schools) as NIL continues to ramp. The fromer was always a proxy for the latter.

But think about where that perspective is coming from. Big SEC and B1G programs who are already flush with cash and have improved facilities drastically in the last decade, and are now dumping excess cash into other sports and NIL. We are behind in the facilities arms race already and want to pivot quickly to NIL. I don't think VT is ever going to be a program where we can just buy top talent in any sport.

That's a fair point, but just putting myself in the players' shoes, I'd rather have money in my pocket than a locker with a TV in it.

We flew the Mission Accomplished banner in football when we got into the ACC

Is this metaphorically speaking, or did we actually do this? I wasn't a VT fan until I arrived on campus in 2008, so I only know us as an ACC team.

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Metaphorically speaking, like the Bush "Mission Accomplished" banner/speech on Iraq. Also VT actually produced "Mission Accomplished" shirts after we upset OSU and then our season promptly fell apart lol.

Take a count of how many teams around the country are missing at least one of their starters or key bench players for the whole season. It's a ton. This isn't a curse, and it isn't an excuse for our poor performances.

Whats all this chatter on twitter about Rice leaving/transferring? I thought he was Mike Jones's guy and visa versa ?

I'm not connected but I think this has more to do with people just expecting the worst after years of crowd favorites transferring out - mostly a football thing, but some good ones have left in basketball too. More of a "oh no, here we go again" than anything rooted in fact.

At least, that's my uninformed opinion.

Hey everyone! DCWilson40 is saying that Mike Jones has one foot out the door!!! /S

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Whats all this chatter on twitter about Rice leaving/transferring? I thought he was Mike Jones's guy and visa versa ?


No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

not obligatory! know your coaches people!

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I stand corrected

I am not sure what to do with my hands now