Men's March Madness - Conference Tourney Edition

Starting this because there's a lot of story lines that I think need to be discussed before I submit another failed tournament bracket and throw my money away at someone's office pool.

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Spicy take prediction (as i'm looking at Rutgers giving Purdue fits right now in a game that probably shouldn't have been remotely close, and Houston struggling early against ECU) - We're going to have not one, but TWO #1 seeds going down in the first weekend, maybe even in the first round. I'm looking at the body of work for the top 10 in the rankings (as of today) and every team has flaws coupled with some head scratching losses.

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I dare someone to put a compelling argument together as to why Houston deserves their #1 ranking. Go on. I'll wait.

I'll have them going down for sure in the first weekend assuming they get one of the #1s and make it through as their conference tourney champs.

Houston might be the best #1 seed tbh. Purdue and Alabama are fool's gold.

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I think they're really good, but Bama's insistence on the 3 could bite them. They were ice cold for a lot of today but kept passing up shots in the lane to force threes. They eventually got hot and pulled away but if they run up against a team with some mojo and try that they could be in trouble

Sleep on those second round plays at your own risk. We were damn close to have two last year

Damb I miss buzz. Texas a and m is fun to watch

Found Brent's burner

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Haha hey now I can be sad about our depressing team and lust for ghosts of the past

You appear to be lusting after a ghost present.

What I mean is "Brent who?"

I'll be honest... I miss Buzzketball in Blacksburg. Great style of play. Really fun to watch!

Is coronavirus over yet?

Hard to argue with that, but he's no longer a person of interest to me.

I like to watch big men play so Buzz is eh to watch for me

So you also don't like to watch CMY's team (his current big men are soft AF)?


sort of...

Is coronavirus over yet?

Been watching the A&M semifinal today....I miss this guy as our coach. It may be a bad take but I'll own it.

Not a bad take, Buzz is a good coach, a bit of an asshole, but a good coach and for 4 years he was our asshole.

Dook - lolUVA 25-17 at half!

We put the K in Kwality

and Houston goes down... Down by as much as 20 points in the first half, Memphis let them back in and went cold in the 2nd half, and still won convincingly.

Well, we might not have had a great time this season but UVa Barstool is in the process of making an absolute ass of itself after their loss to Duke in the ACC Title game.

So that has been a fun read throughout the day

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It's like watching two snobs talk shit about the other's yacht, I wish them both the absolute worst in life.

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This year's bracket is going to be a mess, should be fun. Might want to pick based on mascots or jersey colors this year.

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