ESPN's Borzello: G Darius Maddox to enter transfer portal

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Well this is less than ideal

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Wish him the best, not just for him but his family. For those not aware, his mom recently put out on social media that Darius' father has spent the last few months in a medical facility. That's why he's been away from the team and VT was being respectful to his situation by saying it was just a "family issue". Would not be surprised if the transfer was related to get a little closer to home due to what's certainly been a tough time. He's from the DC area so those schools would be my guess.

Wish him well and hope he finds the best fit for him and his family. Good hear that Mike Young put Darius' family situation first. At the end of the day it should be family first.

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Wish all the best to the Maddox family.

No matter how the rest of his career plays out Hokies will always remember him for this.

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Felt like this was a long time coming, not terribly surprised. I wish him the best and hope he lands somewhere that fits his family needs and let's him continue to develop.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.

Ran into Darius several times last summer chatting DC hoops etc. . is just a super nice kid. Sad to see him go.

If Cattoor comes back we're at six guards. I hope Mike picks up a springy athletic 6-6 3 man. That is in my opinion the big hole in the roster

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Glad his dad is doing better and VT wouldn't have won an ACC championship without him. Wish him the best.

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Best of luck, Darius.

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Has this been confirmed by anybody?

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Even though Maddox struggled mightily from an offensive efficiency standpoint, I think the offense became much easier to defend when he left the lineup.

Defenses knew VT had no mid-range threat at all (Collins tried a bit, but was as likely to throw up a brick as make one from the bottom of the circle) so teams just extended the 3 pt line and double up underneath. Mutts and Basile would get theirs down low, but there was also a high probability of a turnover - enough to make the difference in a bunch of games.

I actually the offense missed Maddox as much as - and maybe more - than Cattoor. As much as the defense struggled at times throughout the season and the offense was the better unit, IMO it was the offensive inconsistency and the inability of CMY and/or the players to adjust offensively once the book was out which spelled doom for this team.

Spot on. Maddox also had a "true jumper," where he could go off the bounce, elevate above the defender, and still shoot at a high clip. Cattoor is a GREAT shooter, but he is more of a set shooter than a jump shooter. Collins has nice elevation, but just does not shoot the ball that well at this point.

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Collins can get up but his form when he does is often terrible. Legs spread apart, many times trying to lift shot with one arm. Too many times it seemed to be the "uh oh, I left my feet and don't see a pass now" clank. He definitely needs to work on shooting form coming around a screen. He had a tendency to over commit to the dribble penetration rather than to separate from his defender to get a clean look.

Heard from a bird Maddox is coming back next year.

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I hope you heard this via a tweet. If not, I find it highly unlikely because birds can't talk.

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I'll go one further, everyone knows birds aren't real /s

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Stop trolling. Even my 4 year old knows the hokie bird is real.

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Ok ok you got me. It was not indeed a bird, it was a human being!

Birds not being real is becoming a more fathomable conspiracy as they are trialing bird drones for wildlife surveillance in Texas!

You ever seen a parrot?

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Kinda like a lot of the podcasters, Twitter hacks and "reporters" nowadays.

Depends was the information stored/transported in a coconut hauled by either a European or and African swallow by chance?

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Oh look, 10 new comments. Maybe be really is coming back. [Opens thread]. Oh. We TKP'd it. Again.

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Birds of a feather...

oh there were 12 new comments, he must be back!

Danny is always open

With the news of Swinton, I assumed all of the new comments were to confirm Maddox to UMD

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So we def got room for Bronny

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

LET'S FREAKING GOOO one of my alma maters to the other!

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Same for me.

Didn't go to Mason, but it's 10 minutes away, so I am excited to see him play.

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