Need Help!- Cheap Eats in New York City

Hey folks. After a decade of not being able to go up and catch a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, I have tickets to the Rangers vs Blue Jackets game on March 28th. I am taking my nephew for his birthday (his first time in a city bigger than Roanoke.)

Midtown has never been really great for food, and we have a very short visit to show him some of the mid-town sites. The area has turned over significantly since I went up there (Stout and the deli across the street from the Garden were my go tos when just training in for a day.) We are going to stay overnight and plan to explore from 37th and 8th Avenue up to 30 Rock.

Could I get recommendations on the below in that area?
1) Pizza (especially by the slice)
2) Deli (he loves cheesecake)
3) Kabobs


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Of the three you asked for, I'd say Halal Guys for kabobs is decent and relatively cheap.

Joe's Pizza Broadway
1435 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

Was recommended to me by a local and it was really good

It's not on your list,but there's a great dim sum place in midtown called Awesum Dimsum. Drop in and get a dragon steamed rice roll. You won't regret it.

Trying to talk my nephew into this as we speak. Loved getting Dim Sum in Rosslyn after our flag league games.

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John's pizza in Times Square is great but no slices, whole pies only. It's located in an old cathedral - very good and very cool.

If you want deli, it's worth a cab or subway down to Katz's. Still one of the best and good NY experience.

Unfortunately nothing is cheap anymore in Manhattan. Food and drink prices have ballooned the past 18 months in the city.

I always look for a place with a line. It's NYC, if it's good there will be a line almost any time of day. No line, tourist trap of crap.

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Wait, French- how the hell are you gonna eat pizza?

For Kebabs- go with the push cart guys if you're looking for cheap. There's tons of them. Some of them can be quite good.

Deli- Katz is excellent but thats down on the lower east side on Houston street, not anywhere near midtown. If Carnegie deli hadn't closed after being a NYC fixture for almost a hundred years, it'd be right in your wheelhouse for where you're gonna be.

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I am not. I am probably going to eat street halal cart food. But, my nephew really wants to try the pizza.

And I should have put "quick eats" not cheap eats, because we are going to be on the move.

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Gotcha - I cant really help you with a good pizza joint in midtown. - Most of the times I'm in the city I'm on the upper east side for Memorial Sloan-Kettering appointments.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

Pizza: For me, Joe's is overrated. Classic slice sure but pizza has been elevated so much now. I'd go to Scarrs, John's on Bleecker, Corner Pizza or Mama's too over Joe's any day of the week.

Deli: Harder in midtown, but Hello Deli is there. It's actually good and you can say you had a taste of Letterman which is always cool.

not sure about kebab, but if you find the Halal Guys food truck you'll find great eats.

edit: if you want to try something different but amazing. Go to Pongal and get some Dosa.

retweet on halal guys, they have some actual store fronts too but the closest is 6th and 52nd, a pretty good walk from MSG/NY Penn

edit: could always take a subway from penn to 50th st and cut it down by a lot. it's ~25 min walk otherwise

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Hello Deli is one my list- it is close to the Ninetendo Store and that is my nephew's biggest interest in the trip besides seeing skyscapers.

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Hello Deli is great. Met Rupert and Pat the Stagehand walked in and grabbed his lunch and got the hell outta dodge.

Capizzi is not far from the Garden in Hell's Kitchen (9th & 40th) and is excellent.

Another option that folks rave about (I haven't been, personally) is B Side pizza, but it is a bit further north (9th & 51st).

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Thank you everyone.

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My favorite New York slice is this little place called Sbarro

Free Hugh

Funny enough, when I went to a Rangers game at the end of December we joked about getting Sbarro. Went to the pizza place that shared a wall with them instead.

Pizza Suprema across the street from MSG on 31st and 8th will be your best option for a slice in that general vicinity.

Pizza Suprema is my favorite as well.

Koreatown has a lot of decently priced options if you're into Korean food.

Cheesecake - Junior's

French may be team cake, but I can assure you he is NOT team Cheesecake.
(although an exception should be made for Juniors!!!!)

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