Brent Pry on Boundary Corner Podcast

A lot of the same kind of discussion we've seen popping up lately with the Tailgate Series and TKP's own interview. A few pretty interesting nuggets, especially regarding the roster changeover in the portal.

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Just the start where he helps promote the random guy that was recording a record was just huge from a this guy understands how to promote and lift up people. It's just inline with him calling former players and knowing them and their family. I just can't see how that doesn't help in recruiting and just in life in general.

Biggest takeaway for me -- pry named kaleb smith as the only portal exit that he wanted to stay. I imagine that would also extend to Varner given that we landed a commitment from him as well

36-37 new faces on the roster next year

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My favorite quote:

"I'm bringing someone in to take your job"

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How does this only have 3 comments? That was an awesome interview

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Love the insights into the program with Pry. Just sits back and has a chat and much less coach speak. He gives specifics and truths. It has me more optimistic about this coming season than last year that we will have more talent and some better fits.

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Same. I'm definitely drinking the kool aid.

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