Virginia Tech Pro Day is Today

Today, while the rest of the free world watches the opening day of March Madness, the graduating seniors and former players will be working out for scouts to prove they have what it takes to play in the NFL. The following seniors will be participating:

  • Greg Boone
  • Brent Bowden
  • Nekos Brown
  • Kam Chancellor
  • Brandon Dillard
  • Richard Graham
  • Cody Grimm
  • Kenny Jefferson
  • Cam Martin
  • Dorian Porch
  • Matt Reidy
  • Sergio Render
  • Demetrius Taylor
  • Cordarrow Thompson
  • Stephan Virgil
  • Matt Waldron
  • Ed Wang
  • Sam Wheeler

As well as the following former players:

  • Jason Murphy
  • Derrius Monroe
  • Robbie Powell (Purdue - Cave Spring High School)
  • Carlton Weatherford
  • Ike Whitaker

Welcome to The Key Play

Hello friends and welcome to The Key Play dot com.

Why, you ask, has this website taken over your Internets today? The simple answer is Hokie football. As far as my eyes are concerned, maroon and orange are the two most beautiful colors in the world. I love, to the point of an unhealthy obsession, Virginia Tech football.

What I'm going to do.

  • Provide an in depth (un)-biased analysis of Hokie Football.
  • Make jokes, mostly at our own expense.
  • Overreact to every single Bryan Stinespring decision.
  • Overload you with statistics.
  • Have fun.
  • Needle UVA.
  • Breakdown film.

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