Hokies Offer 2020 Speedster C.J. Beasley

Maury High School product runs with an electric flair, and heโ€™s got the film to prove it.


Virginia Tech was the first Power 5 school to offer a scholarship to Maury High School running back C.J. Beasley. They will not be the last.

"I was amazed especially because they're an ACC team," Beasley said. "To get a big one like this is a blessing."

Beasley is an electric back with sprinter's speed. During his junior season, he ran for 1,778 yards on 147 carries (12.09 ypc) and 19 touchdowns. He also added 18 receptions for 424 yards and a special teams touchdown. That was enough production to garner Beasley First Team All-Tidewater Running Back by The Virginian-Pilot.

Beasley was part of a prolific offense that landed four players on the All-Tidewater team. Maury's attack very much mirrors the Hokies' scheme. Shotgun formations consist of one-back sets with three or four wide receivers. It's an offense meant to isolate defenders, and it allows the quarterback to get the ball out of his hands quick to playmakers out in space. But Maury has used it to gash defenses for big plays on the ground.

"Our offense is a spread offense...so we have the defense more spread out which makes it easier to read holes," said Beasley.

Spreading out the defense is all fine and dandy, but the ball carrier still has to get past defenders at the second-level to break those big runs, the same ones that have alluded Tech in past seasons. That's where Beasley's speed and quickness come into play, and it pops off the film. On his junior highlights alone, Beasley had 12 runs of over 50 yards.

"I would say running track," Beasley said of his breakaway speed. "It helped me a lot with my technique."

Once he hits the second-level, Beasley possesses some ankle breaking moves straight out of NCAA Football 14. He has an incredibly quick two-step cut in which he is able to maintain top speed.

"If I'm going like head to head I'll just hit a one-two, but if I'm on the sideline I'm going to use my stiff arm," said Beasley.

His athleticism is elite, but his head coach, Dyrri McCain, attributes Beasley's big play ability to something much more intangible.

"The kid works hard," McCain said. "[He's] determined every time he touches the ball to help his team. It also helps that his o-line loves him like no other, which results in their effort to give him those lanes."

In terms of recruiting hype, Beasley has been somewhat overshadowed by teammate and important Tech target, four-star wide receiver KeAndre Lambert. At 5'9" 170 pounds, Beasley doesn't quite have the body mass of an ACC running back, but that's something he's been attacking head on. (By comparison, Deshawn McClease is also 5'9", but 30 pounds heavier.)

"Getting in the weight room is the biggest thing for him and C.J. has been doing nothing short of attacking it," McCain said. "Kid is going harder than ever at this point of the off-season."

Beasley is not currently ranked by either 247Sports or Rivals.com. In addition to the Hokies, he has received tenders from Old Dominion, East Carolina, and Morgan State.

Beasley is poised for a winter Blacksburg visit.

"I just want the atmosphere to feel like I'm at home," Beasley said of his ideal landing spot.

The Hokies may have stumbled upon another hidden gem in the recruiting battlefield that is the 757. But Beasley will only stay off the radar of other Power Five programs for so long.

"Yes I'm sure he will [get more Power 5 offers]," McCain said. "C.J. is a great kid before even talking about him as a football player. Anytime you work as hard as he does and continue to stay humble, good things happen to good people, and C.J. is every bit of that."


You weren't kidding about his speed popping out on tape! If he can make guys miss one-on-one or consistently catch it out of the backfield, he can help us. The college and NFL games have been moving more toward that style of RB so hopefully he keeps his speed/agility with 20-30 more lbs.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

I love these TKP recruiting pieces. I'm hoping he can carry a little more weight than that and keep his speed, but he seems like an exciting prospect. It never hurts to have athletes on the field who can break big plays, and the effect of having multiple big play threats on an offense can really open up things elsewhere.

Reminds me of the kind of RB the late 2000's Florida teams utilized with great success out of the spread. Small, fast RB's like Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps.

He's breaking tackles...and running fast. He'll continue to develop. Looks good!!


We're very much in it with some serious studs at RB this cycle. If we fail to land two then it is a massive failure. 2019 and 2020 are the classes we turn our running back recruiting back around

Which RB's do you feel best about (VT chances) to land at this moment? Are we still looking like a lean for Blake Corum? I was extremely impressed watching him go against an undefeated high classification Georgia state championship team on TV a few weeks ago.

Corum is a huge possibility, he'll be visiting Blacksburg this weekend. If they can keep on Beasley that's a sneaky good pickup. Still in the hunt for Chris Tyree (#1 All-purpose back in the country), so there's that. But I'd say Corum and Beasley have a good shot to be Hokies. It's early though...

I'm trying not to get my hopes up for Tyree. Beasley as an option if we miss on Tyree is still very, very solid to me from what I've seen. I am very high on Corum.

Yes of course it's early, I'm just trying to get a feel for where we stand right now, so thank you for the input!

Something to keep in mind, the whole "stars" thing that 247 and Rivals put out is a lot based on going to camps, 7v7 tourneys, etc. Beasley's film against really good competition looks just as good as a lot of 4 and 5 star guys.

I go back and forth on Corum. I know he is very high on VT but it seems like Wisconsin is right there with us. He just picked up an LSU offer and I bet a couple others may jump in. Hope we can make a big push this weekend and really solidify our stance.

Feel great about Kaelon Black. Same high school as Zohn, and the two have a great connection. I'd be shocked if he went anywhere else as long as we still have room for him. I'm not all that high on him but there are several 757 people that I really trust that think he and Lambert are the top two players in the area.

Beasley's recruitment is still crazy early and frankly I don't know much about him. His athleticism is obvious, but he is so slight. He and Lambert are very very close, so I think earning his commitment would go a long ways with Keandre.

Tyree has been talked about a million times here and there's nothing new. Legit interest in VT but seems like he's headed OOS.

Thanks for the update! I have a feeling LSU tossed that offer Corum's way as part of the package of NINE scholarships they gave out to St Frances kids recently. I highly doubt he is near the top of their RB target list given their substantial success recruiting that position over the years.

Well, not meaning to be pessimistic, but I ain't holding my breath until he shows up to camp (with everything that's happened to us & all).

UVA is a great place to take a dump.

Man this kid is electric. I'm sure he'll have a great career as a Nittany Lion **sobs**

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As much as i think Beasley will start getting more offers, I don't know if PSU will go after him. They have 4 RB's returning on the roster and have 2 incoming freshmen. I think the Nittany Lions will be a little more careful with their roster management and offer a more limited number of RB's for 2020.

*immediately hope I didn't just jynx that....*

Send two former Maury Grads Vinston Painter and Kam Chancellor to the HS games to lok this guy up. Im already pissed we missed on 4 Star Sheridan jones Clemson Recruit outta Maury HS.

Pour some Beer on it

Love how quickly he is able to get back to top speed after a juke/move!

Having a conversation with you is like a Martian talking to a Fungo.


Kid has some serious quicks to go along with great straight line speed. If he were 20lbs heavier, he'd have a bunch of P5 offers right now.

Is it basketball season yet?

Speed and agility on the tape reminds me a little bit of Travis Etienne, who is 5'10", 200 lbs. If Beasley can add that weight and keep that athleticism, he could be a monster.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Hey look! A recruiting ninja!

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

By the way, he is set to visit Tech next weekend.

Also, I loved the fact he thanked his o-line when he got offered. He knows who butters his bread.

Any chance David Wilson or Kevin Jones is free for a quick chat with the young man? Something along the lines of selling him on some of NFL backs that have come out of VT and then daring him to break some records?

Virginia Tech gave him four offers?


We just need to get him to sign and want to be a part of our future, not lured to CU!

He looks so fast on those clips it looks like they have been sped up.

Ut Prosim Ad Dei Gloriam

I would love to see the sports science MPH on these runs. It's not jut the speed, it's that burst right when someone is closing in and he needs to go by then. It's instinctual you can't teach it.

5'9" 170 pounds

If he commits, he's going to spend the majority of his free time freshman year in West End...which isn't a bad thing #LondonBroilFTW

D2 would like a word.

Pour some Beer on it