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Back-and-forth discussion of Virginia Tech-Rhode Island.

Well, nobody saw that coming.

With expert prognosticators everywhere fading a reeling Virginia Tech program, the Hokies sprinted out to a "have-to-see-it-to-believe-it" 28-0 lead at Miami before hanging on late for a thrilling 42-35 victory. And with a 1-4 Rhode Island team up next (we checked, they do have a football team), Justin Fuente and Co. have the rare opportunity to build on momentum against what should be a physically overmatched opponent.

As we said against ODU just a year ago, what could possibly go wrong?

On to the lines!

P.S. And welcome back Joe. Let the record show that the Hokies are now 1-0 when The Fifth Fuller makes guest Halfwits appearances. I'll let you do the math but it looks like someone is tracking towards 15-0.

What's referenced more on the telecast: Alan Tisdale watering the turf or the Bowl Streak staying alive?

Joe: The circumstances inherent to this matchup provide such a natural segue to discuss the bowl streak. Combine the following: Tech's already flirting with bowl eligibility, the nuance that only one FCS win a season counts toward the 6-win threshold, and the opponent is from said featherweight division. It's a guaranteed talking point of the broadcast.

While Tisdale put the most ... interesting product on the field against the 'Canes, it's not a near certainty it gets mentioned. In order for the anecdote to come up, it'll take some dead air and Tisdale on the field to reference. The latter provides some uncertainty.

Whether or not Tisdale supplants Dax Hollifield at backer factors in. Bud Foster indicated he plans to rotate the linebackers, with Hollifield poised to get snaps at either spot and Tisdale more suited in passing situations. It's an odd predicament. Hollifield has been front and center since the blue-chip recruit stepped on campus, but Tisdale has outplayed him in limited action this season. Beyond his 9 tackles against the 'Canes, Tisdale was a throwback to the rangy backers that popped as multi-threat defenders apart of the top Foster defenses. On top of that, this is upperclassman situational awareness.

This might not be the week Tisdale completely takes the reins, but he'll still get burn. Push. They both are mentioned once.

Joey: Betting a push is such a cop-out here but I absolutely love it.

Alan Tisdale losing his lunch two seconds before a snap should hit the telecast exactly once. It's gross enough to not overplay for the masses, but amusing enough to fill a mid-third quarter drive when the Hokies have gone full three-yards and a cloud of dust on offense. The other option sans Tisdale would be a Frank Beamer interview, but I'd imagine he'll be looking spiffy at the Red River Shootout this weekend watching the next head football coach at Virginia Tech Lincoln Riley his son Shane.

Meanwhile, the bowl streak is alive (somehow), and there's nothing ESPN / ACC Network love more than paying homage to an overly glorified streak that celebrates schools for the prestigious honor of losing to Cincinnati in Annapolis, Maryland.

Each topic gets mentioned once. Push.

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