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Wednesday Spring Practice Video Interviews

Hayley Salyer spoke with Bud Foster about his playmakers and the depth of his squad. Foster mentioned Kyle Fuller as the most versatile player on the defense.

Also, Coach Beamer shared his thoughts following yesterday's mini-scrimmage.

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"Don't be messing with my kicker." Beamer's tone was both playful and serious, although his face read with a dismissive, "just fucking try me." That was the conclusion to an anecdote about an over-coached punter that regressed on his watch at Murray State told during the Duke week presser. Special teams are the Frankinator's baby. They're an integral component of his brand of football, BeamerBall. A lot of other coaches try not to lose with special teams, Beamer tries to win with them.

Special teams were a liability this season, and that's on no one else but Frank Beamer.

The Hokies were ranked 108th nationally in net punting (33.6 yards/punt) in 2011. Scott Demler and Michael Branthover struggled to find consistency, routinely shanked balls and flipped field position out of favor. Danny Coale was more reliable and averaged 6.7 more yards a punt than the team. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed #Coale4Punter because it enhanced his legacy, it hurt the team because it detracted from him playing receiver.

The Hokies only made 72% of their field goals last season. Compare that to 95-, 87-, 79-, 81- and 95-percent success rates in 2010 back to 2006 respectively.

Reality check, a Frank Beamer coached team didn't have a dependable punter or kicker.

Will this be Frank's legacy?

Heartwrenching, adj: causing great sadness; heartbreaking. Synonyms include agonizing, bitter, calamitous, cheerless, deplorable, dire, distressing, grievous, heart-rending, joyless, lamentable, moving, pitiful, poignant, regrettable, sad, touching, tragic, unfortunate.

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I PLEDGE: Agriculture-style.

As you all know, Lane Stadium North issued an ABP to all Wahoos to guarantee that Scott Stadium would be filled to capacity this coming Saturday. Thankfully, the UVA ticket office was able to accomplish its goal... but with no help from its apathetic fan base. Virginia Tech Hokies gobbled (no pun intended) up a majority of the remaining tickets. Alas, for the Cavaliers, it seemed that the YouTube sensation "I PLEDGE" video was for naught.

Because of the overwhelming response by Tech fans, I decided to put together our own set of pledges:

Bitch Please: Part II

It's hate week, and it's a good one. Virginia beat Florida State in Doak late Saturday night, a venue where they'd previously been 0-8. The Hokies didn't clinch the ACC Coastal, and there'll be a lot of Hoos creeping out of the woodwork. From my observations on Twitter most of you were rooting for Florida State. I was in the minority then. I wasn't actively rooting for Virginia, but I wasn't upset they won. Honestly, I spent most of the game relaxing and cackling on my couch as UVa and FSU each tried to bumble away the game, with FSU ultimately proving to be most futile.

Stereotypically speaking the Hoos and Hokies are polar opposites. Uncultured wild rednecks who take pride in always supporting their football team contrasted against the couth white-collar upper-middle class obsessed with the Director's Cup. We both think we're better than each other, and the hate starts there. However, this week we both have a few things in common. Virginia hasn't won anything, and neither has Virginia Tech, but we both have hope.

This is Bill Cosby Decked out in Maroon*

via @virginia_tech

Is the Frankinator consulting with comedian Bill Cosby about the kicking game and how to proceed under the hypothetical situation that Cody Journell can't play? I don't know, you tell me!

You seeeeeeeeee, the Myer has, to, kick, the ball more consistently. It pewwwwwwwwwwwww goes the distance, just doesn't always split the bars.

When asked about how his chat with Cosby went, Beamer responded:

Real strong comedian right there, good staff of writers around him.

/raises his two fists to his chest and slowly pumps them back and forth in short bursts.

He's always well-prepared, has that "want-to". His sets are real consistent: great intro, punchlines always get after ya, finishes strong.

/serious face

Great comedians make great jokes, and that's what Bill's always done.

*And just subtle amounts of orange, Lester please take note.

Time to Sack Up

Like many of you I have spent the last few days playing enough NCAA to warrant the OC job all the while forgetting how valuable opposable thumbs were. Run the option, throw deep, rinse and repeat until the scoreboard flies through numbers like a slot machine. I’m sure your game plan is different but in the end we all run around the room screaming WINNING like a Charlie Sheen interview. Herein lays the problem. Football is not as simple as it looks. I can not imagine what it takes to get players both mentally and physically prepared from week to week. Our football team has a lot of unanswered questions and as much as we pontificate changes and adjustments its up to the coaching staff to execute.

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Ideal Coaching Staff

How would the VT coaching staff look like if you could make the hirings/firings/promotions/demotions? Would you replace Frank with Shane/Bud? What coaches around the country would you try to hire as Offensive Coordinator? Are there any former players you would want to bring back home?

Current Staff:

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