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StineyDraw48's picture StineyDraw48 | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | commented 10 hours 43 min ago | reply

If recruiting is as easy as some people on this board think it is, then we need to hire them with all the recruiting money we aren't using. It's like we forget how the mind of a 17 year old works.

hokiebuzz's picture hokiebuzz | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 10 hours 43 min ago | reply

I bet over half of the tickets go to tournament sponsors and CAP One Arena sponsors. The last 5,000 or so were sold to general public. Through NCAA.

Chris's picture Chris | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | commented 10 hours 43 min ago | reply

DE, DT, and CB are certainly critical needs, and unfortunately for us, are probably the most important defensive positions in college football. A good pass rush/run stuffing DL and lockdown corners will make even lackluster LB's and S's look good. Conversely, a good LB corps and S's aren't always enough to make up the ground if your DL can't get pressure or hold up the LOS properly and your corners can't cover. That said, I am in the camp that Farley was actually quite good in coverage last year and I still expect him to have a bright career for us.

I am not worried about Hyatt getting his 4th star or not. I think he should, but I watched him play against my old HS in the 5A SC State Championship game last year and I am excited about him coming to VT whether he gets the rankings love or not.

I'm hoping we can find a late-riser at DT this cycle. Powell and Quentin Williams would make me very happy at DE.

slicktrip's picture slicktrip | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 10 hours 44 min ago | reply

Regular Capital One Arena Season Ticket holders is who they went to. I got a ticket, from someone who has Capitals Season tickets. They give them first dibs.

hokiebuzz's picture hokiebuzz | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | 1 reply | commented 10 hours 45 min ago | reply

It's possible. I know people were scammed like this for the VT WVU game at FedEx. Usually you can tell when you physically hold the tickets though.

That could very well be the case, but you're not in the room with these kids or their families. You repeatedly use this line of justification regardless of the situation and kid - 99.99% of which you're not tuned into at all, whenever we miss on a much needed target

VTSnake's picture VTSnake | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | 1 reply | commented 10 hours 53 min ago | reply

If you find physical tickets on craigslist that are a reasonable price and they will make the exchange in person, what are the odds it's counterfeit or a scam? I've bought tickets on craigslist before, but never for this much, so I'm nervous as hell.

Beaver_Hokie's picture Beaver_Hokie | March-April 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 10 hours 56 min ago | reply

Go ahead and shoot me an email - that way I can let you know what I have got and it if works for you. If you are fly-fishing, it might not be the best route to take as I don't have platforms.

My email is zsowder AT vt DOT edu

Because like all things when dealing with individuals different things are important. I know lots of kids their only goal was to go to the same school as their parent, they then left school and went to work for their parents.

It seems like it may be, although the above comment is funny to see, given how many times we've seen the exact opposite argument made when VT doesn't land a player, too.

"Well his parents went there, how can we compete with that?" "His cousin went there, we were never going to land him" "His HS/7on7 coach is there. You can't blame him for not coming here" etc.

He recently had some nice things to say about Mekhi Lewis, fwiw. Also, who is he, Voldemort?

vtnerf's picture vtnerf | Question regarding NCAA tourney tickets | 1 reply | commented 11 hours 2 min ago | reply

No re-entry.

I appreciate you putting this together and think you are spot on with the levels of assumptions. The scary part is that if Raikes is the highest rated DT we can land, we are going to be in trouble come 2021 when Hewitt, Crawford, and Cunningham graduate. It looks like Powell may be the only future 4 star from that first group besides maybe Hoit and Jalin Hyatt.

Lambert would be a miss but we are loaded at WR I wouldn't be too concerned with a miss there. In my opinion we HAVE to land Corum at RB, even if Keshawn King turns out to be a stud.

We have players that can help us compete for an ACC Championship at the QB, WR, TE, OG, OT positions on offense with needs at just RB. On defense, I feel comfortable with the roster makeup at LB and maybe S depending on how Conner and Walker develop. I think we have definite needs at DT, DE, and CB. Of that list, I really hope we can convince Greene to come fill the Nickel/Safety role and McDonald to be a lockdown corner. LAHokie has mentioned the long shot we are for Baron and Diggs so I am hopeful for a change of heart but looking at other potential prospects that we could get.

Chris's picture Chris | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | commented 11 hours 6 min ago | reply

Yeah, I've wondered if that was the case after seeing a some chatter about that possibility. He might want to blaze his own path/avoid the Kam shadow. Regardless, it hurts that it feels like an "anywhere but VT" type situation right now.

Careful.. Legend has It that if You speak His Name he will Appear...

I think the Kam connection might actually be hurting us here

avtfan's picture avtfan | Question regarding NCAA tourney tickets | 1 reply | commented 11 hours 14 min ago | reply

Let me ask you this as well.... Can the ticket/pass for the session only be scanned one time? What's to stop somebody who scanned to get in for the MSU/LSU game and wanted to step outside to take a smoke, and then wanted to get back in for the VT/Duke game? Will they not allow another scan on the same pass/session ticket?

Just because someone has had family go somewhere doesn't mean it gives you a leg up in my personal case it meant I didn't even apply to my parents college. In hindsight that was a mistake but I was 17 and thought I knew everything. Again lots of legitimate criticism to go around family connections I don't think are.