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BeerControlOffense's picture BeerControlOffense
| Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 8 hours 26 min ago | reply

I'm in, with some of my boys!

Until Buzz or A&M announce that buzz is leaving for the A&M job, he is still here. Has A&M offered him, yea. But an offer is not an acceptance.

Egbert's picture Egbert | Beer 2019 | commented 8 hours 34 min ago | reply

I'd love to do it but, no way I could get away for 3 weeks, anytime soon.

Egbert's picture Egbert | Beer 2019 | 1 reply | commented 8 hours 35 min ago | reply

You are welcome to come to my brewery any time you want for a brew day.
That's a standing invite for anybody here.

We have a 30 bbl system and a 7 bbl system.


I think that's underselling the job he's done at Buffalo. By almost every bracketology expert, Buffalo would have been an at-large team if they had lost in the MAC tourney final.

The MAC hasn't had two teams in the tourney in 20 years!

The fact that they won 30 games and were in position to earn an at-large berth in the MAC is enough evidence for me that he could handle a P5 job.

VTSnake's picture VTSnake | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 8 hours 50 min ago | reply

the fees on Stubhub are abou $80 a ticket when you include shipping. Even if the total price gets down to around $300, I'm not sure if I can give Stubhub $160 in good conscience.

I thought he was pulling in four star recruits last time I checked? For a school like Buffalo, that's pretty impressive...

jmecca's picture jmecca | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 8 hours 57 min ago | reply

Doesn't Stubhub have a guarantee against fraud?

gobble gobble chumps's picture gobble gobble chumps | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 9 hours 5 min ago | reply

Nothing against Oats.. but he can recruit players good enough to win the MAC and get in the dance. That's what we know. The ACC is a different ballgame. Cronin has proven he can make the dance regularly and recruit players to the AAC- much tougher league than the MAC.

Civil Hokie's picture Civil Hokie | ZION HATE WEEK | 4 replies | commented 9 hours 7 min ago | reply

This guy cheeses.

"Skip Bayless must really be missing his old friend" - my guy Brad

Neither of us did. I added a zero. He made a Grinch reference. We both laughed. Good times.

Funny thing, several years ago possession of weed in several states would get you locked up, but now, it's not illegal. Doesn't forgive breaking the rules when it was against the rules. He broke them, knowing the rules. Repeatedly.

senjohnblutarsky's picture senjohnblutarsky | Beer 2019 | 1 reply | commented 9 hours 13 min ago | reply

Interested? Yes. Allowed by my wife? Doubtful.

Related, but not: I've asked a few local breweries if I could come watch them brew for a day or so. They've all very quickly said no. I've even offered to be manual labor while doing so. I've worked on 15 gallon systems, but never gotten to do anything larger. I'm mostly just curious about how the bigger systems work in person. I've read plenty, and watched videos and the like. But, mostly, process just fascinates me.
I've yet to find one who even hesitated before saying no. I'm assuming they're afraid I'll take what's learned and suddenly become the competition.

He was tied to a bunch of recruiting violations and received a show cause from the NCAA.

Funny thing about that... the violations that got him that show cause are no longer violations. Impermissible recruiting phone calls - that's what got him a show cause after he'd already been caught doing it at Oklahoma. And now it's not something that can't get you in trouble.

It's not like he was ever accused of paying for players, or creating fake classes, or hiring prostitutes.

He just made too many phone calls to recruits. In terms of a sliding scale here, Sampson has never been tied to anything worse than that, but because the NCAA is a backwards organization and hasn't been able to keep up with the times, he's a pariah to casual observers of college basketball.

brewin's picture brewin | Beer 2019 | 3 replies | commented 9 hours 18 min ago | reply

Let me ask this board and thread, in a very unscientific survey: How many of you would be interested in taking a short brewing course at Technical University of Munich - Weihenstephan and then going on a beer tour in Germany (could be conglomerate of other countries). The short course would be ~2 weeks at Weihenstephan Research Brewery and include lectures and hands-on brewing work. The work would cover theory and practical learning starting at raw materials all the way through sensory evaluation of the final products.

The beer tour would be ~1 week in duration. Course at TUM would be ~ $2-3,000 dollars (covering lectures, materials, lunch, dinners and field trips. Tour costs TBD. I know it is expensive, but you get top notch, famous instructors at a famous brewing institution. This would be offered using our existing VT-TUM collaboration in some shape or form, perhaps Alumni tours.

For what it's worth, I recently cut 15 pounds to not lose a wager between a few friends of mine, and the day after weigh-in, I had rehydrated back 9 pounds.