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Hokie Twitter says field hockey has 2 and maybe weightlifting?

The thing is, Cronin isn't the only (or even necessarily the best) option available.

Heck, if a guy like Nate Oats can recruit quality players to Buffalo, I don't see what's stopping him from bringing guys to Blacksburg to compete in the ACC.

Oats is one of a number of options I'd much rather see on the sideline than Cronin.

From about '78 until '86 I fished the Rivanna Reservoir regularly in the spring for crappie. It was an electric motor only lake. I'd be tied up on a blowdown in my electric motor powered canoe and the UVers would come rowing by and I'd start yelling "Let's Go Tech" as loud as I could in synch with their strokes. Pissed 'em off pretty good one time and the dude, and he was a dude, in the motorboat swerved over to give me a wake. He put water over the side of my canoe, and if I could have caught up with him I'd have sunk him. Didn't deter me next time, and I had a musky lure tied on just in case he tried it again, but I never saw that dude again and the whole team avoided me thereafter while I screamed like a maniac. Screw 'em.

KingJames's picture KingJames | College Football Attendance Trending Down | commented 9 hours 22 min ago | reply

2002 also had a preseason ranked Marshall that I believe was ranked above LSU.

Cool, but Buzz Williams is leaving for the aTm job. I personally don't think the sky is falling, and I'm sure we can get a good coach.

I was covering a Stonewall Jackson football game in the mid 2000s, and they had traditionally been a doormat of a program in previous years, but they won the game with a couple of dynamic running backs (a senior and a freshman) and some big special teams plays.

When I asked the coach after the game about his team's special teams play he said, "That's where I learned that, right there," and pointed to my shirt. I looked down and realized I was wearing a VT shirt, and then I looked at the game program to see the name of the coach. It took me about 2 seconds, and then I looked up at him and he was grinning when I said, "Weren't you the one who-?" and he was like "Yep, that was me!"

When I interviewed the Stonewall players, I made sure they knew their coach had made what I still consider to be the most important play in Virginia Tech history to beat Miami in '95. Now Google tells me that Loren Johnson went on to win 4 state titles at Highland Springs. Amazing!

(ps-That freshman running back was Ryan Williams)

I still don't know how he overpowered Joseph on that last takedown

I think that by that time he had "took his gas money".

SharkbaitHokie's picture SharkbaitHokie | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | 2 replies | commented 9 hours 30 min ago | reply

Stubhub has prices in that realm if you trust them

strongly disagree....

IfishVTIam's picture IfishVTIam | Hokies baseball | 1 reply | commented 9 hours 33 min ago | reply

Little known fact, someone without a spleen is susceptible to death by infection by any skin break caused by a dog bite. Something in their saliva. Had a friend who died just that way. It was a tiny accidental nip he got breaking up a couple of pits at a party, but a few days later, he was gone.

AZHokie22's picture AZHokie22 | Why not Buzzketball? | commented 9 hours 33 min ago | reply

Same here.

I can live with our season ending with a loss to Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. They have more talent than we do. I love love love our guys, but they are going to have 3 top 5 lottery picks. But I will be infuriated if the "Duke calls" are happening all night or at a key moment of the game.

Sam Jessee's picture Sam Jessee | Why not Buzzketball? | commented 9 hours 35 min ago | reply

Under 10 Turnovers & 10+ 3's and the Hokies will win. (I expect a site-wide "kudos" if this is correct)

avtfan's picture avtfan | Question regarding NCAA tourney tickets | commented 9 hours 39 min ago | reply

fair enough lol... leg for you

GoKartMozart's picture GoKartMozart | Hokies baseball | commented 9 hours 41 min ago | reply

Damn! Hope he has a speedy recovery.

GoKartMozart's picture GoKartMozart | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 9 hours 42 min ago | reply

Me too, but that's Chicago maroon.

The league won't add a ninth game, because there are four schools that have an annual OOC rivalry game, and that makes it more difficult for them to schedule OOC. Some years they would be looking at:
9 ACC games, OOC rivalry game, ND, one OOC slot available.
That's the main argument against for GT, Clemson, Louisville, Florida State.

PhantomJB93's picture PhantomJB93 | Question regarding NCAA tourney tickets | commented 9 hours 46 min ago | reply

A rule of thumb I learned a long time ago is don't buy a physical ticket from a stranger unless they are willing to walk all the way up to the gate with you to make sure you get in. Offer them an extra $10 to do that and if they don't go for it then back out.

(Or if you get it so cheap that you don't even care if it's a scam but I don't think that applies this weekend)

IIRC the USC 2004, ECU 2008, and 2010 Boise State games were included in the season ticket package

Quite frankly I don't care if Cronin is an asshole. This is a program that was literally making the tournament once a decade before Buzz. We're not in a position to be demanding another Buzz. I'll take whoever can get wins however they come.