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My best advice is ignore the whole fan cam realms of stupidity it's just angry fans going way overboard to the simplest of things. Not gonna lie AFTV was brilliant for those outside of arsenal but every club has their own silly fan cams that make skip and Shannon look like calm civilized people and Stephen a Smith look intelligent

cd8hokies's picture cd8hokies | McMillian: "It was not a good fit" | 1 reply | commented 15 hours 38 min ago | reply

Honestly, I don't think anyone can convince you of anything on this topic.

Klopp and Pep simply have "luxuries" that he didn't and that explains the successes they've had

In a way he's not totally wrong. Woodward and the board didn't back his transfer targets last summer (reportedly of course). With that being said we're seeing now he could've won without them. So he can kick sand for all I care.

He participated in Fuente's 1st two seasons. You can't convince that McMillan didn't try to make it work.

Hokie Fireman's picture Hokie Fireman | Payoute-International Bowl | 1 reply | commented 15 hours 54 min ago | reply

Summer I would assume since spring athletes are already reporting.

Just because he whiffed doesn't mean he didn't make an effort to block. It was just an unsuccessful effort. I get the vibe that a number of folks hold him responsible for losing that game (which is incorrect).

NitWhitt's picture NitWhitt | Payoute-International Bowl | 1 reply | commented 16 hours 23 min ago | reply

Is he a spring or summer enrollee?

JASONinARLINGTON's picture JASONinARLINGTON | Payoute-International Bowl | commented 16 hours 26 min ago | reply

Replay of game is on ESPNU.

Like what I've seen so far. His screen game will suite us well. He looks so smooth in stride.

It looks like this current weekend had a lot of our stretch targets that we will likely have to fight for the rest of the way, so while commitments being unlikely is disappointing a little bit, it's pretty much what I expected from this group.

LAhokie's picture LAhokie | Payoute-International Bowl | commented 16 hours 33 min ago | reply

Nuances of not having played the position.

I actually really liked the way he was used in this game, and could see him being used in a similar role at VT. Mostly only running tunnel screens, flies, and sweeps allows us to maximize his athletiscism and still keep the game simple for him until he is able to further develop his route tree. I could see him stealing quite a few snaps from Grimz next year in the slot b

Do you have a link for that? Without seeing any financial statements, I'm not sure how you can speculate on this.

On a P/L, a loan would likely be captured in 'other income and expenses.' Since this isn't a true P/L, they may not even be recognizing the loan as part of 'AD Revenue.' They may be including it in 'Expenditures' though.

I believe those are Powell and Gary Smith. Weekend went well but I wouldn't expect any commitments.

There are a couple of guys coming next weekend that I could see wrapping it up

I hate that inanimate object more than I should.

HokieMacGruber26's picture HokieMacGruber26 | McMillian: "It was not a good fit" | commented 16 hours 52 min ago | reply

wouldn't it actually be Burden's job to coach him to block... you know, as the RB coach?

And that therein lies a big part of the problem. I'm with fern in that Zohn has absolutely ZERO biz as a tailbacks coach. He played WR. He's (originally) coached WR & should remain as such. Any blocking ability on the part of the tailbacks that he teaches would primarily be from the perspective of a WR blocking (which is NOT the same as a tailback blocking). So, in a way, it kinda furthers the point that the coaching staff should've (& could've) done better with McMillan.

I hope NBC is able to keep the EPL and not lose out to a Fox of ESPN. They do a great job. My only gripe (and its not NBC's issue) is I live in Waynesboro and CVille's NBC channel regularly carries ACC football and basketball games instead of the game of the week at 1230. I don't mind that they do that, but they need p pu the game on an alternate station. Luckily Xfinity also cariesWashington's NBC station.

One of them is Ryan Willis 😉👉

Vtkey's picture Vtkey | McMillian: "It was not a good fit" | 1 reply | commented 16 hours 58 min ago | reply

Had you just said that, I think you'd have found a lot of agreement here.

But part of being on a team is that you have to work with the coaches. If a player couldn't do that then, "It was not a good fit."

Telegraph to defense on every play???

french60wasp's picture french60wasp
| Payoute-International Bowl | 1 reply | commented 17 hours 7 min ago | reply

Needs to switch the ball to his outside arm. Otherwise, good stuff.

And I NEVER (throughout my entire comments on this thread) said that a running back doesn't need to block. I just simply emphasized that a running back's blocking ability does not carry greater or equal value than the ability to gain yds & TDs.