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I missed those years I didn't realize any neutral site games were included in season ticket purschases. Must have happened before I started getting season tickets. That's an interested strategy.

VTSnake's picture VTSnake | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | 1 reply | commented 10 hours 12 min ago | reply

Yeah, I don't think I'm willing to risk it for $600 for my wife and I

I would say big neutral site games help season ticket sales when they are included as part of the package like in years past.

This doesn't take into account the new coach bringing his guys with him as transfers etc. Buzz kinda did this in year one but the dynamics have changed even since then. It would need to be the right level of program/players.

I would loathe a Cronin hire for this reason and a few others.

2_Hokie_5's picture 2_Hokie_5 | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | commented 10 hours 15 min ago | reply

I've seen a lot of receivers do the foot drag, granted it's not nearly as pronounced at this one, but I think it's a tactic used to cause the defender to hesitate if just for a moment. If you watch any of Odell Beckham's training videos on Instagram he does this relentlessly; however, he doesn't do it like Tahj is doing here. Tahj breaks his smooth stride when he does it, it's more pronounced slight of "foot?" but when Odell does it, he does it in a manner that it makes the defender actually believe that he's getting ready to cut left, right, or curl.

2HokiesIn1's picture 2HokiesIn1 | Sweet 16 Hype Video from Twitter | commented 10 hours 17 min ago | reply

Who has to be Ant-Man?

Be careful with Craigslist, saw some decent tickets on there yesterday, but all were scams. DO NOT SEND ANYONE MONEY. Ask to meet in person or no deal.

tjbhokie's picture tjbhokie | College Football Attendance Trending Down | commented 10 hours 23 min ago | reply

Again I thought this was referring attendance in general

4VPISU's picture 4VPISU | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | 1 reply | commented 10 hours 32 min ago | reply

Former OSU DT/DE on the market!

kff17's picture kff17 | March 2019 - Recruiting Thread Part One | commented 10 hours 35 min ago | reply

Man that's depressing

Yeah, I think people forget that Buzz didn't build VT basketball. He just recognized it as a place where he could be successful. It had the necessary core components when he arrived, except for the coach.

Buzz definitely proved he was right.

Some VT basketball fans have been here for a long time.

Thanks for the welcome!

You are absolutely right about Hokie fans and Hokie nation! It's been great for the country to see more of a "football enthusiasm" in the Cassell!

VTSnake's picture VTSnake | 2019 Basketball Ticket Exchange Thread | commented 10 hours 45 min ago | reply

Another one of the thousands looking for tickets. rstraz at gmail dot com

For awhile in the late 1990's we (VT Men's Rowing) held the course record for Men's lightweight 4+ at the old Head of the Rivanna race, UVA's home waters.

Vtkey's picture Vtkey | College Football Attendance Trending Down | commented 10 hours 50 min ago | reply

As far as "marquee" games goes, it doesn't matter than Notre Dame is part of the ACC agreement. It's still a game worth going to.

And some games like West Virginia and Tennessee are premium OOC games, just not a part of the home schedule, so not part of the value that a season ticket holder gets (though they would have gotten priority in terms of seat selection).

Egbert's picture Egbert | Beer 2019 | commented 10 hours 51 min ago | reply

Yeah, no glitter. No fried chicken, no cow patties, no fruit loops, no blue moons, yellow stars or green clovers.

I'm wondering if there's many in this crowd that requires gluten free foods.

Mike06's picture Mike06 | College Football Attendance Trending Down | commented 10 hours 53 min ago | reply

Ohio State actually recently reduced the capacity of their stadium, by adding some additional luxury boxes. If CBS didn't account for that it could explain the inclusion. Having family that have season tickets, I can tell you they have no trouble selling tickets. My uncle bitches about how they keep going up each year, but continues to buy a pair every year.