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California released those as time served, not as exonerated of crimes. Their crimes weren't forgiven, the punishment was simply cut short.

Leonard's picture Leonard | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 7 hours 23 min ago | reply

Kiss of Death.

The Beard of DeChristopher's picture The Beard of DeChristopher | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 7 hours 23 min ago | reply

Yep. In fact, I think that's where the more interesting things happen.

VTBlackout's picture VTBlackout | ZION HATE WEEK | 2 replies | commented 7 hours 24 min ago | reply

Did you give Sam Rogers the 'D' because he is just that awesome

He broke the rules. He was caught breaking the rules.

I was referring to your analogy and how once a nonviolent crime involving marijuana occurs, there is no forgiveness even when laws changes. I'm just suggesting the marijuana analogy doesn't work.

I also don't see how Sampson, his schools, and NCAA have to do with California, as if California is the only opportunity to forgive wrongs.

SoupHokie09's picture SoupHokie09 | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 7 hours 49 min ago | reply

Did you say cheeseing?

H_ighlander_okie's picture H_ighlander_okie | 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | 1 reply | commented 7 hours 52 min ago | reply

Nothing too huge from what I've seen. Daytona (July) to switch dates with Indianapolis making Daytona final race before the Chase (should be wild), finale moves from Homestead to Phoenix (I love Phoenix, but don't love taking the finale away from the SE), and possiblyyyy a DH at Pocono. Probably have to wait till 2021 for that Martinsville night race, but I haven't heard either way.

Big Perm's picture Big Perm | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 7 hours 52 min ago | reply

French's arch enemy

benw92's picture benw92 | Sweet Sixteen DC Roll Call | commented 7 hours 52 min ago | reply

How much space does Yard House have? I picked two bigger places because on a Friday afternoon with the tourney in town I think it'll be pretty crowded. Iron Horse is the VT spot, but it's not big and will likely already be full.

Neither of Sampson's schools were in Cali, and the NCAA isn't Cali, so...

Doesn't forgive breaking the rules when it was against the rules.

California did. Thousands of prisoners were release for nonviolent crimes, many of which involved marijuana illegalities.

The only way more teams will be willing to play tougher games is if the 5 major conference champs got automatic births to the playoffs. Than Michigan doesn't mind to play a tough home and home out of conference, winning the BIG would be all that mattered. It would also force ND to join the ACC as they wouldn't lose automatic bid chance. All teams outside of maybe 5 or 6 can't afford any losses and be in the playoffs without considerable help.

APrimusHokie's picture APrimusHokie | Hokies baseball | commented 7 hours 58 min ago | reply

I was reading up on if you can live without a spleen. And it said it makes people have a more chance of dying by infection made me say oooof that's not good

Did someone say "downvote"?

senjohnblutarsky's picture senjohnblutarsky | Beer 2019 | 1 reply | commented 8 hours 28 sec ago | reply

I'd love to do that. Any particular way you'd prefer to be contacted about scheduling such a thing?

heuplek's picture heuplek | March-April 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 8 hours 2 min ago | reply

I moved from Nebraska to SC less than a year ago, I already have more salt stuff than fresh water stuff.

New Daiwa BG 5000 showed up today. Went with a Penn Allegiance 2 7ft H for the rod, we'll see how long that lasts before I throw it on a Daiwa too.

Got the fly reel all rigged up with backing and Rio Summer Redfish.

Oates started with Buffalo in 2015. His recruits are as follows:
2016 - two 3 stars, one "NA" (Natl Rank 100)
2017- one 4 star, one 3 star, one NA (Natl Rank 89)
2018- one 4 star, one 3 star, one NA (Natl Rank 76)
2019- one 3 star, three 2 stars (Natl Rank 118)

out of curiosity - comparatively, in that same timeframe we've pulled in:
2016- three 3 stars (Natl Rank 88) - None of which are currently on the team, S. LeDay, Pig, Sy
2017- two 4 stars, one 3 star - (Natl Rank 18) NAW, Bede, Horne
2018- one 4 star, two 3 star - (Natl Rank 54) Nolley, Kabongo, Wilkins
2019- one 4 star, three 3 star- (Natl Rank 25)

I think given the allure of playing in the ACC, and Virginia Tech in general, he would be able to recruit just fine for us