The Fallout

A lot of stuff happened on Saturday, and I felt like writing about it.

Late season losses by top teams usually blur the national championship picture, but not this year. Stanford and Baylor upsetting Oregon and Kansas State, respectively, cleared the path for a Notre Dame-SEC national championship. Notre Dame has one game remaining, a road trip to Los Angeles against USC. The Trojans are 1-3 in their last four games and may be without quarterback Matt Barkley, if the report of a separated shoulder is true. Alabama and Georgia were 4th and 5th in last week's BCS rankings and they both host games during rivalry week. Auburn hasn't beaten a BCS team this season. Three wins in a row, and suddenly Georgia Tech has a pulse, but their competition has been anything but stiff. That upset isn't improbable, but is unlikely. In any case, I think the favorites will prevail. Which team can you tolerate hoisting the crystal, Notre Dame or the SEC representative?

Les Miles' speech definitely comes from the heart, but there's some showmanship in there too. I would strap it up and play for The Hat in an instant.

Also, there's this GIF.

Surprise! We hate you.

I didn't like either of the Pro Combat uniforms Nike outfitted us with. However, they were professionally done. The HokieBird and turkey legs helmets were the result of a surplus of stickers and a Build-a-Bear mentality. Tech is doing away with "TV" and Fighting Gobbler logos, two polished and recognized symbols of the university, in the name of brand protection, yet we continue to play in one-off helmets and uniforms.

Maryland to the B1G seems like a real possibility, and we're talking about it here. If Maryland leaves, who does the ACC get to replace them? Connecticut seems to be the most likely. Louisville has the best current combination of basketball and football programs. Is there a chance Swofford gets Penn State to defect, or Notre Dame to be a full-time football member?

A lot of seniors had big games at Boston College. After sitting the bench for the first half, Marcus Davis caught 5 balls for 104 yards and a score. I haven't re-watched the film, but all of his routes looked sharp and crisp. It looked like he wanted to prove something, and did. Martin Scales fought through contact and turned a couple of no-gains into crucial first downs. Bruce Taylor and Alonzo Tweedy combined for 16 total tackles.


November Chaos

1. Les Miles looks like the pressure is really getting to him. I dont know how much longer he lasts at LSU. The fan base is / was calling for his head even when he was winning national titles. (Personally I wouldnt get rid of him but I have heard some of the fans dont like him)

2. Why mess with the Hokie Uniforms? I understand other schools are doing cool things but ours look sad/turrible. (Side note I dont think flashy uniforms and changing them up fits the preception of the Hokie football program, blue collar work hard.)

thats my Two Cents...and its UVA week!!!

A new hope

Re: November Chaos

1. While Saben has proven (IMO) that he's the best coach/program builder, Les Miles is a great coach, and one of the best motivators in the game. If my program needed one win, in one big game, on national TV, I'd want him as my coach. As sample size increases, he wouldn't be my first choice, but for one game, gimme Les.

2. I agree. IMO, you have to find a medium between brand recognition and "flashinesss." You want people to flip through channels, and say "oh, that's the hokies playing" without looking at the scoreboard. At the same time, I do think (unless your a top program like Bama), that it helps to have a "hip" appearance. IMO this shouldn't be hard for the hokies - Maroon/orange is a pretty unique color combo.

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1. From what I have read on other message boards, the LSU fans aren't wanting to get rid of him simply because he isn't winning national championships. They want to can him because he can't field an offense capable of the forward pass, and his stubbornness to address the issues and improve obvious weakness on the LSU team (a la Frank Beamer *COUGH*COUGH*).

2. The uniforms have become stale and unimaginative. They were cool when they were first reintroduced in 2009, but ever since making them our main unis I have noticed how many other teams in CFB use the same pattern uniforms. Specifically Ole Miss and LSU with the 3 bar stripes on the shoulders and numbers without any sort of outline. The old hokie uniforms with the white numbers on the front and back with orange outline in the hokie font and the orange numbers on the sleeves could only be associated with VT. Couple them with the traditional plain maroon pants and we have a signature uniform that no other program in the country uses (now that Tex A&M have went to the weird stripes all over). You can update it with modern touches or you can leave it the same. It's traditional VT; Orange & Maroon with no frills, just tough football.


Remember when we used to feature maroon? Remember when we wore all maroon for big games? Remember when we used to win?

Had a hearty laugh at the comic book unis yesterday. Second worse combination since the white helmets on maroon effect (white helmets Aren't that bad...just not on maroon effect...seriously!).

We put the K in Kwality

hip is one thing .. those helmets?? wtf?? if a hokie helmet EVER bears anything pertaining to a turkey/hokie EVER again, i would like to see some feather pattern only (ala oregon ducks) .. now that would be the shiz

i'd also like to see some blue-collar unis with nothing but 2-3 colors and numbers on helmet (or not) .. ala alabama

as far as the hat ... love that dude ... if he were available when CFB retires, would probably give left nut to get him for VT .. and i say that as i loathe LSU (my brother in law and sister-in-law, who is an alumni are huge lsu fans).

a big part of me says fuck the SEC .. tired of seeing them win .. and with notre dame becoming quasi ACC members, i think i'm pulling for them .. but i have good friends who are georgia fans, and i'm a mark richt fan (one of the few good sec coaches) ... so if they beat bama in the SECCG and play notre shame for the natty, it's a push .. if notre dame ends up playing bama, go irish .. if notre dame happens to lose and we see bama/georgia vs florida, #LOLSECWTF

on yes and btw

I hate Tech branding

Whoever is in charge knows jack about branding--they really should be fired. Eliminating the TV logos and the kickin' chicken (aka fighting gobbler) removes two of our strongest brand elements. Yet we water down our brand identity with poorly conceived and poorly executed crap like we saw Saturday. God, that was so bad.

SEC reign needs to end... I'd rather it be Notre Dame. But I'd rather not have any SEC team make it into the Natty Champ. I want #2, 3, & 4 to go down this coming weekend.

ummm false

With the exception of UVA, I can't think of a team in any sport that I'd like to see lose more than ND football. I'd love to see them get beat 40-0 by Bama. No one (outside of the SEC) likes the SEC, but if you can't beat them, what can you do?

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and since kstate and oregon lost, now $ecspn is already arguing for a two sec team bcs title game. was listening to the radio this morning and palmer, davis, and pollack (all sec alums) were saying that if nd loses to usc then it would be sec champ vs florida for the national title. because, you know, it's a forgone conclusion that the gators will beat the noles.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

ESPN claims that they don't have an SEC "bias" because they're "just that good." While some teams in the conference are good, they aren't automatically guaranteed to win against top talent from other conferences. And I'm predicting that FSU takes them down this weekend (they have enough reason to come out angry - they didn't move up in the BCS at all, they got jumped by two 2-loss SEC schools in A&M and LSU)


Is actually an Ohio State Alum, but yes, only minor details..

Logan 3:16


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"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster


I just made myself look like an idiot!

Logan 3:16

I'm with you T-mobile, The

I'm with you T-mobile,
The SEC annoys the crap out of me. Primarily since I live in Jacksonville (you feel me) and all the band wagon Florida and even LSU fans. There is an NFL team in town, why not support them instead of throwing on a gators hat and acting like you cared before Tebow. Ugh

Yes! I don't know if you saw my comment on the Maryland to B1G post, but I would love for us to move to the SEC and be placed in the East so we could beat the Gators maybe 50-60% of the time and wipe the smirks off those bandwagoner's faces.

Not so fast my friend

As much as I would love for us to get the SEC recruits and be able to win titles, i do not agree for us to move to the sec, I personally hate the sec and the way they go about winning, they overrecruit and play kinda dirty, not to mention the obnoxious fanbase they have. If we ever do win the title i want us to win it without flashy recurits and not getting it handed to us. Case in point, espn moved bama up to number 2 just so they are back in the title race. Espn's world is not right unless the sec is in the big game. I want us to win it with no name recruits and playing lunch pail defense.

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

True. But if we can't get anywhere close to where we were in 1999 (when we were led by Michael Vick, by no means a "no-name recruit") by staying in the ACC and not being able to win big games in Out of Conference play, then I think we should make the move for VT4SEC and start being able to recruit more top talent. Granted, it would take us a little longer to climb the ladder to the championship, but I believe it would be the right move in the long run.

I'm torn.

After experiencing SEC football here at South Carolina, I can't say it's my favorite. I think I like the idea of the SEC more than anything. Because I certainly don't like the people...

I do think that the ACC is not the place we need to be if we want to make another NC run. The SEC is the logical move to put us in position for a NC run in the future. The SEC makes sense geographically, financially, and with respect to the conference TV market. I also think the ACC is turning into the Big East... Well, what the Big East used to be. Which I don't like. I don't want to be in that position again, in the football bottom-feeder's conference.

On the other hand, do we really want to be a part of the SEC? I mean, we all hate them and hate how much ESPN loves them. We all hate how they play ball (that is definitely not how VT plays. We prefer being blue collar and Frank has always run a clean program, which is so not SEC. We would be the SEC's black sheep.). There's also the fact that SEC academics are not the greatest.

Why should we lower our academic and athletic standards to the low that is the SEC?

I see both sides to the #VT4SEC argument. It all just depends on what we want more... To be a football school or to be a well-rounded university, with respectable academics and athletics.

This morning I was all on the #VT4SEC bandwagon and I think I just talked myself out of it.


That's the thing though. We don't HAVE to lower our standards just to be part of the conference. We can keep our same rules and policies with regards to academics in place so that we won't stoop to that level, while at the same time being able to recruit better talent just because of the conference we're in. The same goes with running a clean program. We can still run a (relatively) clean program compared to other SEC schools and still be a member of the conference.

On the note of us hating the SEC. The only reason why we love to hate on them is because they're the self-proclaimed and media-proclaimed "BEST OF THE BEST" in football and they play a tough, inspired game. I still am a firm believer that the move would be good for the school and the program.

Like I said

I definitely see both sides to the argument. I want so bad for Tech to be playing better opponents and have the opportunity to earn their place as a nationally recognized team. And I agree that the SEC is a better place to do that than the ACC.

But I guess what I'm saying is that I don't know if I prepared to be a part of the most hated conference in college football.

The SEC fans suck. After being in South Carolina for a football season, I don't think I want our fans to be like this. We've all been complaining about how bad it's gotten, especially with some of the students. Well, that's how it is here. Everyone here goes to the game to get hammered and dress up in their polos, button downs and bowties, dresses, and cowboy boots. Football here is all about being seen and looking cute, not football.

I don't know about y'all, but I go to watch the game and scream until I'm hoarse. Not to look cute (although I have been known to wear my cowboy boots to cold games, but that's for practical reasons--warmth! You will NEVER EVER catch me in a dress at a football game. I even refuse to wear dresses to Richmond games.)

So I just don't know if I want to be associated with the kinds of fans that the SEC has. I don't want it to be that way at Tech.

Still on the fence. We'll see how this whole thing shakes out. I still don't think Tech is going anywhere, unless the entire ACC crumbles. Then you better believe I'll be screaming LEAVEEEEE NOWWWW. GET OUT. But until it comes to that, Tech is still in the ACC.

Side note--Lane is ten times louder than Williams-Brice.

I agree that there are negatives such as the fan base growing to care less about football and more about making it a show -- and by no means am I trying to eviscerate your argument, just presenting the other side of the story -- but I'm not sure if waiting til the ACC crumbles to jetset our way out is necessarily in our best interest. We've had a great run in this conference, sure, but do we want to continually beat up on lesser competition and lose games out of conference that we might win if we had to prepare for stiffer opponents for the meat of the season?

Also, if we stay until that point, there may be less opportunity for us to move elsewhere. Additionally, the ACC might be begging us on hands and knees for us to stay, as well as gesturing to giant bags of money that they'll give us if we don't leave (since it's hard to believe we wouldn't be Top Dog in the conference at this hypothetical point in time).

The only reason I would want to see us in the SEC is for an all-cadet battle with A&M.

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

When it comes cartoon birds

The Orioles have the best logo. VT's, not so much. However, I would be all in for a woody the woodpecker logo. That would be pretty sweet.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Would we...

We as the Hokie Nation, would we accept Les Miles as the next head coach at Tech? Or do we just wait and see if they hire bud or shane?

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I love our colors, I love our uniforms, although there have been some questionable calls regarding helemts and unis over the last few years. I just want to see us come out in our old maroon on maroon just once! That is our best uniform and always will be in my opinon. I say all around, including unis and coaching and players, need to get back to the old school way of VT football. Get back to hard nose running the ball and setting up the pass, does anyone remeber the worlds stingiest defense? I sure do, and we need to get back to it and beamer needs to make changes in the special teams, we have fallen off bigtime.

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

Jeff Tedford

Cal coach was fired today....was QB coach for Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller, & Aaron Rodgers....hmmmm.....maybe a QB coach on the market??

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.