Antone Exum tore his Right ACL and Lateral Meniscus

This evening Virginia Tech confirmed a rumor that had been circulating over the weekend.

Virginia Tech did not state how he injured his knee, or when it happened, but the rumor was it happened playing a game of basketball yesterday at McComas.

This is just devastating news for a kid who worked "his nuts off" last fall. In my opinion he was the team's most improved player, and he finished the season in the discussion as its top defender. Exum announced on January 9th that he would return for his senior season with goals of, "working towards ACC and National titles!".

It can't be overstated that he is a great kid too. Remember, he used his Best Buy money from the Russell Athletic Bowl to purchase Christmas gifts for kids.

He also was up at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning training for Alabama.

I'm sad for the kid, and not the impact it may or may not have on the football team. Best wishes for a safe recovery!


Someone will step up. Doesn't make it any better.

Here's to Exum getting back on his feet!

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All i see when i look Emperor Palpatine in this picture is Nick Saban's face.


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Great kid, Great player

On the field and off. I was really looking forward to him beast it against Bama and having a great senior year. Maybe there still is a chance, but depends on recovery and conditioning. He's a pretty determined guy so my guess he gets back and plays his sack off his senior year, just a matter of when. Here's to a speedy recovery Exum!



Six months would be July. Nine months would be late September. Let's hope for July. Praying for you Antone! Speedy recovery, we need you!

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I have 3 favorite teams. VT, Kentucky, and whoever the hell is playing Tennessee.

exum means so much to this team...

hes such a leader and these freak accidents happen a lot. i hate it for him and hope the new guys will step up when hes not there. hope he has a quick recovery i know how an acl tear can linger

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


I feel bad for the kid. I know he work his ass off to get better (it showed), and his moxie is going to be missed this spring.

BUT, it does give the youngsters on the squad a chance to grab the spotlight and they need to make the most of it.

I hope that Exum becomes obsessed with #BEATBAMA and come back for summer camp.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Fuck. Shit. Piss.


Get well soon, Ex!

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I think he'll be back in time for the season

I tore my ACL and Meniscus in my left knee in the middle of my Junior year of high school. I had a surgery date of Late March and I worked my complete ass off all summer. I was actually able to get back to playing Varsity Soccer and Hockey by August of that same year. At that point its all about getting comfortable and trusting your knee will hold. With as strong as he is, if he can work half as hard as I did (he could probably work twice as hard as me honestly), then he should be back in time to Beat Alabama.

Logan 3:16


Exum is definitely the kind of kid that responds strong to this kind of thing. With his attitude you know he will be working his ass off as soon as he can. I just feel so bad knowing how hard he has been working already to get ready for the season, he was getting ready to give Amari Cooper all he could handle. With that said I just hope everything looks up for him from here on out and he gets back to where he left off.

I was there when it happened. He jumped up in the air and his knee buckled when he came down. He was in obvious pain as soon as it happened. There were a couple more football players there at the time, but none of them were playing. It was definitely one of the worst injuries I have seen. It was crazy how quiet McComas got after it. Hopefully he comes back stronger than ever.

Gotta love his attitude

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

id expect nothing less from him

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Right on! Right on!

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I need a beer


Let's riot.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


right in the feels, man.

As a selfish fan, I want to see him back in July. As a level-headed individual, I hope he fully recovers before stepping foot on that field to ensure he can have a productive NFL career. He's a true Hokie Legend, regardless of how 2013 turns out for him.

🦃 🦃 🦃

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Well that's me right now.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.


...if you wanna play hoops, go to Cassell! God knows we need a guard who could defend!

This is LITERALLY the worst thing I've ever seen in print.

Also, I want the heads of the five people who favorited that tweet about his injury.

"Favorite" tweets

FYI: some folks will favorite a Tweet as a reminder to follow-up on it. (eg: to read an article linked in it.)

Thanks, but that was a mostly sarcastic statement. I'm not going to murder five people.


I hope his attitude and work ethic rub off on some of the younger players and even some of the vets on this team this year.


Exum is my Hero (repost)

I like everything about this kid. He has awesome character, and is just a classy, trash talking, joker that makes the game that much more fun. And what he did in Orlando, and an out spoken faith in God. He is just so likable. I really hope to see him on the field next year. Rooting for you Antone, I know that you will put in the extra effort to get back on the field, and when you do, you will gain your rightful place and show these incoming freshmen whats up.

what's done is done who

what's done is done

who starts against the tide? manning? baby fuller? move kyshoen?

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I just hope he doesn't put too much pressure on himself to return prematurely. I'm sure both of his parents (giving their careers) will urge caution.

That being said, I can't wait til he lays out some sucker from the other sideline again!

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Exum is the greatest ever.


Team Mantra

Hopefully the rest of the team feels this way in a normal state of mind. Would be nice to see them fully revved and fired up come AUG31